Curtis Strong

Curtis Strong

 Fayetteville, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B


Curtis Strong (previously Jason Kush) has been in the music industry behind the scenes for some time. He grew up as the son of parents that owned a music production company in Atlanta. Curtis had the opportunity to develop an ear for hot tracks, vocal arranging and lyrical concepts by sitting in sessions for some of the hottest artist in the US and UK. As a teenager he was able to began contributing to projects. His writing style is not your typical Hip Hop or Rap. Curtis loves so many styles of music, from old school soul to rock to country. So many Critics and fans have compared Curtis's 2011 mix tape to Drake probably because Curtis' lays down his background hooks melodically in addition to spitting rhymes.

On stage Curtis performances are electrifying. He doesn't give the typical rap performance, but gives the audience a well choreographed show that is appealing musically and visually. He is just as much a singer as he is a rapper, and dancer. Making this new artist a triple threat! Great on the eyes the ladies love interacting with Curtis on stage!

Curtis' mix tape was released in 2011 and did very well establishing him as a hot artist in the South. His new single "Wishin She was Single" off his upcoming album "Where I Wanna Be" will be released second quarter 2012. Curtis is hoping that this release will cause him to transition from a rising young artist to a certified Hip Hop/Rap superstar. There are a lot of very talented artist at the forefront of contemporary urban music and by the end of 2011 Curtis is planning on taking his place among them.

"I've had music in and around me all my life," Curtis says. "This album will put me "Where I Wanna Be", and once I get there I'm not going anywhere."