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Real vs. Fake=LP
Ride Slow=Single

yes I have radio airplay of my single "Ride Slow"



So, who is Custo? Custo is a musician who brings real life experience to the table. He is well connected to the streets and very familiar with the struggle and known to be a man of his word. Constantly striving to be different and not fit into a pre-packaged mold. He stands out from the rest and he goes against the mainstream thinking and popular opinions. Everything he speaks in his music he has either witnessed or experienced hands on. Custo's life and experiences in Brookmont,DE also known as Cage1, set the stage for his love of music and, in 1998 those experiences manifested into rap form. What started out as Custo, three friends, and a karaoke machine, would materialize into the Pathlords who made several "hood" tapes that created buzz in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Pathlords would go onto form the label Fortress Empire and released two independent albums that were slept on due to inadequate promotion. In early 2007 Custo started his venture into solo music focusing on the everyday struggle from a street perspective. This is the basis of his album REAL vs. FAKE dropping in 2009.

Custo is a Delaware artist that stands out amongst the rest. His sound is not a imitation from near by big cities, typical for most Delaware hip-hop/rap artist. Which brings me to his whole mission statement, and that is showing people the difference between real and fake. Custo is real within his self, as well as to others. He doesn't get caught up in talking about sex, drugs, and violence to create that popular gangster image just because everyone else is doing it. He explains the real reasons for why someone would have to resort to violence, or sell drugs. He explains on a street level how you should be who you really are, being real, and not doing something just cause everyone else is doing it. He attacks the fake images that the industry has glamorized. Custo is controversy because this is what big record execs don't want to happen. They wanna keep making money off this image even though its destroying inner-city youth. Delaware for example, especially the Wilmington area is highly influenced by these fake gangster images that they see, therefore resulting in higher murders, assaults, robberies, rapes, etc.. Delaware needs someone from Delaware to make it in the music industry. This will give the youth a name and a spot on the map so they wont be so quick to do it the fake way by shooting or other ways to get attention and this is the basis of Custo's goal.

CONTACT: J Vicks (302)367-6918