‘City of Murders’ is a desperate plea to escape a bland metropolis too preoccupied with trends to realise that it’s butchering true individuality, Cuthero are determined not to fall in line. Their passionate live performances reinforce that progression can exist in the pop realm.


Cuthero is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Alan Grillo from Adelaide, Australia. In this relatively new project Alan has pulled together local reputable and like-minded musicians - including US born John De Michele (also bassist for City Riots) - to execute his unique brand of guitar driven rock.

They hit the ground running in mid 2007 opting to record an EP, with Adelaide producer Darren Thompson, before even setting a foot onstage. Taking the strongest cuts from their set the result, the 'City of Murders' EP, is a hard hitting 4 tracker, showcasing their ability to hold their own up against their more established peers. At the forefront of Cuthero's sound are dense layers of angular guitars and off kilter rhythms, keeping in line with Alan's intention to tread the path least obvious.

In their short time together the band has shared the stage with the likes of The Veronicas, Liam Finn (NZ) & Dopamine (UK).

Cuthero are currently in pre-production mode for their upcoming debut album, tentatively due for release later this year.

"Edgy power-pop with solid energy... a good taster of a new and promising band" - Blunt Magazine

"Catchy and mesmerising... Cuthero's debut EP sounds like the work of a seasoned band" - Justin Donnelly, Beat Magazine


'City of Murders EP' (2007), Independent.

The title track 'City of Muders' has gained considerable airplay on local and interstate community radio.

'City of Murders' and 'Idiocy Imitating Art' from the EP are available to stream online at along with demo material from pre-production for the upcoming LP

Set List

Current setlist:

Not Even Close
For British Eyes Only
Idiocy Imitating Art
City of Murders
Ones and Zeros

running time: 30 minutes