Custard Pie

Custard Pie


Vocalist Rhett McGahee (Menage), drummer Jamie Stirling, (Drug Money), guitarist Aaron "Woody" Wood (The Blue Rags ) & bassist David Connor Jones (The Sexpatriates) have sworn a sonic oath - some say in blood - to renew your ecstatic appreciation for the music of Led Zeppelin.


Not your average tribute, Custard Pie does not aim to look or act like the original when they take the stage, nor do they try to replicate the songs exactly as they occurred on the albums. Instead, Custard Pie focuses on bringing to each audience an intense extended live performance of the material, always keeping it as Jimmy Page used to say, "Tight-But-Loose."

The first thing that immediately sets Custard Pie apart from most other "tributes" is the fact that they have a very gifted female lead vocalist, Rhett Magahee. The fact that Rhett is a woman would make simulating the original band in appearance kind of difficult. But the visual simulation of Led Zeppelin was never on their radar. They are about taking this very special music rooted in The Blues, Folk, & Rock and making it theirs via the Jam. They hit all the chord changes and fundamental melodies, but almost never play the songs the same way twice. Variation is most noticeable in the guitar work, thanks to Woody Wood's fantastic sensibility.

As a band, Custard Pie is a curious amalgam of blues, folk, rock and the jam band. But really one has to witness a performance to get the full picture of what they are doing. While they aim to eventually learn the entire Zeppelin catalogue, they have the first six albums down, with the exception of 3 or 4 songs. In addition, they are constantly adding other other classic material, from the likes of Sabbath, Bowie, The Stones, ACDC and so on. Again, besides doing these numbers very well, they bring the added curiosity of hearing classic male frontman tunes done by a woman. People absolutely LOVE this twist!

The music of Led Zeppelin was as much a tribute to the great tradition of American Blues music as it was innovative rock & roll. Part of what makes their music so timeless is their being so deeply rooted in traditional music. As Woody has put it, their music has become "folk music, music of the people." It is as much a part of who we as any other genre. The members of Custard Pie see Rock music as genre of equal merit with Bluegrass, Jazz & The Blues. Going to see Custard Pie would be on par with going to see a great rag band, a great blues band, or a great Jazz band. In any of those situations, the audience is expecting to hear standards done well by musicians who revere that particular genre. Who knows, once The Pie has finished absorbing all this material, they may even make a rock & roll statement of their own ...

Set List

Custard Pie performs for at least 3 hours each time the do a show. Sets may include any of the following songs:

Good Times, Bad Times - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - You Shook Me - Dazed & Confused - Your Time is Gonna Come - Communication Break Down - I Can't Quit You Baby - How Many More Times - Whole lotta Love - What Is And What Should Never Be - The Lemon Song - Thank You - Heartbreaker - Living Loving Maid - Ramble On - Bring It On Home - Immigrant Song - Celebration Day - Since I've Been Loving You Out On The Tiles - Friends - Thats the Way - Braun-Y-Aur Stomp - Black Dog - Rock N Roll - Stairway To Heaven - Misty Mountain Hop - Going To California - When The Levee Breaks - The Song Remains The Same - Over the Hills & Far Away - Dancing Days - Dyer Maker - No Quarter - The Ocean - Custard Pie - The Rover - Houses of the Holy - Trampled Under Foot - Kashmir - The Wanton Song - Black Country Woman - Boogie With Stu - Sick Again - Royal Orleans - Fool In The Rain - Traveling River