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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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Universal City, California, USA

Universal City, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Tuesday, Sep 04, 2007

Award: "Clean the Blade" wins Pop Punk Track of the Week
Cyanide City's song, "Clean the Blade" will be featured as's Pop Punk Track of the Week starting Monday, the 10th of September, 2007. Only 52 Pop Punk songs receive this award each year.

posted Tuesday, Sep 04, 2007 at 10:10pm (1 year 180 days ago)

Saturday, Jun 09, 2007

Sympathy - Track of the Day
To commemorate our track of the day appearance tomorrow, we are releasing a quick update of what the band is up to at the moment..

We are planning an American tour for the end of the year (if not sooner), this news it hot off the press as we only just fully decided to do this on Friday night.

Other than this, we have been busy practicing and writing songs, all-in-all we have about 17 songs in our arsenal, so that when we come into the studio to record an album we have a lot of songs to choose from.

We are also having our single release party soon, (7th July), this is when we will finally release our single(s) out for public purchase, be ready for one kick-ass show with a lot of cool bands (including us) playing =)

Also, thanks a lot for visiting our page and reading this as well, hehe =D

Jack the Ripper,
Cyanide City

posted Saturday, Jun 09, 2007 at 07:10pm (1 year 267 days ago) by gstar_music

Thursday, Jun 07, 2007

Award: "Clean the Blade" wins Pop Punk Track of the Day
Cyanide City's song, "Clean the Blade" will be featured as's Pop Punk Track of the Day on Wednesday, the 13th of June, 2007.

posted Thursday, Jun 07, 2007 at 00:05am (1 year 270 days ago)


Bigger Things

Sparse gigs and a long period of incubation probably mean you haven’t heard of Cyanide City yet, but it’s a strategy that’s set to see the young four-piece living the dream and touring the United States well before their older peers.

Cyanide City joke that I’m a good omen when I meet them. It’s more lucky coincidence – scant minutes before I arrive, the band have been told that they’re playing Taste of Chaos, the premier emo and punk event on Auckland’s annual calendar, only three days out. Neck and neck in a Frontier Touring poll to determine which local act would open the evening, they’d assumed their campaign had come to nothing. Now of course, they’re trying to sell the tickets they went out and bought, and guitarist/vocalist Vaughn Mittens is thanking his lucky stars he booked a trip to Australia just after, rather than just before the gig.

All more than simple twists of fate, though – the fact the band are about to embark on a coast to coast tour of the United States at an average age of twenty can be put down to the savvy cultivation of an Internet fanbase, the tireless management of Ganelle Djarlo, and as always, good tunes and performances to match.

“We’ve been told we play like caged animals that are allowed out once in a while!.” explains bassist and vocalist Chris Cash, aptly summarizing Cyanide City’s few but ferocious shows. The quartet met on the Rock Shop website’s message boards, Vaughn and Chris, both recent arrivals from South Africa, meeting their match in drummer Jack the Ripper and rhythm-cum-lead guitarist (“He always makes dumb claims in interviews that he plays bagpipes and things, though!”) Ricochet (Pseudonyms maketh the band).

“We were really rusty – half of us hadn’t been in bands before…so we started out with easy covers to keep in time…All-American Rejects, stuff like that.” Vaughn began to nudge the group towards original material. “I had a few songs from my old band that we hadn’t really gotten started on. We managed to flesh it out and went from there.” A July 2007 single coupled “Sympathy”, one of Vaughn’s holdovers, with “Clean The Blade”, one of the first group efforts and a pointer to a sound that tempers an old-school metal assault with the urgent melodic sensibility of the better pop-punk.

“We’ve decided to concentrate on the songwriting over the gigging,” Chris explains. “Working on it and getting everything right before we go out there.”

Come January, ‘out there’ will be a stretch of dates between L.A and Miami. Ganelle, so confident in the band that she made a future US tour a clause in their contract, explains the philosophy. “When I first came to New Zealand, I noticed local bands would exhaust themselves playing everywhere. Our idea with going over to America before that happened was to keep them fresh.”

Which means the group are now putting their jobs and studies on hold and counting down the weeks. They’re not heading out into the void, either. Their Myspace page is followed by an array of fellow bands and fans here and abroad, and their regular video blogs have a sense of humour and attention that no amount of slick photo shoots can generate. Already, a handful of likeminded troupes are offering their services as touring buddies across the states.

“Words can’t really express what it feels like, getting this close. Any trepidation is countered by a determination to swim when it happens, rather than sink. “We won’t settle for any less – we want that broad age-group and crowd, to matter like, say…Guns N’ Roses mattered.” It’s the most dead serious the band get – all joking aside, for Cyanide City, the time is now.
- Joseph


Soon to be released EP consisting of three singles:


Clean the Blade - Recorded a music video and has been on music tv channel "C4" in New Zealand

Her Song



Cyanide City is the rock quartet formed in Auckland, New Zealand in June 2006. Their international line-up consists of Chris Cash with Lead Vocals/Guitar ( not to be confused with Johnny ), Vaughn Mittens on Vocals/Bass, Ricochet on Guitar and Jackson Yule on Drums. The band's goal, and very reason for being, is their quest to bring rock back into fashion, while staying true to their many influences that range from classic rock, furiously fast punk to guitar-ridden metal...

The band started off by playing cover songs of bands they greatly admire, but now have their own formidable line-up of original songs from their own creative, unique style. They are an exciting, energetic and talented live act that has been described by many as "what the f*..k?"

They have recorded three singles, and now have a music video for "Clean the Blade". Demo versions of these songs are available to be listened to on their Sonicbids EPK and their Myspace Page (

They are an energetic, young band that really rocks the stage. In just the short time of signing with the Gstar Music label, they have opened for Taste of Chaos in Auckland, New Zealand. Playing with bands such as The Bled and Rise Against. They are currently getting video airplay with their video "Clean the Blade" on the local video stations. The band has just completed their EP and they plan to record their full album soon. Before leaving for America, Cyanide City completed a full tour of New Zealand with another successful New Zealand band.

They have arrived in America with determination and dreams. They have titled their American tour the "Cyanide in your City USA tour" with the mission to drop some Cyanide rock in every city they can!