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The best kept secret in music


"Courtney Williams"

At the age of seven years old, Courtney Williams was playing drums in his church in St. Albans Queens New York. At eleven years old, Courtney recorded his first album playing drums and for the rest of his life he wanted to be a professional musician when eventually would deal with music and the music business. Courtney touring by the time he was thirteen years old, seeing the world six times in a ten year span, playing drums for historical international artist like (rock legend) Marianne Faithfull, (Meringue, House, Rap Group) Projecto Uno, (Reggae family) Morgan Heritage/Denroy Morgan, (R and B) R. Kelly, (Jazz legend) Kenny Garett, (Rap legend) Run D.M.C., and his career, the music industry’s changes allowed him to have his own independent record label “Maewi Records”.
“Storyteller” and “Open Doors”, Courtney’s first two CD’s, made history in 2003 by songs from “Storyteller” appearing in a movie called “Secret Indictment” in November 2003, also by charting a number one song (Hustlers Theme) on DMX music charts giving Mr. Williams a chance to musical direct a cable TV show called Ebonee TV, where he also wrote the show theme music for, also, in 2003 and 2004, Courtney Williams performed for Boubou’s Festival. In the beginning of 2004 Mr. Williams signed his first two artists to Maewi Records named “D.J. Stylus” and “Orian”.
In june of 2004, Courtney Williams opened up (played in the opening of) for “Earth Wind and Fire” in France at Cannes Palm Beach, for the 30th anniversary of Groupe Partouche calling (drawing) attention (of) the rest of the music industry in Europe and the U.S. to this new young independent artist. “This is my time, although I will always be a student of music, this year is definitely the time that explodes Maewi Records and Me as an artist”.
- “Discover” Magazine St. Barthelemy (no. reference 9) 2005

"C-Will album Review on "The Inside Connection" magazine (March 2006 issue)"

Drummer, vocalist, composer, arranger and producer C-Will (a.k.a. Courtney Williams) has a truly impressive musical resume. This multi talented independent artist has toured the world and performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry (including L.L. Cool J., Marianne Faithfull, R. Kelly and Kenny Garrett to name just a few).

On his latest CD release “Frustrated”, C-Will successfully demonstrates his ability to reach both musicians and music lovers of all kinds. Over the course of the cd’s seventeen original compositions (plus the addition of Marianne Faithfull’s “Falling From Grace”), C-Will proves that not only is he a master of several different musical genres (R&B, rock, jazz, hip hop, blues, reggae and jazz fusion) but also a master storyteller with a positive lyrical message.

There are also many exciting moments for both drummers and people who love drums. Whether he’s laying down a serious groove (on tracks such as “A True Hustler”, “Bridges” or “Too Much Talk!!”) or cutting loose with percussive fire (on tracks such as “Show Me Money!!”, “Rip It Out” or “Leave Me Alone”), you’ll find that this CD will very easily get plenty of rotation in your CD player. This is an outstanding recording that would be a welcome addition to any music lover’s CD collection, and another reason to fully support independent music and musicians.

(To purchase this release, the “World On A DVD” release or any of C-Will’s prior releases and to see where C-Will will be performing live in your area, visit www.cwill1.com or www.mrcourtneywilliams.com).

Anthony Richards
- Anthony Richards


I have 4 CD released on the street from Maewi Records, an independent label.
And now C-Will will be featured with the song "My Blues Shoes" from his new album CD "Frustrated" by the famous V.J., D.J. Rave Gomez new radio show called the "Groove Boutique" of CD101.9F.M.
This song will start being played on the 8th of April a Saturday night and will continue to keep being played every Saturday night after on the "Groove Boutique" show from 8pm-12am.
For more info. just email Rave Gomez at
Rave Gomez will also be spinning two songs of C-Will's called "A True Hustler" and "Smooth Vibes" from the "Frustrated" CD at the "CELLAR BAR" a very very high class establishment located at 40 West 40th Street, between 5th and 6th avenue, New York City.
Come dressed to lounge, do a little dancing and a little socialising. Tell Rave Gomez you would like to hear the songs.


Feeling a bit camera shy


My music talks to people about here and now and so do my lyrics... but especially and strictly, my lyrics are made to uplift peoples souls, because when I was doing my new album "Frustrated"... I was basically upset at how cold and humanless man seems to be at the present time... "It always comes down to money and I hate that". I'm influenced by Bootsy Collins and I had the chance to work with Bootsy Collins and Burny Worrell when I played drums for "Color Me Badd", Quincy Jones influences me along with Herbie Hancock, Omar Hakim, Buddy Rich, Kenny Garret, Jeff Tain Whatts, P. Ditty... for his movement, Jimmy Hendrix, Metalica, Def Lepord... for their over all perciverance, Kimberly Berrel, Mint Condition, Living Colour, Marianne Faithfull for her survival in the music business, Rolling Stones and Earth Wind and Fire.
What sets me apart from other groups and bands is the stage... I love to let my band fly and get it all out like the Nevel Brothers do on Stage... My band comes ready with loaded guns and we give to the audience a visual, mental, emotional experience that captures all and leaves them breathless. I dare you to come to any of my shows... and I will prove this...

My story is simple... Here is a touring drummer who has been on tour since he was 12 years old then you mix that with all kinds of diverse performing music artist that I played with from Rock to metal to Reggae, Latino, Classical and Jazz... then comes along the writing music ability in me... and how all of my experience touring made a solid performing artist who just loves to get into the minds of an audience... I never had it easy taking my drums around New York City not making a lot of money, but now things are different and I'm a lot more strict about music in General because you have to be in the business part... Check out the clip and info on me ...

C-Will Celebrates CD "Frustrated" song "My Blues Shoes" airing on major radio station CD101.9FM Starting April the 8th, Saturday nights on "Rave Gomez" show called the "Groove Boutique".
Celebration party will be held at "Cellar Bar" in New York City inside the Bryant Park Hotel located at 40 west 40th street new york city from 6pm until
also "Rave Gomez" every Wednesday will be spinning 2 songs from C-Will's CD "Frustrated" called " A True Hustler" and "Smooth Vibes"
more info at www.cwill1.com

Performing at "The Bitter End"
New York City 25th of April
Location is in the west village
Bleecker Street and will give more info. soon
or for the address, google "The Bitter End" New York City.