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Curt Wilson

San Clemente, California, United States

San Clemente, California, United States
Band Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"U Totem-Album Reviews"

U Totem is the combination of the 5uus and the Motor Totemist Guild. This pairing has brought out the best parts of both bands, combining the abstraction and lyricism of the 5uus with the classical control and tambre of the MTG. Keyboards, bassoon, guitar, bass, flute, drums and voice combine to produce major stunners.
"U Totem is characterized by unsurpassed technique and perfect sound; in addition, this music is well written and well orchestrated...this must surely be the CD of the year!-Gateavisa.

"The closest thing to Henry Cow in class playing and singing...there is nothing else like this now."-Chris Cutler.

"Uncompromising in melody, harmony and rhythm...superbly played throughout."-Facelift.
- Cuneiform Records

"Ragazzi Interview - Dave Kerman/5uu's"

"After the school orchestras and marching bands were a slew of Rock n Roll cover bands, playing Hendrix, Montrose and Zeppelin - that sort of stuff. Then came a period of New Wave bands. The most important of these to me was Curt Wilson's "Maps to The Stars' Homes", as it was the germination of 5uu's. Curt and I cut our teeth up and down the Sunset Strip during those days, playing the Troubadour, FM Station, the Whiskey, Madame Wong's and probably every other club in Hollywood, trying to get a record deal in the hope of becoming Rock Stars. But Hollywood is a bogus business, so it wasn't too long before I had conscientiously made the decision to steer the band away from both the glamorous ignominies of fame, and the fatalistic, squat-culture of Punk, which would have been another option because we were pals with the Black Flag guys. Alas, instead, we went the "Rock In Opposition" way, and ended up in the fatalistic, squat culture of Punk surroundings, anyway. Until, of course, the internet brought back some interest in the 70's recordings of dinosaurs like Yes and Genesis, and furthered it by bringing to fruition a whole line of younger bands who poorly imitate them. From there, our school of music got thrown to the dogs by being labelled "Prog", thus killing any chance of us becoming Rock n' Roll stars and attracting the ubiquitous, hormonal attributes of gorgeous, young groupies." - Ragazzi

"5uu's-Album Reviews"

By 1980, Kerman and friends had formed 5uu's, with the moniker coming from an L.A. street gang's graffiti; which provided free publicity. Under the wing of Curt Wilson, a local pop singer, the group began a two-year recording process in 1984, with Kerman being the main foundation and energy for the project. Their first record was Bel Marduk & Tiamat, tagged "a wonder" for a first album. A contact with Chris Cutler of Recommended Records led to a recorded track, "Compromisation," in the label's magazine that promoted the work of the Rock in Opposition bands. The California Outside Music Association, consisting of local musicians promoting the more radical sounds which were developing, arranged for 5uu's first concert at the Branch Office Bar (1986) in Torance, CA, and the band's first radio broadcast on KXLU. - Allmusic

"With Modern Art-Live at the Club Lingerie"

Wilson writes funky, danceable love songs that are shiny, bright and welcome on my airwaves anytime. I have always appreciated good pop tunes with memorable melodies, sensible and sensitive lyrics, as well as concise song structures.

Musicianship-Several of the songs were stretched to allow guitarist Grady Shawver, bassist Michael McLinden, and drummer MB Gordy solos that betrayed a strong progressive/jazz leaning. Keyboardists Kathy Dean and Skip Martinelli provided mostly padding and sound effects. Overall, the band played well together, executing arrangements that someone has put a lot of thought into. In a crackerjack band, Wilson is the prize. He has a strong, obviously well trained voice that handled each song with pwoer, energy and and a wealth of emotion. This is as good as it gets.

Performance-Wilson is a natural, making even choreographed moves look spontaneous. His was agreat performance.

If musical performance were all that mattered, then it would take a yard full of snakes to keep the world from beating a path to Wilson's front door. He's got the songs, the band, and he's awfully good looking.
-Tom Kidd - Music Connection


•1985 5uu's - Rē Records Quarterly Vol.1 No.1 (LP Recommended Records, U.K.)
•1986 5uu's - Bel Marduk & Tiamat (LP U:r Records, U.S.)
•1987 5uu's - Rē Records Quarterly Vol.2 No.2 (LP Recommended Records, U.K.)
•1987 Motor Totemist Guild - Shapuno Zoo (Rotary Totem Records, U.S.)
•1988 5uu's - Elements (with Motor Totemist Guild) (LP Rotary Totem Records, U.S.)
•1988 Bus Boys - Money Don't Make No Man (LP Allegiance Records, U.S.)
•1989 Motor Totemist Guild - Omaggio A Futi (LP Rotary Totem Records, U.S.)
•1989 Lisbeth Woodies - Illuminations (LP Bauhaus Records, U.S.)
•1989 Kim Fields and Carvin Winans' Gospel Buggy (LP Sparrow Records, U.S.)
•1996 5uu's - Point of Views (CD Cuneiform Records, U.S.) – re-issue of the LPs Bel Marduk & Tiamat and Elements, the single "Bar Code", plus other material.
•1999 Motor Totemist Guild - City of Mirrors (LP Rotary Totemist Records, U.S.)
•2002 REPO! The Genetic Opera - The Original Cast Album
•2008 Curt Wilson - Big Window (
•1986 5uu's - "Barcode" ("Misery Loves Company" / "Hot & Cold Frog") (7" U:r Records, U.S.)
•1986 Karen Lee Green - Malice In Loveland (7" GaGa Records)
•1987 Two Coolies
•1992 Eddie Haskell/Ken Osmond - Are You Ready 4 Eddie



Curt Wilson started as a songwriter, getting together with friends and fellow musicians. Curt soon found himself fronting different bands and performing at various festivals. Always drawn to the creative process, Curt invested in some recording equipment and started engineering and producing a variety of artists in several recording studios throughout California. While managing and building his clientele at the various studios, Curts’ reputation as a singer, songwriter, producer and musician grew. He was asked to lend his vocal talents to independent ensembles like the “5Uu’s” and the “Motor Totemist Guild” branching out into an area far removed from traditional “pop” music. Curt has worked with diverse and ground breaking bands “Sonic Youth” and “The Busboys” also the award winning country pop band “Highway 101” and several Gospel superstars including “The Winan’s” and David Peaston. Curt put together several bands of phenomenal musicians under the names of “Maps to Stars Homes” and “Modern Art” playing with passion and skill at all of the places that should be played in hollywood including the Club Lingerie, Madam Wong’s (East and West), The Whisky, FM Station and The Troubadour, while doing guest spots singing on TV shows like “Crime Stories” and working with the legendary Al Kooper. Recently, Curt has lent his vocal and acting talents to the theatrical stage, originating the title role of a very unique and exciting rock musical “REPO! The Genetic Rock Opera” that played for several years in Los Angeles and New York before being picked up and refined to be released on the big screen. “REPO!” began filming in September with Major Distribution to be handled by Lionsgate Films.
Curt has had his songs published, recorded or his productions released all over the world and now he has come full circle putting together a group of songs and performances more personal than any he has released in the past. Several of the recordings on his new CD find Curt Wilson playing all of the instruments and performing all of the vocal parts welcoming the listener in to a mood and emotions worthy of their time.