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Currently working on a second album. Recently completed his first single "I Testify" containing the track "The Question" which received heavy airpay on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 Crunk for Christ Show on Sunday morning's from 7 to 10 am now the Spirit of Hip Hop


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Curt Jarvis

During his early 1990 heyday, hip-hop recording artist Curt Jarvis was no stranger to fame, having been featured in highly sought-after industry publications such as The Source and Right On, as well as being a part of MTV’s Enough Is Enough- Stop the Violence national radio and ad campaign. But after relocating to Atlanta from his hometown of Philadelphia in 1996, the revolutionary underground rap star traded in his words of worldly glory for those of eternal peace. “I was still trying to do the secular music when I moved down South, still trying to get a deal when I met this guy that I used to work with, who invited me to his church. But I was still battling, trying to do the same kind of music because that’s what I knew,” explains Curt. “As I got to know God, it changed my attitude as far as church goes and I left music alone for six years. After about a year and a half, an instrumental song popped in my head and I started writing songs and I kept writing and realized that my whole language as far as the music had changed.”

With a new attitude on life, Curt became more cognizant of the millions of souls that needed to be saved through music that connects people and promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unlike many current recording artists who walk a fine line between Hip-Hop and Gospel music, Curt is adamant about rapping and living God’s word, consciously. “I think it’s good that artists like Kanye West are opening the doors for people to accept this kind of music but at the same time, I hear so much cursing on his album, that that might throw some people off. It’s sending mixed signals.”

Being a fan of old-school Hip-Hop, Curt is trying to bring the genre back to its original state, when it was all about bringing awareness to what’s going on; delivering a message. “With ministry, it’s the same thing, the message is just a matter of being spiritual. People need to know how to deal with issues, when to deal with issues. Being able to cope is what we’re lacking as a community and you can’t sugarcoat reality. I think people are looking for understanding and if we don’t educate them, they’ll be in the dark.” The yet untitled album features an ambitious mix of traditional gospel flavorings like “Raise Your Hands,” to more contemporary parlayed tracks like “The Question,” which received heavy airplay on Atlanta’s Hip-Hop station, Hot 107.9 and “I Testify,” Curt’s personal testimony about making both a physical and spiritual transition. The disc will also provide a few club-friendly cuts for those that like heavy bass lines and head bob worthy flows. Not only is this debut CD a tribute to his love for God but also to put four-letter word back into the art. “There’s no love in music right now. We’re making beats and putting words over the beats but it’s like people are in it to make money from merchandising and for the fame. Because if you love what you do, you’re going to make music that people understand and that people are going to love. That’s the kind of music that I’m trying to create.”

In 1998, Curt joined the Restoration Of Life Through Jesus Christ Ministries, in Jonesboro, GA. Under the teachings of Apostles Gregory D. and Junie Kelley, Curt was called by God to become a Minister-in-Training in the fall of 2000 and on September 2, 2001, Curt was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “My goal with music is to get those souls that were lost like me and let people know that they can be converted the same way I was because God loves everybody. Then we got to turn it around and have everybody love Him. I also want to bring about awareness. When the United States was attacked on September 11th, it brought awareness and people began to recognize who God is. I want to keep that awareness going.”

Armed with music and the Word, this rapping minister is ready for the challenges he might face in the sometimes cold and unwelcoming world but with lyrical ingenuity and integrity that pair nicely over tight beats, Curt Jarvis is definitely Hip-Hop and Gospel’s champ. “People are ready to hear this kind of music because they’re yearning to hear some truth, but at the same time, I know they’re scared because once they hear what God has to say it makes them accountable and a lot of people aren’t ready to become accountable for what they’re doing or what they’re saying or what they’re putting out. It’s about accountability and responsibility.”