Charlyhorse Featuring Chuck Johnson, Tom Kuhn,  Dale Meyer & James Brock

Charlyhorse Featuring Chuck Johnson, Tom Kuhn, Dale Meyer & James Brock

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The Charlyhorse's music is pure Americana — a touch of country, a touch of the blues, a little folk, rock, and bluegrass, combined with a high energy, audience-connecting stage performance both engaging and memorable, leaving the crowd talking long after the show is over.


Charlyhorse is what Americana always strived to be. A group of outstanding musicians & modern day troubedours who weave tales of small southern town and the roads traveled. Vivid stories in sound, populated by trailer-park queens, hellfire preachers, shuttered cotton mills and down-home philosophers, the music of Charlyhorse is firmly anchored in the American roots tradition.
Influences from rock, country, bluegrass, R&B and soul gives each tune its own unique feel.
Onstage, the upshot is compelling, soulful performances — spirited rockers paced with wistful ballads of lost love, life and death. Chuck’s presentation, salted with wry humor, and band comraderie invites the audience into the act
Charlyhorse : American made.

Charlyhorse is:
Chuck Johnson : head troubadour, lead vocalist, guitarist.
Tom Kuhn: vocals, bass, mandolin
Dale Meyer: guitars, mandolin,
James Brock: drums, percussion


Cotton ain't King Released 2011
Snake Box on the Altar released Nov 2013

Set List

Full Band Set List
Moores road
Luck rain on me
Cotton---capo 2nd
There’s a rain coming
Tuscaloosa (Acoustic)
I ain’t mad at you anymore baby
Snake box
Preacher man