C Whitey Run

C Whitey Run

 Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
BandHip HopComedy

Blending elements of comedy, rap, R&B, and rock, with catchy hooks and hilarious lyrics, C- Whitey has something for everyone. I promise you'll laugh your ass off, and be singing the choruses to yourself hours later..


C Whitey Run brings something you don't see every day. The music starts with hip hop/r&b as a base, but then adds in rock riffs and sing-along choruses. The whole thing is then glued together with hilarious lyrics. In the end, it's the joining of all these different elements that makes the music truly special. Fans of hip hop will enjoy dancing to the beat, pop fans will find themselves singing along, and everyone else will still be laughing their asses off to the lyrics.


5-track demo

Set List

Emo Gangster
Disney Girl
I Wish That I Was Rich
No Rhymes
Small Town Girl
Love Story
Can't Stop Fighting