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"MARS NEEDS GUITARS blog 8/2006"

"Cute Phase are from Los Angeles and transform me back to 80's Britpop nostalgia. However, their guitar/synth sound is far from derivative; yes the 80's feel is there but Cute Phase add their own modern day flourishes to make it vital for today."



"Upon first hearing the sounds of Cute Phase, you might swear you heard them on KROQ in the late-80s, wedged in between the umpteenth spinnings of "Strangelove" and "Fascination Street." You didn't. But someday you will. This band is new. This band is now. And you can still catch them for free at tiny clubs around Southern California. Do this while you can because these salad days will not last forever."

"The Register Guard - Eugene OR"

"Anyone who lived through the 1980's will recognize the synth-saoked sounds and angular hairstyles of Cute Phase. Whether this Los Angeles CA trio is just wading in nostalgia or if they have something new to say is still unclear, but dramatic originals such as "Famous At Night" and "London Drugs" tip the balance in the band's favor. Frontman Adam Unknown's skills as a multi-instrumentalist help bring a degree of orginality and a modern flair to the proceedings"
- Lewis Taylor - 6/ 2006


"I like the mood and tone... something about it feels fresh, though I couldn't pinpoint what it is... A great rock song."

"London Drugs" has a big sound. There is a lot going on here musically. I'm no musician, but the instrumentation seems complex in its layers, yet never feels muddy. The closest comparison I can connect is The Jesus and Mary Chain. These guys are my idea of a band. They complement each other without competing. I can't wait for the EP."

"I saw the band name and thought Bubble Gum. I read the song title and thought should be interesting. Soon as the song started I was scrapping my thoughts off my face. The structure of this song is damn near perfect. The instrumentation, the vocals, and the broken up lyrics mesh together. It’s not so much hollow, but more like a shell. I can’t suggest improvements. Very well done. This song could be heard in the head of a person who’s alone in a crowded room."

"Nice sounding rock track. I like the high energy. Decent lyrics, even if they are a bit depressing. The electronic effects are a nice touch. This could definately go places."

"raw nerve"

"Coming to us in a DVD case and featuring all pink and black artwork, the title 'Switchblade new wave' pretty much gives you a major insight into what CUTE PHASE are all about, with the opening track 'London drugs' being very much an 80's style electro dark wave track, with a combination of Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure being at the heart of its delivery. There are some good sounds swirling around in this opener, and there is indeed quite an interesting psychedelia warping your brain as the atmosphere builds and the vocals speak on their dismay. 'Famous at night' continues the entrancing electro, darkening things up a little more, and 'Perverse Overdose' is a lot more quirky, as echoing guitars and plinky keyboard sounds mingled amongst each other.

Definitely I can see this being on the soundtrack to a John Hughes film, so if that is your thing, be it for old times sake or because that is what you love, then you have to listen to CUTE PHASE, as they do their thing very well and with a laid back ease that I like. In fact, the title track 'Switchblade new wave' even has some cheerleader chants embedded in the twinkling sounds. 'The ever changing girl' even throws in some Bauhaus-esque simple oddness. Why the extra 6 tracks were not creditted I am not sure, as they are as relevant as the rest, and complete what would be a really swish album, track '8' being a favourite, very drifty, atmospheric, melodic instrumental indie in style."
- paul 1-05


"CUTE PHASE hails from California with a blend of synth-rock and 80's nostalgia. They are able to pull off this sound with what is a well-recorded EP offering an interesting throw back sound. The blend of the synth with the traditional instruments captures the sound they are aiming for. The Guitar work of Adam on track three's "Famous at Night" is full of motion that keeps the track from offing into static. "Victim Loved Silence" is the shining gem off this EP. A smooth baseline coupled with some tight synth sounds make this melodic offering a wonderful surprise. So if you wanted to take a step back into the alternative of the 80's with a modern twist CUTE PHASE are the ones for you."
- june 2005


"i was having really bad problems with my parents because my grades were bad and i might of not graduated if i didnt do something about it.and they made it a very big deal.i was about to start cutting and basicly start ruining my body slowly and painfully.i was thinking of prescription drugs and all this stupid stuff.but guys saved me.and now im so glad that i randomly got a friend request from you guys.because a combo. of great music, nice people and lyrics of gold. it made me take a second thought.i listned over and over to the music on your web site. so thanks. for making me live another day. i will cherish you guys for life. the music you guys make, comforts me. its elegant and emotional, is true music "

"YAY! for cute phase ^_^ you guys make me happy! "

"i love ur music!! hehe i like listen to it obssesivly!!"

"i luuuuved seeing the show last night and you killed fashion tantrum."

"the sounds that your band makes is like heaven to my ears"

"Great music. Really excellent. As soon as I have money I'm buying it"

"This lady simply ADORES your music, you know"

" i bought a cd of yours. is it allright if I play it when I dj? hope you dont mind"

"I really like the music guys, very cool"

"nice to hear some good music, u're ace!"

"oh my gosh, i absolutly love the music you have on here! good job you guys - ps.. i added one of your songs (just a moment) on my page =D i really liked it"

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"we SERIOUSLY CANNOT get enough of your music"

"Swingin' by to show some love for the awesomeness that is known as Cute Phase. Keep your spirits up people -- you're fucking amazing and it won't take long for the 'big' people to notice that as well. In no time, loves. IN. NO. TIME."

"I still listen to your c.d. religiously. Your band is actually the only c.d. I've ever bothered to buy off myspace so feel special."

"amazing show tonight. amazing"

"You guys are absolutely awesome!!~COME TO COLORADO~I want to see you guys so bad! Anyways, keep it up! Your amazing!"

"Cute Phase is the love of my life at the moment."

"you're brilliant. and lovely and will probably be my latest obsession."

"I really like your music its refreshing and different keep it up I'd like to see you in my neck of the woods sometime playing a gig."

"I really enjoy Your music. Like the sounds and the man's vocal;) I whish you luck!!! kisses from Poland"

"you might be our favorite people ever "

"Cheers mates! Luv your songs! Brilliant"


"this is madd, i cant keep visiting your site for the tunes. its a bit unhealthy. heh. but enjoyable =] "

"The new song is lovely!"

"You guys were really great last night! I'm very happy to say, 'Distracted' sounds even better live!!"

"great show tonite! <3 you guys."

"Cute Phase are awesome. i love this group! "

"I am listening to your CD and the new Depeche Mode CD only, on repeat. you should be flattered. xoxo "

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"Thanx for getting me into a whole new dimension of music..."

"i fucking love you guys. you kick ass. "

"ps:i still listen to your demo disk like EVERYDAY on my ipod"

"You'd be loved and adored if people heard what I have been hearing."

"This guy has a beautiful singing voice"

"Everyone should get hold of the CUTE PHASE cd, I played it for about a month straight last year!"

"Lovely sound you have produced...I simply adore it...I commend you on your talent..."

"I so love cute phase sounds!"

" i was hooked with the first couple of seconds of london drugs.... cute phase is too rad for words!!! i must have a disk!"

"your music is AWESOME"

"you rocked the shit out of that place on sunday! it was great seeing you."

"cuute~ i must admit.. i like the music, i cannot lie."

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"me and my best friend really like your band. you gave her a cd in a thrift store a loooooong time ago"

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"hey, your peeps all look and sound so tight on stage. Keep going... :)"

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" wow your stuff is amazing.... i wish my band could sound like that"

"we'll be there for sure guys, you kick ass!"

"thank you for giving krystin the demo. hahaha we listened to it the whole way home."

"wish i could make it! i am now a fan."

"i feel like dancing! lol i like the music."

"you all are so awesome! i hope that i can make it out to your show thursday nite. man, i can't's only a da - many..

"POWER IN THE ATTIC: Cute Phase emerges from its shelter to take on Los Angeles"

by Tim Tori

There's no shortage of bands who have the right look and the right sound to evoke your love of '80s music. However, after one of these bands finishes a well-rehearsed set of semi-familiar songs, you might find yourself asking: Where's the heart? Where's the soul? Where are you?

So many musicians are at clubs every night, promoting and gladhanding or lurking outside concerts, shoving CDs and buttons into your hands. By Monday morning, you could run a record shop for unsigned artists out of the back of your car. Most of these bands would benefit from more time in the attic, digging deeper to figure out what they want to say instead of rushing out on stage to say nothing.

And then there is Cute Phase, an L.A. band who has spent long days and nights tucked away in an upstairs room, occasionally emerging just long enough to stun local audiences with their singular sound before retreating into the shadows to continue creating music.

"I sit alone by candlelight, hiding from the social glamour."

-- "Victim Loved Silence" by Cute Phase

The story begins with Adam Glogauer stepping out from behind his drum kit and discovering he was a frontman. "I had played drums in other bands," Glogauer recalls, "It wasn't the kind of music I really liked... I always felt out of place with them." This "out of place" feeling inspired some of the themes found in Cute Phase's lyrics.

As the songwriter (as well as singer and guitarist), Glogauer excels at creating images and stories of loneliness and isolation set against beautiful, dreamy, yet energetic electronic music. The influence of heroes like David Bowie and Robert Smith is deeply felt in the Cute Phase sound and the lyrics paint the picture of an outsider searching for his extended dysfunctional family.

"It's that feeling of not being understood by anyone," observes keyboardist Leyla Saberi, "which I feel a lot." Saberi joined up with Glogauer after befriending him at a club and hearing his music. "It didn't have lyrics but I thought it was really good," she recalls. Performing was not in Saberi's best laid plans, and yet the two of them quickly connected as band members.

"I didn't consider myself a musician or anything like that," she admits. "I had played piano, but... it wasn't really like a hobby for me." Inspired by what he was creating and excited about being in a band, she eventually learned to play the songs that Glogauer had written.

"I left an enigma for someone in the future to unwind."
-- Flowers in the Attic

Before finding the other members of his band, however, Glogauer spent plenty of time creating and shaping the sound. He comes from the self-imposed exilist school of songwriting, whose only enrollment prerequisite is countless hours of alone time with instruments and ProTools. After developing some pieces that were intended as movie-scoring music, he moved in a new direction.

"All of a sudden, I started writing this new batch of songs I didn't expect to come out," he remembers. Hidden away in his little room, Glogauer dug deep and found his voice. And even though Cute Phase's sound fits well with the new wave of new wave, he is careful to add that they do not make typical dance music.

"I'm surprised at how often I hear lyrics on the radio that are just so shallow," he says. "I always had something more to say... Every word in there has a meaning." It is precisely this commitment to openness and authenticity that gives Cute Phase its power.

"I'd reached maturity. I was older than the mountains outside. The wisdom of the attic was in my bones, etched on my brain, part of my flesh"

-- Flowers in the Attic

With Glogauer and Saberi comprising the core of Cute Phase, the bass player position was filled by a rotating cast of characters until producer Bryce Martin proved to be the right fit. Martin heard an early Cute Phase demo through a mutual friend and offered to re-record the songs with them. "We like to hole ourselves up and create masterpieces," says Glogauer of Martin.

After the date of this interview, Cute Phase replaced its drum machine onstage with Keith Crutchfield. Currently recording songs for their debut album, the band is now eager to step out and meet the world. For this task, the band could not be more aptly named. Glogauer explains, the name Cute Phase means "you're at a certain point in your life when... you're at your best and people love you and you look good and you're healthy."

To anyone who has caught the band's recent shows around L.A. and Orange County, it's clear that Cute Phase is in its cute phase. And now that the band has paid its dues in the attic, they bring a new level of confidence to their live sets. "We can play on any stage and it's gonna sound good," says Glogauer.

While some bands approach music by dropping their record collections into a blender, Cute Phase sources personal pain and experience to show us something real. It's this pas -


5 song EP CD 2006 - "Victim Loved Silence"
14 demo CD 2003 - "mute"


Feeling a bit camera shy


From its inception, Cute Phase was an accident. Formed in 2003 by former drummer turned singer/guitarist Adam Unknown and keyboardist Leyla Saberi, with the recent addition of bassist Bryce Martin and drummer Keith Crutchfield, Cute Phase have grown in two short years from an electronic duo into a full fledged band of talented, yet modest musicians. As songwriter, Adam's personal views and emotions are often reflected in the bands lyrical content: social anixieties, abandonment, rejection and apathy are clearly expressed, spewing such honesty and truth that most other artists deem unsafe. Cute Phase have remained somewhat hidden away in the Los Angeles scene creating masterpieces in their home studio, emerging just long enough to play to stunned audiences at dance clubs and all ages venues throughout Los Angeles and the west coast. A certain degree of shyness and social awkwardness are sure to have played a part in thier self-imposed isolation, but like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its coccon, this band is about to spread its wings for the first time, and begin it's Cute Phase.

"While some bands approach music by dropping their record collections into a blender, Cute Phase sources personal pain and experience to show us something real. It's this passionate honesty and vulnerability - the willingness to risk and put it all on the line - that makes them a band to watch." Tim Tori - The Rockit News 2-07

Adam Unknown was adopted at birth, his new parents divorced a year later. Raised by his single mother in Long Beach CA, they moved to Eugene, Oregon to escape the big city when Adam was only 10. Having shown tendencies of a musical and artistic spirit at the early age of 2, Adam spent his teen years obsessively learning how to play drums, guitar, bass and piano by listening to his favorite 80's new wave and heavy metal records. He soon became a self-taught multi-intsrumentalist and by age 26, had performed with and written songs for a mulititude of bands in the Northwest. By the time he moved back to Los Angeles in 1999, Adam had grown tired of playing drums for bands and was concentrating on his own songwriting and home digital recording. During the spring of 2002 new music had exploded into the citys nightlife, Adam began frequenting new dance clubs in Hollywood that played 80s New Wave, Britpop and Electroclash. Hearing the combination of old and new artists using dance beats and lush synths inspired him to write a new batch of music that incorperated his love for new wave, dance music, pop hooks and dark melodies. Adam was soon producing 3-4 new instrumental songs a month, all of which were danceable and hook-laden, yet had a certain element of melloncolie and depth. In all his years writing music, Adam rarely sang or wrote lyrics due to his shyness and an unwillingness to be a lead singer. After spending serveral frustrating months trying out over a dozen misguided vocalists, Adam decieded to try writing his own vocals for "London Drugs", a dark haunting tale about angels with broken wings, a metaphor about the fragility of newfound love. A novice singer, the pitch was a bit off, but the song was there. The voice that Adam had been searching for was his own. And thus lies the accident, for Cute Phase would not be what it is today had there been a different singer. Adam never wanted to sing, let alone start a band at this point, but after completing lyrics and vocals for 5 more songs, it was impossible to ignore the obvious.

Uncompromising in his DIY ethics, Adam set out to find ideal bandmates, often teaching his friends how to play instruments rather than using the common Hollywood approach, paying for experiencied musicians. In January 2003 he met Leyla Saberi at Club Synthetic, a weekly electroclash dance club once held Fridays at The Echo in Los Angeles. After only a few months of practice and preperation, the newly formed duo played their first show in the very same venue they had met, The Echo, and found themselves performing to a capacity crowd of over 400 at Le Disko/Club 82. The show went well, but they felt wrong about it all, a full band was in need and the search continued. Over the next two years, Cute Phase relied on a drum machine and a quickly revolving door of friends who played drums and bass, displaying various degrees of skill or desire to be in a band in the first place. Despite many well received reviews of their demo CD and over 50 shows under thier belt, Cute Phase's lineup had fallen apart for the third time in early 2006, leaving Adam and Leyla once again to carry on reluctantly as a duo. Then as if by design, guitarist and producer Bryce Martin contacted Cute Phase and offered to re-record the songs in his home studio. It was through those recording sessions that a friendly bond developed and Bryce offered to join as bassist to help shape the band once again. After several auditions in the fall of 2006, Cute Phase found a talented drummer in Atlanta GA native Ke