San Francisco, California, USA


CuteThings enter STAGE left:

Interviewer: “Tell me about CuteThings.”

A.N.A. Moth: “Jake Moth is a fiery, restless, prolific, Italian rocker who writes from his soul. “

Jake Moth: “Are you saying that I get all the girls ‘cause I’m Italian??”

A.N.A. Moth: “Absolutely! And I admire you for it.”

Jake Moth: “Ok. Back to business. A.N.A. Moth is definitely one of the most talented singer/poet/writer I’ve ever worked with. She sings from her soul, and you can hear it. And she’s hilarious, nonetheless.”

Jake Moth: “Oh wait, and girls are attracted to my deep sensitivity, and YOU know it. “

A.N.A. Moth: “Or at least I should. Jake, don’t you think we should tell them where we met or what we sound like?”

Jake Moth: “Only if we do it in unison!”

A.N.A. & Jake (robot voice mode: ON): “We met in front of the fluorescent glow of a computer screen. It was a music production school in San Francisco, CA. That’s where it all started. “

A.N.A. Moth (robot voice mode: OFF): “Mmm, ok. But what do we sound like?”

Jake Moth: “In unison again?”

A.N.A. Moth: “GO!”

A.N.A. & Jake (robot voice mode: ON): “CuteThings is an original merge of familiar and unique styles, rooted in Rock, Blues and experimentation. “

Jake Moth: “That works! Good job Ms. Moth!”

A.N.A. Moth: “You too Mr. Moth!”

Interviewer: “Whoa! That was weird! Hey, wait, where are you guys going?”

CuteThings exit STAGE right.