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Hot New Sound from 3 distinctly unique voices. Our music is fun, our show is entertaining and we have no problem making the crowd rock.


C-Wealth Clik…Bringing You a Whole New Flava A unique blend of musical styles from the mid-west and west coast converge into one dynamic group…C-Wealth Clik. Hailing from Cincinnati, Chicago and Costa Mesa, Flare, Purty PIMP and Jenn K tie their individual musical creativity into one eclectic mixture of Hip-Hop and R&B. Their vibe is cool, fun and laidback without being too pop. The “C” represents the common first letter of their respective hometowns and “Wealth” is their destiny. For this group wealth is far beyond being rich; it’s about amassing riches to be passed on through generations. C-Wealth not only strives for financial longevity, but musical longevity as well. Individually the members hold their own as artists, but when you combine all their talents together magic happens. Flare (aka Kaz Curry) born and raised in Cincinnati and now residing in Los Angeles brings a lot of his city’s flava to the group. Starting out as a DJ at house parties in high school and college, music has always been in his blood. After saving up enough money to buy his first keyboard, he began making beats for many local artists throughout Ohio as a way to get his name out there. During that time Flare’s brother introduced him to Purty PIMP (aka B. Hutch) and they began recording together in the basement back in the late 90’s for fun. As a youngster everyone knew Purty PIMP had something special as an entertainer. Purty used music as his release and as he says, “the best way to stay out of trouble.” You could open you window at anytime in the neighborhood and hear Purty practicing his freestyles and battling the other kids. Growing up in Chicago gave Purty a swagger and uniqueness that helped to develop his craft. Now in Cincinnati, Purty continued to expand as an artist by constantly performing as a rap and dance act in as many talent shows as possible. Purty is featured on many local mix tapes and has recorded as a featured artist with several groups throughout Southwest OH. Working with Flare, the two of them united with several other friends in the area to form the FPA and the group released an album, achieving some local success in Cincinnati. Always with his mind on the future, after graduation from The Ohio State University, Flare immediately moved to LA to perfect his craft and learn the technical side of music production at UCLA. After honing his skills Flare worked as an engineer and producer for Paragon Studios. With Purty PIMP now relocated to Los Angeles a chance meeting in the studio brought C-Wealth Clik their third member, Jenn K. Orange County-born and raised Jenn K (aka Jenn Kuang) is of Guamanian and Vietnamese decent and was destined to be a performer. Her parents made performing inevitable, as she began doing ballet at the age of four and taking piano lessons at the age of seven. Education was always at the forefront of her goals with music playing an integral part of her life. In high school she continued to hone her performance skills by taking dance classes at a local dance studio where she studied hip-hop and jazz. In 1999 she enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara and later joined the Gospel choir, as well as danced and choreographed for various groups. Flare also noticed Jenn K’s talents. “I was working on Jenn K’s demo and I was like she can sing, but her track was whack,” laughs Flare. “I knew I could do better than that. We started vibing on some tracks and then we all started doing songs together,” adds Flare. Collectively they decided to form a new group with a new sound and 2006 saw the formation of C-Wealth Clik; a solid and cohesive unit with Flare, Purty PIMP and Jenn K firmly in place. Being fed up with their initial independent deal, Flare decided to start his own label, One Oh One Entertainment, to ensure that their project be what they wanted and be delivered on their terms. “Our destiny is in our hands,” says Flare. “The way music is so trendy right now there isn’t a lot out there that will have longevity. We are bringing a new sound with a little bit of everything. Something that will put our Midwest and Southern-flavored stamp on the industry,” adds Flare. After attending Urban Network’s Marketing and Entertainment Summit, C-Wealth Clik was even more determined to put Ohio on the map. With contacts made at Urban, a 9 month plan turned into a 3 month plan, facilitating the release of Chili & Cheese Vol. 1 in the fall of 2007. The first single, “Swagg” with its infectious hook is already making noise at college radio and on mix shows nationally. Chili and Cheese Vol. 1 is a laid back smoothed out story driven lyrical rhapsody filled with real production and instrumentation. Every hip-hop music palate will be satisfied. Vol. 1 has radio friendly bangers, smoothed out head bobbers and great hooks. Their stage shows are theatrical and have more substance than your run-of-the-mill 100 member posse deep rap shows. Chili and Cheese Vol.1 is as hot and flavorful as the Cinci


Faded Like a Hollywood Ho

Written By: C-Wealth

Find me sippin like Brittany
Now I'm stumblin like Lindsay
In the back blazin up so much they think it's Whitney...


EP- Ride With Us... The Introduction

Radio airplay and video - Swagg, Heisman, VSOP

Set List

4-10 songs 15-60 minutes