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Cy's ability to make tracks, write lyrics, and deliver hard-core rhymes, while having a strong show presentation makes him a well-rounded artist.


Timothy Gross, aka Cy, is a gifted MC. On the mic, he simply discusses his life; Past, Present and Future.

"Straight up, I was the problem child of the family. My parents were pastors at the church but there I was, the worst of all my siblings," Cy recalls. "My behavior was so bad that my folks had a hard time finding a school that would accept me. I attended ten different schools between elementary and junior high - my high school made eleven. I gave my parents heartache by going against anything and everything they taught me."

Until he was 17 that is.

Cy explains the change like this: "My best friend Eli and I attended a church youth convention thinking it would be a good getaway to spend with our girlfriends. On the second night, Eli and I felt God's call, went up to the altar, and gave our lives to the Lord."

After Timothy had experienced salvation through Jesus Christ, there was no other way for him to express his new birth except through rhythm and poetry. Cy, Eli and his older brother Thomas formed a rap group called Trinity and started performing in various churches around his hometown of New Orleans. They spent so much time growing spiritually, writing and rehearsing that their troublesome ways of the past became history. Now they were in the schools evangelizing instead of being unproductive.

Unfortunately, Timothy watched his two partners in rhyme eventually lose their desire to stay serious and pursue music. "At this point my brother and Eli fell off, they weren't as interested in rapping as I was. Shows became no-shows for them. As a result of that, the excitement I had for doing rap music left me."

However, at age 22 Timothy began to get that zeal back. "One day while I was praying, the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that he was calling me to minister to the youth. Not long after, God confirmed His word through an individual while I was at a prayer service. I had no other choice or desire except to respond to that call."

In May of 2001, Cy began producing his own beats after purchasing a Triton keyboard and began traveling from church to church performing. Cy then was able to independently put together a two-song demo titled Versatile. A year later, he met super producer and native Houstonian Stikk at a concert. After making the decision to move to Houston to help out with Stikk's Street Sermons album, Cy was destined for new and exciting opportunities. He fulfilled his commitment of two feature spots on Street Sermons, dropped another guest appearance on R&B sensation Soulfruit's Practice, and eventually made the decision to sign with Much Luvv Records in September of 2002. He worked with Much Luvv's producer Big Toe and together they created The Complex.

Cy's ability to make tracks, write lyrics, and deliver hard-core rhymes makes him a well-rounded artist. On The Complex, you will be amazed by his ability to speak metaphorically yet still deliver a clear message in his songs. His raspy voice and controlled whisper style may remind listeners of secular counterparts Method Man and Busta Rhymes. His quick rhyme delivery is actually where he got his stage name. "I got the name, 'Cyclone' because of my fast flow back when I was 17," he explains.

Cy's lyrical content deals with spiritual warfare, unity, encouragement, love, and hip-hop. He has the ability to write lyrics boldly and then disperse them with a smooth-yet-tough delivery. If you like it rugged and raw, yet clear and understood, then you'll love Cy.

Cy has made various appearances on different albums and compilations after the release of "The Complex". He co-wrote a song with Enock (Former founding member of the Cross Movement) entitled "Next Up". he also appeared on several compilations including 4sightsounds Survival Kit Volume 1, Slow Lane Chronicles, and The Independants album by Flyaway Records.

In November of 2003, Cy started a production company called Complex Melodies. ( The musical tracks he creates are versatile and range from South, East, and West Coast and R&B. After Much Luvv Records dropped his debut album, "The Complex", many artists around the world began to notice and request beats from Cy. "My reason for starting Complex Melodies was to create high quality beats for holy hip hop artist in order to help raise the standard of musical quality in the holy hip hop industry while at the same time, giving artists beats that they could afford", Cy explains.

Cy is currently in the studio working with Much Luvv Records in releasing a new double disk album entitled, "The Next Now" which will be a compilation album featuring all Much Luvv artists, and will feature the likes of R-Swift, J-Silas and many more.

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Single-Versatile (Independent release by Cy)
Album-"The Complex" (MuchLuvv Records)

Currently playing, getting airplay-Hit songs Bring Tha Bang, Confession Invasion, The Complex, Ladie, Out Da Box, Wanna Be Down.

Other LP appearances:
Stikk's Street Sermons- New Soul Music Group, Enock's AWthentic- Much Luvv Records, Much Luvv crew's The Next...Now- Much Luvv Records, Tony Stone Album, Soul Muzic Compilation, S.O. M. Project.

AWARDS: Received New artist of the year Award at the Houston Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards as well as nominated in seven other categories for 2004, Nominated New artist of the year and nominated honorable mention for album of the year at the W.H.A.T. Awards, Nominated UGI hip hop Male Artist of the year Award for 2004.

Set List

Cy's typical set is usally between 10 and 25 minutes and also depends upon the amount of time given to perform.

1- Intro
2- Confession Invasion
3- Procrastinate
4- The Complex
5- The Flyer
6- The Message feat Hosley
7- Versatile
8- Fear No Evil
9- Ladie feat Soulfruit
11- Bring The Bang feat. Tre-9
12- Out Da Box
13- Wanna Be Down
14- Commando
15- 1 Luvv
16- Firstborn Of All Creation
feat Thomas Cross
17- Versatile- remix