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Cuudy Broun - Pretty chill rhyme sayer overall cool player players ball award recipient years running Society of Excellence member [S.o.E]


Dontay Parrish (born December 02, 1985) more so known by stage name Cuudy Broun a.k.a. Papi Culo, is an American hip hop musician from Williamston, N.C., currently residing in Riverdale,GA. The name Cuudy Broun is derives from an old nick-name given to him as his raps were likened to being country.

Cuudy Broun arrived on the musical scene at the age of 15. While in the 10th grade, he moved to Atlanta, GA and lived with his aunt. While there he began to listen to a lot of Atlanta based musical artists such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, T.I., Bone Crusher, Pastor Troy, along with many more influential artists. However, Cuudy Broun developed the most inspiration as well as his wordplay from Keith Murray.

Cuudy Broun has previously released 9 projects, including I Make Noise, No Relation To Charlie, Induced Thoughts, Laid Trill Hop, Cuudymileonz with Kamileon, Carolina Excellence, Excellence Is Everything with S.o.E, The Transit and A Soufside Story with Reek Manikan all hosted by Dj On It.

Cuudy Broun is currently working on his 10th and 11th projects entitled “Carolina Excellence 2” and "The Transit B-side". Cuudy Broun records all his music at Black Room Studios in Atlanta, GA with mixing engineer by the name of “Ghostman” aka Dj On It. The origin of Cuudy Broun’s music strives to get back to the real essence of what is organic and meaningful in the music industry.

Cuudy Broun hopes to one day crossover and become a mainstream artist so that he can venture out and do other things. His main focus is to stay relevant in the music industry by performing as often as possible and by dropping excellent projects. He has also formed a crew called S.o.E., which is an acronym for Society of Excellence, featuring Cuudy Broun, Reek Manikan Tron Smith and Ghostman. Cuudy is currently finishing up his 9th project titled "Pimp Thight".


G.B.T.G.T ft. Uncle Charlie prod. by Afta 1

Written By: Cuudy Broun


Rick James ft. Ghostman x T.Smith prod. by Afta 1

Written By: Cuudy Broun Ghostman T.Smith


No Change ft. T.Smith prod. by Afta 1

Written By: Cuudy Broun T.Smith



I Make Noise (Various Artist) 01/05/2012

No Relation To Charlie 01/05/2012

Induced Thoughts 08/06/2012

Cuudymileonz (with Kamileon) 09/04/2012

Laid Trill hop 10/11/2012

Carolina Excellence 11/09/2012

Excellence Is Everything (S.o.E) 03/02/2013

The Transit 04/08/2013

A Soufside Story (with Reek Manikan) 05/27/2013