CX-1 presents Progressive Roots Fusion music. Discovering combinations of World Beat, Reggae, Rock-N-Roll and Americana, CX-1's textural compositions and three-part harmony continue to expand musical boundaries. CX-1 contains former members of ACOUSTIC SYNDICATE and the SNAKE OIL MEDICINE SHOW.



CX-1 Is One Of The Best Examples Of Modern Fusion Music. As a Progressive Roots Power Quartet, the dynamic between Jay Sanders, Andy Pond, George Pond and Billy Seawell is an equal union. Spreading the music and message of universal harmony, these four travelers have been at the epicenter of Western North Carolina's progressive acoustic movement.

Discovering combinations of World Beat, Reggae, Rock-N-Roll and Americana, CX-1's textural compositions and three-part harmony continue to expand musical boundaries.

As a bassist and composer, Jay Sanders was an underlying inflluence in ACOUSTIC SYNDICATE. He helped propel their ten-year career through six award winning albums, including two for roots label Sugar Hill.

For ten years, The Pond Brothers, George and Andy, plus Billy Seawell have been the pulsating rhythm and creative vision behind the bluegrasstafarI music of The SNAKE OIL MEDICINE SHOW.

All four musicians approach the project focused on positivity and quality-crafted musicianship. CX-1's Explorations of acoustic electronica will take you on a journey through vast soundscapes and musical adventures.


CX-1 is a very dynamic and versatile band, capable of performing in any setting from school auditoriums to large rock festivals. While their typical show is plugged in and fully electric, with all of the accessories of a large rock band, they also enjoy utilizing their acoustic abilities by performing around a single, large-diaphragm microphone. This type of versatility comes from their collective 50 years of experience.

When you book CX-1, you can specify if you have a desired incarnation. Their default will be the full-scale club setup, with the ability to adapt as the need and situation dictate.

Just because they use the electric element in their performances does not mean that they necessarily have to be loud. Although they carry gear capable of dynamically matching the best of the best, CX-1 is very aware of their surroundings. They will only use the volume and intensity dictated by the environment. This is accented by the fact that they travel with a fully enclosed in-ear monitoring system that allows the band to fully hear each other, while maintaining a tight control over stage volume and quality of tone.


CX-1's current set is like an exploration of modern American and World music. They will take you from one end of the spectrum to the other while attempting to draw similarities in the styles - thus the term Progressive Roots Fusion. It is not uncommon for them to relate Bluegrass with Reggae, Folk with Electronica, or Jigs and Reels with Rock-N-Roll. It is the idea of the interconnectivity of all forms of music that drives the creative spirit of the band.

CX-1 offers a message of communion and positivity in their music. Almost all of their songs are written to share the common idea of unity among all of humanity. The band strives to realize this concept in all of their relationships and activities. Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of others, whether it is large or small, and through this cooperation, transcend anger and alleviate the suffering of the world.

CX-1 is currently working towards recording their debut album for the eco-conscious label Tree Leaf Records. Their current set consists of many of the songs and tunes that will be included in this recording.


Richmond VA- Andy Pond, banjoist extraordinaire for CX-1, has been selected to participate in the Carnegie Hall Professional Training Workshop sponsored by Edgar Meyer. Entitled The Porous Borders Of Music, Andy will be in New York from May 14-21 for this event. Additional instructors include Bela Fleck and Mike Marshall.

In a recent interview Andy sat down to discuss The Porous Borders of Music Workshop and his participation.

How did you find out about The Porous Borders of Music workshop? Who suggested you apply? Well, Jonica, my wife, actually saw the announcement for applicants on Bela Fleck's website. She mentioned it to me, and I was immediately interested. I have always thought that the Banjo was really a baroque instrument.

What was the application like? You mentioned you had to send in an essay and music?
It was not as bad as a college application, but more in depth than applying sunscreen! No really, I had to write a one-page bio and then write why the workshop was important to me. They required two audition pieces one needed to be a traditional or a classical piece. The other could be an original. I chose a recording I made with Jeremy Saunders(sax) and Larry Keel experience of Black Mountain Rag, which is a fast Bluegrass number. The other one was My Tu


Snake Oil Medicine Show – Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil Medicine Show - Is, Was, Be

Snake Oil Medicine Show – High Speed Highway Parade
Acoustic Syndicate – Tributaries
HeadFace – HeadFace
George Pond - Bass

Acoustic Syndicate – Crazy Little Life
AVAS – The Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond – Banjo
Let Some Sun Shine Through – The songs of Matt Rue played by an all-star cast of Western North Carolina Musicians. Issued on Grewv Music

Jeremy Saunders – Schoolboy
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond - Banjo
Abbott Vaughn Meader and the Blue Bunny Express – Rise In Love
Jay Sanders - Bass
Cort Armstrong and Blue Rooster – My Heart Is Fixed
Jay Sanders - Bass
AVAS – Live Vol. 1
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond - Banjo

Acoustic Syndicate – Live From The Neighborhood
Snake Oil Medicine Show – The Love Album

Acoustic Syndicate – Terra Firma

Snake Oil Medicine Show - BluegrassTafarI
Snake Oil Medicine Show – We Make It Nice
Acoustic Syndicate – Long Way Round
Wiseapple – Wisepple
Jay Sanders – Producer
Snake Oil Medicine Show – Rick & Rocky Film Soundtrack
The Overtakers – ‘Pon Scenic Isle
Feturing Andy Pond, George Pond and Billy Seawell

Andy Pond – Andy Pond and the Cygnus X-1 Blackhole Bluegrass Boyz
Aaron Burdett – The Weight of Words
Jay Sanders – Bass : Andy Pond – Banjo
George Pond – mcE=MC squared

Set List


Typical Set:

# Songs total:


# Sets:


# Originals:


# Covers (if any):

Occasional Reggae or other inspiration

# Favorite Encore Song:

Is It True

What songs get the best LIVE response?

Reggae & Fast

What LIVE song sounds the most like the recorded version?

Creek Come Rising

What is your favorite original song and why?

* Tell Me So because of the three part harmony
* All I Got when the old rocksteady groove locks in
* Really Reel because it was co-written by Jay and George and it rocks.

What are some of the typical covers you do (Song/Artist)?

Rudie's Medley featuring:

* Stop Them by Hazel and the Jolly Boys
* Message To You Rudy by Dandy Livingstone
* What Can I Do by The Tartans

What is your favorite cover song (Song/Artist) and why?

Our favorite cover is “Set ‘Pon De Corner” (