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cute phase


our music is for those who understand what its like to feel rejection, abandonment or disconnected from society. The ignored, unpopular and outcast by thier peers. The modest, shy and soft-spoken who would feel alone in a crowded room.


From its inception, Cute Phase was an accident. Formed in 2003 by former drummer turned singer/guitarist Adam Unknown and keyboardist Leyla Saberi, with the recent addition of bassist Bryce Martin and drummer Keith Crutchfield, Cute Phase have grown in two short years from an electronic duo into a full fledged band of talented, yet modest musicians. As songwriter, Adam's personal views and emotions are often reflected in the bands lyrical content: social anixieties, abandonment, rejection and apathy are clearly expressed, spewing such honesty and truth that most other artists deem unsafe. Cute Phase have remained somewhat hidden away in the Los Angeles scene creating masterpieces in their home studio, emerging just long enough to play to stunned audiences at dance clubs and all ages venues throughout Los Angeles and the west coast. A certain degree of shyness and social awkwardness are sure to have played a part in thier self-imposed isolation, but like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its coccon, this band is about to spread its wings for the first time, and begin it's Cute Phase.

"While some bands approach music by dropping their record collections into a blender, Cute Phase sources personal pain and experience to show us something real. It's this passionate honesty and vulnerability - the willingness to risk and put it all on the line - that makes them a band to watch." Tim Tori - The Rockit News 2-07

Adam Unknown was adopted at birth, his new parents divorced a year later. Raised by his single mother in Long Beach CA, they moved to Eugene, Oregon to escape the big city when Adam was only 10. Having shown tendencies of a musical and artistic spirit at the early age of 2, Adam spent his teen years obsessively learning how to play drums, guitar, bass and piano by listening to his favorite 80's new wave and heavy metal records. He soon became a self-taught multi-intsrumentalist and by age 26, had performed with and written songs for a mulititude of bands in the Northwest. By the time he moved back to Los Angeles in 1999, Adam had grown tired of playing drums for bands and was concentrating on his own songwriting and home digital recording. During the spring of 2002 new music had exploded into the citys nightlife, Adam began frequenting new dance clubs in Hollywood that played 80s New Wave, Britpop and Electroclash. Hearing the combination of old and new artists using dance beats and lush synths inspired him to write a new batch of music that incorperated his love for new wave, dance music, pop hooks and dark melodies. Adam was soon producing 3-4 new instrumental songs a month, all of which were danceable and hook-laden, yet had a certain element of melloncolie and depth. In all his years writing music, Adam rarely sang or wrote lyrics due to his shyness and an unwillingness to be a lead singer. After spending serveral frustrating months trying out over a dozen misguided vocalists, Adam decieded to try writing his own vocals for "London Drugs", a dark haunting tale about angels with broken wings, a metaphor about the fragility of newfound love. A novice singer, the pitch was a bit off, but the song was there. The voice that Adam had been searching for was his own. And thus lies the accident, for Cute Phase would not be what it is today had there been a different singer. Adam never wanted to sing, let alone start a band at this point, but after completing lyrics and vocals for 5 more songs, it was impossible to ignore the obvious.

Uncompromising in his DIY ethics, Adam set out to find ideal bandmates, often teaching his friends how to play instruments rather than using the common Hollywood approach, paying for experiencied musicians. In January 2003 he met Leyla Saberi at Club Synthetic, a weekly electroclash dance club once held Fridays at The Echo in Los Angeles. After only a few months of practice and preperation, the newly formed duo played their first show in the very same venue they had met, The Echo, and found themselves performing to a capacity crowd of over 400 at Le Disko/Club 82. The show went well, but they felt wrong about it all, a full band was in need and the search continued. Over the next two years, Cute Phase relied on a drum machine and a quickly revolving door of friends who played drums and bass, displaying various degrees of skill or desire to be in a band in the first place. Despite many well received reviews of their demo CD and over 50 shows under thier belt, Cute Phase's lineup had fallen apart for the third time in early 2006, leaving Adam and Leyla once again to carry on reluctantly as a duo. Then as if by design, guitarist and producer Bryce Martin contacted Cute Phase and offered to re-record the songs in his home studio. It was through those recording sessions that a friendly bond developed and Bryce offered to join as bassist to help shape the band once again. After several auditions in the fall of 2006, Cute Phase found a talented drummer in Atlanta GA native Ke


London Drugs

Written By: adam unknown / add*two*zeros music

heaven sent - i see right thru you - i dont know how you do it

take it out - take me out to where i can not feel it - i don't care about anything real - and i don't care about anyone here

i don't think you understand - how delicate i am - take me in your two weak hands - i dont think you understand - how delicate i am - you break me in your two weak hands

torn and bent - how can we take flight when we are so broken?

these events are so rare its a miracle they even happen - you've made me completely unaware - and i don't care about anyone here

heaven sent - i see right thru you - torn and bent - i see right thru you

i don't think you understand - how delicate i am - take me in your two weak hands - i dont think you understand - how delicate i am - you break me in your two weak hands - you break me in your two weak hands

Famous At Night

Written By: adam unknown / add*two*zeros music

I cant explain a feeling ive never had

I know you’re talking But not what you’re saying

anyone thats ever cared will know im empty and easily scared

I want response show me a color

I want response just show me your colors


I dont deserve these two faced lies ive heard I know you’re talking just show me your colors

I want response show me a color

I want response just show me your colors

I want response just show me a color

just show me your colors just show me your colors just show me your colors

Victim Loved Silence

Written By: adam glogauer / add*two*zeros music

it was just a dance a simple dance where people dressed up like they mean it

wanting to expose my thoughts in this halloween house

i sit alone by candle light hiding from the social glamour

party boys and crystal white

what was i so afraid of? what was i so afraid of?
i felt synthetic i want pathetic

stellar girls in neon lights all dressed up just like danger

party boys with crystal white all dressed up just like anger

what was i so afraid of? what was i so afraid of?


stellar girls in neon lights all made up just like angels

party boys doing crystal white all made up just like devils

what was i so afraid of?


5 song EP CD 2006 - "Victim Loved Silence"
14 demo CD 2003 - "mute"

Set List

famous at night
london drugs
perverse overdose
just a moment
victim loved silence
fashion tantrum
space age love song (cover)