Alta, Finnmark, NOR

"No one leaves a Cyaneed show before it's over!"
Described by Jello Biafra as the best punk he's heard in many years!


If, in a blast, you see a pair of uneven socks run past you, it’s probably Cyaneed’s guitarist. And if you also hear the sound of some Norwegian rock, distorted bass, and the tiniest of hints of a cheecky violin sounding from a tiny synthisizer – and mix this with the sight of a disco ball inside of the drum – then it has to be Cyaneed you’ve just experienced!

Only turned 20, Cyaneed has now moved to the Capitol, having released no less than three albums, and EP and a 7” single after 7 years in their home of Alta, a small town way above the Arctic Circle.Since being barely 14, Cyaneed has played a huge number of live concerts, all from a tiny pub in a small Northern Norwegian village and the enormous Døgnvill mainstage in front of well over 10 000 people, to touring in Russia, UK, Germany and Holland. But it doesn’t stop there.

Cyaneed has now gone from being a “young and promising” band, having impressed a sold out Rockefeller during by:Larm 2008, to be a band to be reckoned with. Just ask living punk legend, Jello Biaffra, who though Cyaneed was “the best punk rock (he has) seen in years”(!)


"Dr. Daniel" (album, 2010), "I Rule This Library For Tonight" (album, 2008) "Tiny Terror EP" (2007), "Jeg Forstår Ikke Hva Jeg Gjør" (Demo album, 2006),