CWQ are twisted, urban junkyard folk, Melbourne style. The instrumentation can change from song to song, this is not the kind of show where you here the same thing for whole set. Its like different rooms inn a big old house. With an explosive live show, its all about having a bloody good time.


"Just like their shows, pleasing contradictions abound. Slick and smooth one song, rough and jagged the next. The tunes range from the jaunty and folksy to the melancholic, personal and political." Lily Bragge Melbourne Age

Original Australian music with roots in the deep south east of Melbourne, that leans on roots/folk and up against the blues. CWQ draw on a varied palette of instruments and influences to create a rollicking style that is very much their own twisted and dusted up soundscape. The entire instrumentation can sometimes change from song to song and that means the soundscape changes, it's not the kind of show where you hear the same thing for an hour. There's an organic flow to CWQ that bridges gaps between styles, people and parties; it's kinda like the changes are necessary to express what's going on in the all the different rooms of a big old house. First emerging as winners of the PBS Festival of Song, songwriter's competition 2004, CWQ pride themselves on their versatile show with an original sound and energy that draws deeply on roots and old world influences. A variety of high energy, memorable live performances across Melbourne is steadily garnering CWQ a reputation as 'the band that put on a bloody good show, and have a have a bloody good time while they're at it'.

And the winners are:
Chris Winterton - Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Piano Accordion, Brazilian Banjo
Matthew Borg - Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Luke Winterton - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Michael Marinucci - Bass
Andy Reed - Drums

Plenty of surprises, constant instrument changes, and each member's unique skill creates an infectious sense of fun that comes together in an original, stompin', and very much theatrical stage presence perfect to get any crowd on their feet and having a good time. In 2005, CWQ spent five weeks in the studio recording the album - Old Trees & New Branches - a completely independent and self funded project resulting in an album that captures the spirit of the band's live show. The album was launched to a full house at Manchester Lane and has received much critical praise and featured on community radio stations nationally as well as airplay on Triple J's 'Roots'n all' Program and on Triple M's' the local' program. The band philosophy is simply to make every live show the best it can be (even if it means swapping instruments every song) and in this way build a solid foundation of support based on playing damn good shows and making sure every one's having a real musical experience both on and off the stage.

CWQ will released their new EP 'Get in Line' in June and will be playing a string of shows including the National Celtic Festival. The recording takes a rockin' bent on the roots with a raw powerful sound and also features two tracks recorded live at Manchester Lane.

CWQ spent NYE playing at Pyramid Rock Festival followed by a string of shows up the East Coast in early 2006 before heading back to Melbourne for a series of shows followed by an appearance at the Williamstown Music Festival. And, despite an aparrent lack of talent when it come to ball sports, their music received national exposure as the soundtrack to the Western Bulldogs 2006 Membership Campaign which aired across the country Feb - April 2006. C.W.Q can be seen playing gigs and doing residencies at the usual dark, smoky recesses of Melbourne's live venues and are currentley mixing and mastering a live album.
You can check them out out and have a listen at

PBS FM Song writers of the Year 2004.
Winners of the prestigious PBS FM Festival of song based on song writing and live performance.

Independent recording and release of full length Album.
Release in 2005 and garnering critical praise from publications such as The Melbourne Age and Music related press. Feature album on John Carver's Morning Show on PBS. National Airplay on Triple J' Roots'n'all program, Triple M, PBS, Triple R and nation wide community radio stations.

East Coast Tour 2006.
CWQ embarked on a successful tour through northern NSW and QLD with a focus on shows
in the Brisbane area.

National Television exposure
The track, 'That's all i know' gained exposure nation wide as the official sound track to the Western Bulldogs 2006 National Membership Campaign. Aired during primetime across channels Nine, Ten and Seven. 'Word Rustlin' video clip was aired nationally on ABC's Rage.

National Celtic Festival 2007
Pyramid Rock Festival NYE 2005 and 2006 Sold out 12,000 capacity at Phillip Island, Melbourne.
Cwq performed both stage shows and roving street performances amongst the crowds.
Swampbuck Roots Festival 2005 Cornish Arms, Melbourne
Williamstown Music Festival 2006 Williamstown, Melbourne
Monbulk Jazz and Blues Festival 2005 Dandenong Ranges Melbourne
PBS Festival of Song 2004 Judged overall best performers/songwriters
Acoustica 2004 Palace, St Kilda

C.W.Q can be seen playing


Come on in

Written By: Chris Winterton

I'm in it up to my neck
Water’s lapping my chin
Should’ve plunged in the deep end
Rather than ease on in
Now I don’t know what to do
Air and options are thin
Pretty soon they’re gonna run out
And the tide is gonna come on in
So come on in
Lucky we left early
Lucky we left at all
Does luck have nothing to do
with where you fall?
So if you rise or if you fall
Or if you lose or if you win
Choice might make no difference
So why don't you come on in?
Come on in
In this way you'll lose yourself
Right this way you'll find yourself
Right this way you'll loose yourself
So come in
Karma belongs to the unlucky masses
Reason from random is no place to begin
Fortune will favor those who have passions
Embrace it if you come on in
So come on in
Come on in, come on in
In this way you'll lose yourself
Right this way you'll loose yourself
In this way you'll lose yourself
So come in

Word Rustlin'

Written By: Chris Winterton

Words turn to ants,
and they march single file right off the page
Words turn to ants,
and they march single file right off the page
And they watch me from the walls and they wait till the sum is greater than the whole

They scream loud
They can’t hear
I can’t speak
When they’re near
I don’t think about them
or they'll know I’m here
Don’t want them to know I’m here at all

So it’s a war,
a war on words that turn to ants
and hide in holes and can’t be found
Let’s start a war, a war on words that turn to ants and hide in holes and can’t be found
So scratch your eyes out to be safe, cut off your ears or you could just watch a current affair,
they’ll never get you there. watch a current affair,
they’ll never get you there

So words that turn to ants
are everywhere and in everything
Yeah words that turn to ants are in your house and in your streets and in your garden
They’re everything you ever heard, ever saw, Even nothing is a word.

The Hand that Fed the World

Written By: Chris Winterton

from birth he
was weened on
black crude in a baby bottle

little monster
on the playground
with a pale and a siclky palour

with a mind, that would battle, with the yearning for the bottle, but the bottle always wins because his heart is made of metal.

life goes on
older, rounder and somewhat balder

Every morning
he climbs into
his mechanical suit of armour .

and it’s round, in the middle, and the legs are thin and clunks his way to work each day in his suit made of tin
before dawn because the sun would hurt his eyes and burn his skin

different enough
to encite, just the right
amount of fear in those around him

Tired legs found a seat of power as they all tried to feed his growing addiction

and soon he was the hand that fed the world
And he screamed bring me more
Bring me more

im sorry to report good sir,
we’re running out of oil
and it seems we’ll have to learn
to scratch a living from the soil
i’ve stared straight down the barrel
and the fear made me recoil
of course we saw it coming
but we thought your blood might boil
if we told you that your sweet black dreams
are soon enough to spoil
of a modern world addicted, polluted and inflicted
i submit to you the simlpe fact we’re running out of oil.

the music
has faded
and all the roads are quiet

in darkness
they waited
and soon they’ll start a riot

Everybody dig deep, everybody suck it dry. i refuse to see the day we loose on this side of the day i die

all my life
i loved you
and you just cough in my face

now i’m dieing
and you want me
to help win your silly little human race

mother nature you’re a bitch
i really hate ya, but i’m just too weak to move.

vac sealed and pre packed all the shelves are well stacked with slick condradiction

born and bred, free range and force fed he was and open wound a sterile addiction

and soon he was the hand that killed the world
and he screamed bring me more bring me more


Old Tree & New Branches. (2005)
Get In Line EP (2007)

Set List

Set list would be made up of our extensive catalogue of original material. Captivating and intriguing, its set where six sharpley dressed guys make their way through material ranging from old world blues and jazz, to roots and rock with an array of various intruments. It's a tight polished performance that has very crafted over several years of constant gigging in the Melbourne live scene.

Although the set onsists predominently of original material the lads have been known to throw in the occasional Tom Waits or Dylan cover and the odd traditionlal here and there too.