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Cuz we Kin also known as CWK keep it something like a pimp, and something like a gangsta entering the ranks of the urban entertainment industry. CWK originated 3 years ago from the hard streets of “Cash Moore” an urban area out of Louisville, Kentucky. The blend of the group artists Suave and C Wright present the music sensation of “a southern gangsta with a touch of playa swing.” These two brothers were influenced by family members with various musical talents that did not pursue their given gifts. This inspired CWK to move forth in the efforts to become a career bound music group.

CWK has the capability of enduring the pressures of the stressful music industry. The music group has performed in numerous concerts and shows, which contributed to their success in keeping the audience energetic and involved. CWK has encountered large diverse crowds performing with artist from Chico Debarge to Juvenile. This enabled the two brothers to enhance their ability to cater to various music markets. Due to their close proximity to the Midwestern area they feature elements that appeal to all regions of the country. The production is grooved based with a combination of down south twang mixed with east coast metaphors.

Currently the single “OH MY”, displays a typical night out with CWK. The second single released off their debut album is titled “Ride for You”; which illustrates the love and loyalty between a man and a woman. The laid back vocals sung by Qyiet Cat artist Alicia of Mok’sha sets the mood for the harmonious production.

The main focus of CWK is “to represent all the reals”. Their lyrics are inspired by everyday life issues that people encounter. Therefore, it is significant in their songs to project what people can relate too. They have two different elements to offer as a group. Marcus Wright known as Suave is the suaved out pimp, he glides through his words leaving you laid back and full of ease. Then there is Corey Wright also known as C Wright who can be identified as the pimpin’ gangsta. The brothers Suave and C Wright came together in the attempt to take over hip-hop. CWK stands confident in their words, “Pursue it, you just might make it”.


CWK - "CUZ WE KIN" 1/14

Set List

1. Intro (Big Dog)
2. What You Want?
3. Blown
4. Something Like A Pimp
5. Vitamin "P"
6. Oh My (For the Ladies)
7. Dirty Work!
8. What Cha Say There Girl?
9. Money Mayne
10. Hustler
11. Born
12. Southside Ballin'
13. Ride For Ya
14. Player Haters
15. On N Off The Court
16. Lord Knows
17. Hater's Corner
18. Comin' to Get You!
19. Something to Ride 2