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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Don't Cry
The Next Generation
Nothin' You Can Tell Me
What You're Dealin' With


Feeling a bit camera shy


My music is a shadow of me and my incredibly bizzare and abstract way of thinking. From the words to the music. All of my music that I hear before the writing process even takes place triggers something in me. My lyrics are the voice in my head that no one else hears. I grew up with an abusive alcohalic father, who abandoned my mother when I was 8 years old. We've been taking care of each other ever since. We've been together through deaths, sickness, pain, tragedy, happiness, humorous, and strange times, and my music is a direct reflection of all of these times. My influence is not only from artists that I've grown up and still do listen to, but from the experiences that I've gone through in my life. And as far as musical influence is concerned, I'm influenced by absolutely anything that I hear. I take it all in and squeeze the good from the bad. If you limit the music you listen to, than you limit the music you're making, my music has no limits, and I have no idea where it might be 5 years from now, because I don't where mind will be. Thats what you're getting when you're listening to me and thats the story of my life, hopefully you vomited.