Brooklyn, New York, USA

New York survival punk


Survival is hard. You’ve got to do something to survive. CUTTERS was born out of that idea. The idea that you’re more than the chunks of you that life poisons. The idea that the only way to reclaim some small semblance of yourself is to actually do something. Because we want to survive. It’s why we pack ourselves into vans and strangers' basements. Punk rock is about caring, for other people, other places, other spaces and every road in between because we’re all in it for the same damn thing. We’re all longing for a sense of belonging. A reminder that we aren't alone. We’re all just trying not to die. 
CUTTERS is Pierce Lightning, Brian Deodat, John Luther and Michael Strianese. Formed in Brooklyn in 2012, the band self-recorded and released their debut EP, “Trying Not to Die” to little fanfare in 2013. They followed up with 2014’s “We Are The Quarry,” an 8 song LP of disparaging, barely hanging on punk songs, which was recorded at Jam Eater Studios (owned and operated by Ian Karavas of Forget This). The band is currently prepping new material for release in 2015, the first of which will be a 7” single entitled “The Mountain” to be released on Jam Eater Records.

"This reflective, fraggle rock from a quartet out of NYC pools together something old and something new. Hanging onto tracks from their earlier EP, Trying Not to Die, “X-Cutioner’s Song,” “Excitable Liefeld,” and “Young Gods” epitomize end-of-the-rope, somebody-please-help-me type vocals, much like Black Sparrow Press shot through with gang vox on the chorus and cock rock guitar solos. The new tracks look out from a Red House Painters autobiographical POV, juxtaposing frank, depressing lyrics with unconventional instrumentations like a sprinkling of magical triangle in “Batman 666.” At the end of it all, I wanna hand this guy a tissue and ask if he’s seeing a good therapist. Disparaging, barely hanging on—keep the sharps away from these guys." 

Rotator Music 
"The anthemic vocals, self-deprecating lyrics, and fuzzy guitars on “We Are the Quarry,” “Good Morning Boys,” and “Savage Nights,” reminded me of indie punk bigwigs like Titus Andronicus and The Men."

Funeral Sounds
"We Are The Quarry, is their response to not just age, but to the jaded punk."
"Cutters play a catchy style of music that really does an awesome blurring the lines between punk, emo, and, indie rock." 


2012 - Demo
2013 - Trying Not to Die EP
2013 - Live at the 40 Watt
2014 - We Are the Quarry (Lost State Records, Waybridge Records)

2015 - The Mountain 7" (Jam Eater Records)

Set List

Changes depending on the needs of the show.