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"Cuthero - City of Murders EP"

After more than five years together, Adelaide (South Australia) based rock outfit Sumi decided to take an extended break earlier in the years, with their second E.P. 'Constellations' looking more than likely to be the final release from the modestly successful group.
But while the break-up of Sumi is somewhat of a disappointment for those in the know (Especially given their potential), it's not all bad news as all of the members have since moved forward onto other equally impressive new projects.

One of the first to emerge with something new is singer/songwriter/guitarist Alan Grillo, who alongside guitarist John De Michele (Who is also the bassist for City Riots), bassist Mark Beckett and drummer Liam McClory (Both from Fivestar) have formed Cuthero, with 'City Of Murders' their debut release.
Comprising of four tracks, Cuthero's debut is hardly what you would call a lengthy effort. But what it lacks in quantity, it well and truly makes up for in absolute quality.

At just over a minute and a half in length, 'Movielines (Like Stealing Candy From A Baby)' is more like an introduction piece to the E.P., with a huge Jesu like wall of sound emerging from the guitars, while the vocals performance is a hypnotic mantra (Comprising of five words) that is both catchy and mesmerising in its stunning simplicity.

A little livelier and rockier sounding, 'Familiar' takes the wall of noise principal of the former track while adding some clever twists and turns in the riff structures, while the chorus is again memorable and anthem like, while the title track 'City Of Murders' marks another change of direction, with the guitars sounding a little more direct and less layered, with the heavily harmonised vocals taking a little more of the spotlight feature wise.

Finishing up the E.P. is '(Art Imitating Life Imitating) Idiocy Imitating Art', which again is a little more streamlined in the instrumentation department, but no less impressive with a chorus that is literally begging for some radio play.

Although barely less than a year old, Cuthero's debut E.P. sounds like the work of a seasoned band who has more than managed to find a sound that is found through countless gigs and rehearsals.
Mark my words when I say Cuthero is a huge band in the making.

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"Cuthero - City of Murders EP"

Adelaide songwriter Alan Grillo has delivered with a quality EP. This is edgy power pop with solid energy and good ideas. The band he's pulled together out of the break up of Sumi is working well. Guitar riffs drive these songs and there are plenty worth going back for on repeated listens specially 'Familar'. The production by Darren Thompson (Thinktank, In Fiction) is solid keeping the vocals and guitars at teh front of the mix. The four songs clock in at 12 minutes making it too short, but this is a good taster of a new and promising band. - Blunt Magazine (Issue 64, Oct 2007)


'City of Murders EP' (2007), Independent.

The title track 'City of Muders' has gained considerable airplay on local and interstate community radio.

'City of Murders' and 'Idiocy Imitating Art' from the EP are available to stream online at along with demo material from pre-production for the upcoming LP



Cuthero is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Alan Grillo from Adelaide, Australia. In this relatively new project Alan has pulled together local reputable and like-minded musicians - including US born John De Michele (also bassist for City Riots) - to execute his unique brand of guitar driven rock.

They hit the ground running in mid 2007 opting to record an EP, with Adelaide producer Darren Thompson, before even setting a foot onstage. Taking the strongest cuts from their set the result, the 'City of Murders' EP, is a hard hitting 4 tracker, showcasing their ability to hold their own up against their more established peers. At the forefront of Cuthero's sound are dense layers of angular guitars and off kilter rhythms, keeping in line with Alan's intention to tread the path least obvious.

In their short time together the band has shared the stage with the likes of The Veronicas, Liam Finn (NZ) & Dopamine (UK).

Cuthero are currently in pre-production mode for their upcoming debut album, tentatively due for release later this year.

"Edgy power-pop with solid energy... a good taster of a new and promising band" - Blunt Magazine

"Catchy and mesmerising... Cuthero's debut EP sounds like the work of a seasoned band" - Justin Donnelly, Beat Magazine