Self contained grown and sexy r&b singer songwriter and producer trapped in this time line looking for a deal.


Artist Profile

Singer, songwriter, and producer are just a few of the titles Claude Vera holds concerning his solo effort as a recording artist. Hailing from the Future, home to funk and R&B legends like the Ohio Players, Zapp featuring Roger Troutman, Lakeside, Heatwave, Slave, and Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame Vera is continuing the legacy with a sense of dedicated urgency. With great big ol’ funky shoes like that to try to fill it’s easy to see why he’s taken such great care in the crafting of his songs and the production. It’s truly a man sized effort and yeoman’s work on this labor of love.

While Currently located in Queens, NY, with varied influences ranging from Prince to U2, CV’s spin on lyric, and melodic content includes an eclectic blend of Funk, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop influenced grooves. The combination of these styles is what helps to set him apart from the plethora of artists writing and recording in today’s highly competitive artistic arena.

When Listening to the dope tracks included in the package you are about to listen to it’s easy for anyone to get the sense of where this young old school artist is ready to go. The song entitled “Trick Bag” is the story of a young woman who gives in to a self fulfilling prophecy laid on her by her boyfriends parents, and loses her child to an abortion she that she later regrets. It’s a painful lesson of how we trick our selves out of what we truly want in life and create the very thing we are trying to avoid. With the naked truth of soulful and sexy R&B ballads such as “Strip” the smooth and sultry vocals CV delivers are panty droppin’ stop-what-you-doing-hot. While up tempo jump-off’s such as tracks like “The Top” will make you want to get up and “take it to the dance floor” it’s the story telling of a song like “Soap Opera Loverz” that really give away his true musical talent and way above average songwriting skills.

Whether it be making beats using reason and Cubase on his I-Mac, G-4 or sampling loops on the ancient but capable ASR-10 it would seem that this clever artist is not afraid of paying homage to the great richness of our funky R&B past while staying focused on the right now. The one mantra that guides all of his songwriting efforts is “The Song is KING “. With appearances at clubs in New York such as Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar his love for live performance is truly a welcome change to the tracks that most artists perform to today. Soon the game will come back to artists performing live with a band and that is where you will see the separation between CV and what most artists are now forced to do.

NOW…What are You waiting for?? Stop fronting and play the MP3's man!


Ice Grill

Written By: Claude Vera

Ice Grill
c. 2007
Claude Vera

Verse 1:
I saw U standing there twirling your hair with that sexy look on your face and...
I couldn't hold my tongue 'cause I knew U were the 1 so if U please can I get a taste?

Don't U Ice Grill me
When we could be chilling and then
we can get out of here and go straight on a mission of love no conditions but please
Don't Ice Grill Me 2nite

Verse 2:
I'll follow where U go so everybody knows I'm riding shotgun in your Rolls Royce
And when I get you home, we can blaze it up U know and do it like we was on the dance floor
Theres no finer place 2 B than with U 2nite
U don't believe me but it's true
I need U alright?


Verse 3:
Let me overload your hard drive and all your love circuitry like a iPod
Let me play all your files doing it with style listening to the rhythm of your heart's song
I'm right where I want 2 B
Can't U C the light shining from U 2 me oh so bright?
Don't fight it


Bull In A China Shop

Written By: Claude Vera

Bull in a china shop
c. 2007
Claude Vera

Verse 1:

Yes it’s time 4 a dose of str8 reality
I want 2 show u all of what’s inside of me
Candy chocolate swirlz delicious try a piece
I’ll b the sweetest lover ever


Let the rain come down upon u
All day and all night I want 2


Just like a bull in a china shop I want 2 wreck u (4X’s)

Verse 2:

I would love 2 take the time 2 b alone
Disconnect and lose both our cell phones
Let nature take its course
grown and sexy
I cant wait 4 u 2 undress me

Uhnh chka-aahunh


Verse 3:

Take a chance and come and see the world with me
We can take a cruise and end up in Belize
Electro-maticaly I’m so drawn 2 u
I can’t escape gravity no matter what I do


Like the moon causes the tides to rise and fall
I’m synchronized 2 u
Can’t break away or move
Until it’s time 2

Lil' Piece of Heaven

Written By: Claude Vera

Lil' Piece of Heaven
c. 2007 Claude Vera

Verse 1:

Your thoughts are my thoughts We speak as one
Deep inner passion Love never done
Flows like a waterfall shoots just like a gun
No bulletproof vest I can’t even run


You’re my little piece of heaven
No I’ll never treat you less than
my only little piece of heaven
I know you’re the one for me

Verse 2:
Your secret fantasy not left undone
I always knew where to touch you for fun and get your eye’s to roll in the back of your dome
Hips moving so fast the sheets begin to smoke


You’re my little piece of heaven
No I’ll never treat you less than
my only little piece of heaven
I know you’re the one for me

Turn around:
If I could wish for 1 thing
I’d wish for you!

Verse 3:
Look at what you started now
There’s no way that we can leave
You know we have to follow through on this love
And when the sun is going down
It’s only you I want to be around
I need you like flowers need water to grow


Written By: Claude Vera

c. Claude Vera 2007

Verse 1.

I think I’m gonna have a melt-down
I’m feeling really postal right now
I’m sick of seeing you around
Your lies will get U 6 feet undagraound
And I’m thinking of putting U there
I’ll B your Karma it would only B fair
U crossed the line U tore your draws with me
It can’t be fixed ‘Cause you’re a…

That used 2 B a friend 2 me
Now U ain’t NOTHIN’!!

Verse 2
U put me harms way on purpose
2 B a clown in your circus
But your plots and plans ain’t working
Now you’re all alone and hurting
It’s only right for U 2 feel this way
U better watch the words that come 2 your lips 2 say
If not I'm gonna smack ‘em all back up in your dome
And have U crying NO NO NO NO!

Hook 2 x’s

Verse 3
I’d like to treat U like some road kill
That found it’s way up unda my wheels
So U know just how it feels
2 have apart of U die 4 really real
But I thought about U 2 long
And I’m mad u got your own song
4 doing me so wrong
It’s just not right ‘cause your’re a…



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