Cutthroat Shamrock

Cutthroat Shamrock

 Sevierville, Tennessee, USA

Appalachian punk rock from the foothills of the smoky mountains, played fast and drunk. If bluegrass and punk rock walked into an Irish pub and got kidnapped by pirates. Stock the bar then stock it again. You will need a good pair of boots and a designated driver. CHEERS!!!!


Brewed from the hills of Appalachia the bands foundation is one of humble beginnings. Ben and Derek are bound by the ability of playing off the notes of the other. They are natural hosts, raising a toast every few songs, and welcoming the new faces and familiar regulars alike. To their right, plays Guido,whose long dreads, worn Converse sneakers, and soiled grease rag pay perfect complement to the towering stand up bass. To the left, taps Johny on his congas, whose shirtless overalls and flaming red beard do little to hide his Bahamian charm and rhythm. Seated discreetly at the dark corner of the stage sits metal laden Suavo behind his full drum kit, whose powerful beats and intimidating gaze earn him a deserved notice amidst the crowd.

Cutthroat took to raiding pubs throughout the counties. One by one, audiences would fall to the lively beats of this unknown band. Armed with songs such as "Drunken Pirate" from their 2006 self titled album and "Hell's Shovel" from 2007 "The Wake" and "Fly Away" from their newest release in 2009 "Blood Rust Whiskey". Their legend grew, so did their audiences. Now more determined than ever, Cutthroat Shamrock expanded their geographical empire, playing shows all across the southeast. They soon moved west and it was not long before their name, and their sounds, were heard in pubs as far as Texas, California, Montana, Colorado, ect...... The band has also had the privilege of playing with some main stage acts such as The Avett Bros., Street Dogs, Carbon Leaf, The Grascals, Johnny Lives, Albannach, Enter the Haggis, The Presidents of the United States of America, and many more!!!!!


Cutthroat Shamrock EP 2003
Beer Soaked and Live 2004
St. Patty's Day Live 2006
The Wake 2007 ""

"Blood Rust Whiskey"

"Dark Luck" vinyl

Set List

Last Cigarette
Steady Rain
S.S. Sorrows
Tuesday Afternoon
Deep Black Hole
Rich Insteada Pretty
The Storm
Miles of Drinking
Hell's Shovel
New World
Taken Hand
Coal Car
Flesh and Blood
High Noon
Cold Water
Devils Tail
7 Days
Dry Bones
Drunk in the Gutter
Dirty Kellys Jig
The Wagon
Been down this road
Pub no more
Friend or foe
Fire on the breath
The new october song
Long gravel road
Train in Scotland
The Drunks come stumbleing home
Dead before the Dawn
Poison the Well
Bury Me
The Banshee
Black velvet band
Drunken Pirate
Sally MacLennane
South Australia
Wild rover
Dirty old town
A Pair of brown eyes
Rowdy Soul
Irish Drinking Song
Finnegan's Wake
Hoist the rag
Tom Dooley
Folsom Prison