Meaningful lyric, accessible music. Hard working band of perfectionists.


CUT hail from Tallaght, South Dublin. Formed in 2005, they have gigged the furthest reaches of the island and extensively in Dublin City.

At, you can find their first recorded effort, a demo recorded in
Ashtown Studios in Dublin. This demo won Jackie Hayden's 'Pick of the Fortnight' in HotPress magazine and has had airplay on SpinFM and many local radio stations.

CUT are currently putting together an E.P., provisionally for release in the Autumn of 2006. Three tracks from this ( 'Do It!,' 'GERM,' & 'What was Wrong with Us?' ) are currently available for streaming & downloading at

Please check the above website for more tunes as Sonicbids' EPK limits tunes to 5mb, songs of which we only have one!


Do It!

Written By: Keenan

Do It!

Stay of execution; lets get this thing just right,
Some circumstantial evidence throws yet another light..
Return this man to his cell, to dwell another night
Where he can see the blade, be sure to sharpen it tonight..

The prisoner shows some signs of delusion,
Fears no more than his current seclusion,
As we speak, he decorates his room,
So sure he is of visitors soon.

Do it, do it, do it to it,
Do it to it, do it, do it!

Another witness has come forward,
Says she seen him on the day,
But she contradicts another,
So expect some slight delay

If I may beg the court its pardon,
Today our man was found
Screaming that the world was spinning,
Clinging to the ground..

On the day the priest would call,
The warder never knocked;
He staggered out and up the hall
To find the courtroom locked..
He shook the doors, fell to his knees
And through his tears, cursed his disease
But from a room, somewhere behind,
One of his kind were on their knees,
And they were screaming in the galleries,
They were screaming in the galleries..


Do It!
What was Wrong with Us?
Dream On
Close Your Eyes
Don't Wait
-All tracks have received national airplay or Internet streaming/downloading. Available at

Set List

Do It!
What was Wrong with Us?
The Haunting
Perfume On the Moon
Dream On
Let It Go
I Can't Swim
Another Night Away

Set list has varied from 30-90 mins, depending on requirements!