Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Cuzo, a trio basically formed by Jaime L. Pantaleon (12twelve, Atleta or Lords of Bukkake) and Pep Caravante (Warchetype), is like talking about Rock, Psychedelic, energy, progressiveness, cinematic landscapes and riffs that catch you from the first second ... Instrumental music that expands your mind and transports to other worlds.

The band has recently collaborated with Damo Suzuki (former member of the legendary German Krautrock formation, CAN), following a successful joint tour last year


Cuzo explores contemporary psychedelia from a standpoint of psych rock and heavy rock today (this is Voivod, Mammatus, Zombie, Baroness and Pelican). The psychedelic side of their music is made up on 7 new songs under the album title "Otros Mundos", also completely instrumental as their first release and linked in sequence to form an ordered whole. Non-thinking music while more well-developed for restless ears.

With a cinematic touch developmental (perfect for any horror movie with a 70's mood) and living between prog and psych, it serves as the perfect soundtrack for a postnuclear long journey. It is no coincidence that the band has been supported by the SITGES International Film Festival to create the music of one of their first video clips, "Red Flush / Escalera Roja".

The result of their work combines their love of cosmic landscapes in terms of synthetic sound with an ode to the classical and 'heavy' sound from other classic bands. The forms of composition and natural improvisation, with riffs that make you lift from the seat or stop talking as soon as you hear them, are interpreted from a classical view of the sound that remind us to the ghost of Jimmy Hendrix hangging over our heads.


"Amor y Muerte en la Tercera Fase" (2008, Alone Records)
"Otros Mundos" (2010, Alone Records)
"Puedo Ver Tu Mente" w/ Damo Suzuki (2011, Alone Records)