Curtis Lawson

Curtis Lawson

 Sausalito, California, USA

Best R & B from the old school. For: Festivals, Partys, Schools, Weddings, Clubs ect. Curtis Lawson new 2009 -Title: Sittin' In A love Zone. You can get it now or get all 4 CD's.


Curtis Lawson(better known as 'Jet Black-from Houston Texas, who stood as a stand up comic for years writing jokes and performing in local bars. At 22 years of age drafted in the Army and was station at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Lawson was release from the Army in 1958, In love with San Francisco and made it his home. Lawson been singing the blues since 1958 in the Bay Area now I have put my own songs together in my own way " My Woman, My Girl, My Wife is a tune of mine I wrote over 30 years ago on track 3 for all these years I sung it only to my wife Linda so she said let the public here it I believe ever woman in the world should see how it fill to be in love. Living in San Francisco since 1960 it became a habit of mines singing R & Blues, "Ain't No Cure For The Blues' because everybody know what ever you do " Somebdy Got To Pay. All songs written by Curtis Lawson so you will here Ray Charles, Jimmy Redd, Big Joe Turner but mainly me my style and voice.
Lawson began singing the blues on Fillmore Street at the Blue Minor and the Alaska Club.

Composition and Recording: Curtis Lawson is an accomplished composer and writer has written over 300 hundred songs, in addition to being a multi-talent entertainer His composition first CD' Legend In My Own Time/ San Francisco, My Town/ Second CD- Ain't No Cure For The Blues, 'Somebody Got To Pay' My Woman, My Girl, My Wife has been recently on La Quanta Records. Other songs Lawson has written include " Feel For You (But I Can't Reach You) Putting My Love On The Line & And Time T o Hold You. 2009 Lawson has a new CD-Title: Sitting In A love Zone.

Versatility Lawson's universal appeal has thrilled crowds throughout the Bay Area and California as well as other States. Well traveled, Lawson was one of the first R & B Band to play in South Lake Tahoe, playing in Aspen Colorado. Lawson has performed as headliner in many Blues Festivals always a master showmanand fine entertainer. Lawson dresses for the Spotlight, charming his audiences with colorful costumes and his ' down home ' warmed and humor. For two years he hosted his own T V show on cable 25 in San Francisco entitled ' The Curtis Lawson California Blues Show.In the early 70's.Obviously, Curtis Lawson has been on stages in many capacities. As one of the headliner -Marin Blues Festival, in the' 80's 90's & 70's, 'Sacramento Blues Festival, Monterey Blues Festival - Sausalito Art Festival 08, Hayward Zucchini Blues Festival 08 , Sonoma Blues Festival, California Blues Festival, Grass Valley Mari Festival, Nevada City(Band Reunion), Kona Hawaii as a guest with Azure Mc Call and Bonnie Pointer at Hilton Waikoloa how there voices blended. Tour through Aspen, Telluride and Dever Colorado, And of course the many local clubs Lawson was on shows with Artists & Musicians such as: Albert King, Joe Hughes, Percy Mayfield, Sonny Rhodes, Joe Lewis Walker, Elvin Bishops, Theodore Wysinger-great bass), Jerry & Dale Whitmore-great bass) , Carla Thomas, Mississippi Johnny' Waters, Sonny Lane, Little Joe Blue, Drake Levin, Julian Vaught, Kevin White-great bass), Pat Wilder, Hi-Tones, Michael Rogers-great bass) Big Mama Thornton, Clearance & Sweet Holland, Johnny Green, Greg Gotelli, Clyde Hyde, Johnny Preston, Ray Sayre, Mitch & Charlie Faber, Johnny Lee Hooker, Lowell Fulton,Charles Brown, Fat Gainer and his 14 piece Orchestra (ect).

Curtis Lawson who has been singing for 55 years just celebrated 50th years of singing the Blues in the Bay Area. Title of his show: ' A Night Of The Blues was video live TV/ Accessf and Comcast. Zane Blaney, Executive Director of Access SF. said" September 1-2007, Curtis Lawson' A Night Of The blues Show represents a historic break through for local television content and Lawson' career. Lawson was Award '2007 Certificate Of Honor Board Of Supervisors City and County Of San Francisco, Curtis Lawson, has a new 2009 CD-Title: Sitting In A Love Zone. (To order: email: For Curtis 4 Cd's. Contact: Linda Lawson-415-289-0541.


Curtis Lawson Released 4 CD's: (3 originals
cd-1 (Title: Ain't No Cure For The Blues

1. Ain't No Cure For Tjhe Blues- 3:46

2. Some Got To Pay- 3:46

3.My Woman, My Girl, My Wife- 4:28

4. Put Some Kisses On me- 2:34

5. We Gonna Have A Good Time- 2:30

6. If I Only Knew- 4:10

7. Seven Child- 4:05

8. I Wish- 3:18

9. Just As Sure- 5:20

10. Put My Love On The Line-3:12

11. The Sun Is shinging-3:47

All Original By: Curtis Lawson

cd 2-Title: Curtis Lawson- Legend In My Own Time

song 1. Legeng In My Own Time- 2:58

2. Time To Hold You- 2:46

3. Love Without A Shadow Of A Doubt- 3:44

4. Deep With In Me-5:20

5. Party On Me- 3:24

6. Blues At The Disco- 3:44

7. Don't Bother To Call-2:20

8. California Blues-2:20

9. Is That A Love Song-2:30

10. Fill For You But I Can't Reach You- 2:30

11. Sam Francisco, My Town- 4:30

All Original: By Curtis Lawson

cd -4 - Title: Curtis Lawson Band- Live At The Saloon

All Cover Tunes: except 1 no 9. "My Woman, My Girl , My Wife
1. Everyday I Have The Blues-4:54

2. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ Please Accept My Love(7:04)

3.Kansas City/Sweet Home Chicago-(601)

4. Stormy Monday Medley- (17:56)

5. Shake Rattle And Roll- (7:33)

6. (It's Like_ Poison Ivy- (4:45)

7. Long Tall Sally- 2:30)

8. Big Boss Man-(4:52)

9.My Woman, My Girl, My Wife- 5:52)

10. Conntry Medley:
That's All Right Mama/Jambalaya-(7:27)

All Cover Tunes - Songs- Sung By Curtis Lawson- CD 4.

Curtis Lawson- new original 2009 CD no.3/ Title: Sitting in A Love Zone

1. Sitting In A Love Zone- 4:09
2. Out Of Control- 3:47
3. My Wife- 4:03
4. I'm Your Rooster- 3:39
5. City Hall Blues- 3:58

Set List

Band opening songs: -2 or 3 songs
Curtis Lawson (vocalist ) Set List 1- (45 mins to1 hours. I do 2 Shows Sometime 3. ( I sing more songs these are just a few.

Set- 1
1. Put My Love On The Line-original
2. Put So Kissess On Me- original
3. Kansas City /
4. Sweet Home Chicago
5. Sun Is Shining- Original
6. School Days
7. Dock Of The Bay
8. If I Only Knew- original
9. Somebody Got To Pay- original
10. Stagger Lee


Set-2 (45 min. to 1 hour
1. Turning Point
2. Johnny Be Good
3. Ain't No Cure For The Blues- original
4. Ain't No Sun Shine
5. Night Time Is The Right Time
6. Ain't That Loving You Baby
7. I Don't Even know Your Name
8. Shake Rattling Roll
9. My Woman, My Girl, My Wife- original
10. No Money Down
11.Sweet Little Sixteen