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My music is feel good music, the type that sets you in a good mood, especially if your in the mood to groove, bop your head and even dance a little. But what makes my music even more interesting is it stays versatile and sets you in different moods depending on the theme of the song. .


Curtoy, born and raised in Brooklyn as Curtoy Marcell Ray on January 30, 1986 is the definition of the next generation of hip hop. His unique style is one that is influenced by some of his greatest MC's, which these include ledgendary's in this game of hip hop, artists such as,"Run DMC", "Rakim", "Tupac Shakur", and "The Notorious B.I.G". These artists not only created a foundation for the world of hip hop, but a format to which Curtoy naturally adapts considering their creativeness of song formats, lyrics, and word play. What makes Curtoy different as an MC, as an artist, and as a writer is his versatility in the fields of song formats, lyrics and word play. Friends nick-named him "The Chameleon", noticing and understanding his natural talent to blend with a track depending on its situation. It's definitely hard to tell his age, if you were to just judge him on his rapping abilities. To Curtoy, hip hop is not just music, it's a culture to him, it's how he lives, how he dresses, how he talks. He discusses how he loved hip hop as a kid, and remembers the very day he fell in love with hip hop..."One crazy day I was following my older sister Regina around. Not because she wanted me too, or because I wanted to, but because my mom's made us stay together. But it was cool because it was like she had my back and I had her's. I don't know if she hated me around but I know if I was older and had to take her everwhere I would sure hate it. But anyway she got a beep from one of her friends on her beeper, and she dragged me to the nearest pay phones and called her friend. When she called her friend, I don't know what they talked about, all I heard was my sister saying, "But I got my little brother with me.....ok", and hung up the phone. Next thing you know me and my sister were walking up to this loud ass house, bumping straight hip hop music, which are classics right now. And when we walked in, it was packed with people everywhere, next thing you know the music stops suddenly for like the longest 5 seconds ever, and I turn around to where the DJ was at, and saw Biggie himself picking up the mic about to speak. All the girls in the house screamed there lungs out, but to be honest at that time I almost felt like sceaming. Biggie's first words I can't forget "Yo! Where Brooklyn at!!!" And you know what, as soon as he said that you felt the energy in the room go from like 75% to %200, it was just real like that. Biggie then started to free style and I was mesmerized by the word play he flowed with. Then he performed his hit at the time whch was "Juicy", the party continued and every song after that just seemed to flow through my blood and straight to my heart. I played the corner watching, not because I was scared to dance, but because all the break dancers were in the middle of the floor dancing and setting the record straight of how to really dance hip hop. It was something so vivid in details, but still an experience you couldn't really explain, but that was the day I fell in love with hip hop." To Curtoy that was a meaningful day to him because it drove him to become an artist himself. Even though he is only 20 years old, he talks of the days he used to free-style rythme over jazz instruments while ease dropping on his mother's friends jazz practices, and battling for a reputation from his local park to his school lunchroom. Curtoy says he never knew how far hip hop would go, but he always wanted to test its ability. And one of its abilities he fell in love with, was to entertain and influence other people, in which this is how he got started himself. To him it's about continuing the tradition not just any old way but the right way, and this is where Curtoy's creativity is built on. Now growing rapidly in status Curtoy has performed in such places as "S.O.B's"."Donhills".and "CBGB's" in Manhattan, The "Arc" and "The Muddy Cup" in Staten Island, "The Poets Cafe" in Brooklyn, and "88 Keys" in New Jersey. Curtoy was also a featured performer for “Bronner Brother’s International Hair Show” representing B&B products “Nu Expressions” performing at the famous “Baltimore Convention Center” performing with other featured artists such as “Recognition” and “Brandy”, just to name a few. His style continues to grow just like his performances and versatility. Curtoy is without a doubt the complete package and the definition of a hip hop artist. His sound, signature voice and signature style is like no other all molded into what is to be and should be the future. What makes Curtoy a threat to the game of hip hop is not only is he young, smart, creative, witty, and real but the fact he's learning more and more every minute. But one thing I know for sure is, if Curtoy is not "the next generation" of hip hop, he then truly is, ahead of his time...


I have a single entitled "OH NO!", in which I am releasing in June 06', followed by the video to that song. Also another single entitled "Slow Down", which is being released at the end of June 06'. I also have an upcoming mixtape coming out entitled "The Resurrection Of The Gift & The Curse", in which the featured song off that mixtape, is a remix of Mary J. Blige's "Enuff Cryin", featuring Mary J. Blige, coming out May 28th 06'

Set List

My typical set list is 3 to 4 songs but the majority of the times just 3 songs. These songs are "I wanna", "Be Easy", "Slow Down", and my leading single "OH NO!". I don't have a set order in which these songs are performed, this depends on the situation of my audience as well as my environment.