Curtis Evans

Curtis Evans

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Singer-guitarist Curtis Evans is disreputable looking and frighteningly talented, with a melodious country-soul voice that sometimes gets sloppy, thick, and heavy—like if Hank Williams had tried a little of what Nick Cave’s been drinking." - Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader


While he's been playing music for most of his life, Curtis Evans is just breaking the surface in his music career. After releasing "More Songs About Loneliness" in 2008, Curtis spent the better part of 2009 writing and recording the songs that would make up his debut LP, "Life With the Buffalo." The songs range from Curtis and a guitar on "You and Me" to full-on driving rock and roll on "Mark of the Beast." Fans of Neil Young, Sparklehorse and Townes Van Zandt will love Curtis Evans.


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"Life With the Buffalo" LP (May 25, 2010)
1. Life With the Buffalo
2. Baltimore
3. Windows
4. Nancy Oh Nancy
5. You and Me
6. By Way of the Lord
7. Mark of the Beast
8. Sister
9. Lion in Winter
10. Won't Serve in Heaven
11. The Good Life

"Windows" single EP (April 2010)
1. Windows
2. Mark of the Beast

"More Songs About Loneliness" (December 18, 2008)
1. On the Occasion of Losing You
2. Of Love and War
3. Walk Out (view the music video here:
4. Drugs or Jesus
5. Jenny Wade
6. Back in Reno