Christ Vs Krishna

Christ Vs Krishna

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Canadian New Wave and Brit Pop, nostalgia on stage.


Over the years, Toronto pop-rock outfit Christ vs Krishna (CvK) have remained loyal to their identity, crafting vintage Brit Pop and New Wave flavoured tracks. Pank Bagga front man of CvK, is influenced along a 30-year trans-Atlantic continuum: from the hard-driving early 70s punk of The Ramones, to 80s Brit Poppers such as The Cure and the Smiths, and the dance-floor rocking sounds of Prince & Michael Jackson; from the Pixies and others synonymous with the early 90s heyday of alternative and college rock.

With college radio play across Canada and the United States, and regular tours alongside hometown shows in Toronto, CvK bring an aesthetic to their performance drawn from the days before the internet.

For many years founding member and Canadian hipster, Pank Bagga has performed at essentially every Toronto rock venue, includingThe El Mocambo, Lee's Palace, The Cameron House and the Reverb. Pank has also opened for Sam Roberts and shared a stage with Bedouin Soundclash.

In 2013, Christ vs Krishna are continuing to enjoy their penchants for touring, writing and continuing their journey across the landscape of the North American music scene.


Diamonds Die

Written By: Christ vs Krishna

Diamonds Die

Would you ever make my brotherhood?
Did you ever fake I understood?
Maybe unwilling for reasons
Why’d you runaway and then come back?

For diamonds die you would, a little that you should
You forgot something (x2)

Would you ever shine in Hollywood?
Will forever change your karma?
Maybe you’re too ripe for the season
I think I’ll take my diamond back

For diamonds die you would, a penny’s shine you never could…

Sunny day’s ahead try we should then we win
Im the lightening on the seas on the walls and peer inside your heart,
Strong we go by default, than we wake in time unchained for good

Would you ever make my brotherhood?
Did you ever steal my diamond should?
Maybe unwilling for reasons
Did you make your way and then turn back?

For diamonds, die you would, a little that you should
We forgot something
Never see the streets you walk –
But I can see your sun see your sun see your sun


Written By: Christ vs Krishna


I was faking happiness
Pictures of the sadness
Together celebrating a temporary madness

Im a puppet living in fantasy
And forever dripping into the see
Oh but I don’t sink as your shackles come out

Im forsaken wishing I have to be,
I’ve been thinking that you’re making the sadness worse
But there’s something about you

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, she said, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And I can’t be sure that I want something more... wow
Yeah y y y y, she said y y y y y
But I can’t be sure that I want something more

Well there’s something…
Hope there’s something
I hope there’s something
I hope there’s something
I hope there’s something
I hope there’s something
I hope there’s something in…I thought there’s something in…

I live in a temporary happiness you live a contemporary sadness
Together we were lonely I been so, wowows

You say that I can’t be running on your grass
I stray cause I’ve been living in the upper circus of your life
Making dreams wowowowow

And im living an lalalaladedoh
And im saying that you can’t be sure
Wowoo wow woo


Everyday a little play won’t have it any other way.



Christ Vs Krishna (EP, 2009)
Sidewalk Astronomy (LP, 2011)
Move and Scale (EP, 2013)

Set List

1. SubCrack Waves
2. Runaway Sun
3. Coming Up
4. Wonderlust
5. Teezer
6. Kill Zombies
7. Fall Apart
8. Hollywood Torpedo
9. Something