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My music creates moments that people cannot resist. It's clears the stressors of everyday life. My music reflects everyday life through sharing moments in my everyday life. It's clean. It's fun. It's addictive.


Born in Motown, C.Y.? is a hip-hop specialist. He has an ability to create memories in his music from his own experiences. His stage name says it all. It’s spelled (C.Y.?) but pronounced, (see why). Everything he discusses in his music, you’ll either have to see why he said it or have seen why in your life.
Vinyl Vicodin, C.Y.?’s first solo project is in the works. It’s an all-solo project with no features on any of the tracks. Also, C.Y.? will produce the entire album. He’s made every beat, recorded every track, mixed and edited every track. Vinyl Vicodin, originated from his music being his medicine for pain. Whether it’s mentally, physically, or spiritually. He believes it will be yours as well. C.Y.?’s also the CEO of Pen and Pad Productions. Pen and Pad Productions has housed many different artists. Mainly being friends of C.Y.? or other associates he’s met in his life. The hip-hop group, Midwest Fresh Wawta, consists of some of these individuals. C.Y.?’s been the executive producer on all of their projects, produced some of their tracks, and recorded mostly all of them
C.Y.?’s whole focus behind Pen and Pad is helping build the musical dreams of anyone that has them. He’s always looking to collaborate with any artist. No matter what the genre of music is. He believes music is a language that has the capability to communicate to all walks of life and it all starts with a pen and pad.


Pen and Pad Productions present "Top Secret". Currently have music on MySpace and Facebook. Also on Myxer.com I have some free ringtones. One of them "Bust It Wide Open" I produced and recorded. It has over 13,000 downloads

Set List

My performances are based on the needs of the venue. Recently, I was given a 30 min set. I implented 3 spoken word pieces and 3 hip hop songs. The result was revolutionary.