Covington, Kentucky, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Cybéle - a mixed bag of genres from a voice like Celine, with the sass of Alanis. She may be unsigned, but she's got Eliot Sloan, lead singer fo BLESSID UNION OF SOULS on her self-released debut album...this girl is going places!


Cybéle is a full time musician, performing at Cincinnati's popular piano bars, music lounges, and casinos. She self-released her debut album, "Medicated America" in 2011, which features a duet with Eliot Sloan - lead singer of BLESSID UNION OF SOULS. Her 9/11 tribute, "Song for America" has been featured on local tv and radio on both the first and tenth anniversaries of the tragedy.

Cybéle is currently working on a sophomore album, while traveling monthly for her 2012 Open Mic Tour. When she is not busy with music, she enjoys tending to an organic garden and the "an fam" - 2 dogs, 3 cats, and now, two rats named David and Goliath...not to mention her fiance!!


All My Time

Written By: Cybele Redman, Patrick Stoutenborough, Eliot Sloan

Cybéle: I hate all the times when you’re gone, always gotta go somewhere
‘Cause being with you makes me just want to
always be there
Eliot: Girl, I’m always right here
Cybéle: Seems like it’s never enough,
being without you is rough
I daydream my days away,
fantasizing about the ways that we play

Both: Ah ah ah all my time could be for you
And ah ah ah all my rhymes I wrote for you
Cybéle: In a simpler life we could live that way
Eliot: Live that way
Both: Soaking up sun with each other eh-eh-everyday
Yeah yeah yeah...
Cybéle: Mm Mm Mmmm

Eliot: Please don’t wake me when you leave,
just let me dream
That you’re still lying next to me
Let me believe that you’re still holding on to me,
oh can’t you see
How much you mean to me
Both: that you’re the best part of me

Both: Ah- ah- ah- all my time could be for you
And ah- ah- ah- all my rhymes I wrote for you
And it doesn’t seem right, time flies away
The moment you go I just know I will wish you stayed
Yeah yeah yeah...
Mm Mm Mmmm

I Am Just Fine

Written By: Cybele Redman

I'm finding the reason why suddenly I'm just fine
Is because I love myself above everything else I thought was so high
*Mmmmm, I am just fine

There are lessons that we all must learn before becoming who we're meant to be
Just when I think I've learned so much life goes and adds it’s little touch
And throws something my way that I can't take
And do you see me breaking down,
and do you see me breaking down
And do you see me breaking down?
And do you see me crying now,
and do you see me crying now
And do you see me crying now?


When I love I love with all my being
and that won't change but now I also love me
This time I know my strengths and weaknesses
and I'm alright with those
I also know just what I'm searching for
And I know I'll love again,
and I know I'll love again
And I know I'll love again.
And this time I'll love him better,
and this time I'll love him better
And this time I'll love him better.

*repeat last line

Medicated America

Written By: Cybele Redman

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?
Trouble waking, trouble sleeping, nausea, and heavy breathing when in times of anxiety,
Mood swings, not eating, and binge eating too...
We've got a category for you;
there is a drug to make you feel like:

Dee day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee
Day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee day dah doh doo dee

Now there are six year old kids in kindergarten
who seem as happy as happy can be
Who would be normal...if there was normal,
except in class they are not focusing
Now I remember way back in kindergarten
The teachers always said,
"Class pay attention or get a detention!"
They'd never recommend Ritalin
But times they’re-a-changing, psychiatrists bankin’
‘Cause you gullible people seem to think that it's wise, but what you don't realize is
OH! America is medicated;
half of our kids have been sedated
Didn't you know that your kid's medication is something kids use to get high in this nation?!
‘Cause it makes them feel like:


A large percentage of us
is taking some prescribed drug
Some of us need them and some abuse
Let me then ask you what kind do YOU use?


Down at the Line

Written By: Cybele Redman

I’ve just been waiting tables at the same chili parlor
Watching the world turn outside
the same old corner windows
The fountain, my bosses, the interesting people don’t know a thing, a thing about me.

The seasons seem to come and go
quicker than they used to
Though I’m not old, I’m getting older,
wanna savor my time
I have such lofty dreams, don’t wanna let go
Got to go as far as I know I can go
The gift I’ve received will take me there only if I believe.

I wanna play for crowds so big
I’ll puke before I get on stage
Wanna sing ‘em my songs all night long…
Down at the Line I have a name tag
I wanna know if I’ll ever see
My name on the marquis, Oooh

My bosses give me so much shit for the tiniest things
One womanizes; one realizes he is coming to
the end of his days
In the worst of ways

They built a fountain right across the street
some time ago
Now I enjoy watching fountain-goers
through the window
It's supposed to represent the artsy, earthy
qualities of all these neighbors of mine
What do they dream?
Will they seek and find it in their time?


Young Ones

Written By: Cybele Redman

Young ones fall in love so young;
they don't even know what hit 'em
Before they know it they have a young one
And now it seems they're ready
to finish what they've begun

And I know the same thing can happen to anyone,
but it didn't happen to me
The girl she slaves away at work every night,
the boy he watches his boy
While he gets high, while he gets high,
while he gets high, oh oh oh

It's always rocky but they stay together for a while
Not knowing if it's for each other or for their child
But things just keep on worsening
No need to explain, I think you know what I mean


Song for America

Written By: Cybele Redman

We all woke up that morning,
prepared for a day of working
Seemed like a routine, hum drum day, yeah
Like many others I know, I turned on the “Today Show”
Something ‘bout Katie Couric in the morning makes me know that I’ve another day to endure
On September 11th that wake up call was selective
We watched the planes strike into all our lives,
leaving thousands to die
The rest, fearing danger is nigh

And we all wept for America,
all the world wept for America
And we all knew our America would never forget
that humbling day when we all wept

Visions of buildings crumbling,
smoke stacks, and bodies tumbling
Will never leave our minds for a day
A lifetime of wondering what may have been
if loved ones weren’t taken
With our beloved towers, the aircrafts,
and the Pentagon
But they all, they all fell down … with our peace of mind
Humanity was the show, so the day bore many heroes
America held us close, and we all learned to share,
I would say God was there


Lonely 2 O'Clock

Written By: Cybele Redman

It’s 2 o’clock, I’m gonna rock all night on the piano
‘Cause now you’re gone and I’m so alone,
just wanna write this song
Told you not to phone,
now I’m beggin’ you please come home
That’s where you belong, right here in my arms
‘Cause anything else just feels so damn wrong
I thought some distance would do us good
But I changed my mind now like you told me I would

It’s 2:30 now, still haven’t found my precious sanity,
I’d rather bleed
Then just maybe I’d finally believe
this is happening to me
Darling beggin’ ya please come home
That’s where you belong, right here in my arms
‘Cause anything else just feels so damn wrong
I’m hoping you still want me back
Baby, like I want you despite all that you lack

It’s 3 and the clock goes tick tock
And I don’t wanna fall asleep lonely,
I want you here with me tonight
Why we gotta fight all the damn time?
Yo’ ass betta come home, that’s where you belong, right here in my arms
‘Cause anything else just feels so damn wrong
Lord, please, please send my man home.


Written By: Cybele Redman

I wish that I could call my dog when I’m not at home
‘Cause she’d pick up the phone so happy I called
I’d say, “Bea” and she’d wag her tail so excitedly that it’d smack the wall
And she needn’t speak at all

Beatrice, you have no words to say,
but you make my day
Day after day after day after day after day,
Mmmm Mmmm

And maybe if I’d call my dog when I’m not at home
She’d agree to stop peein’ and poopin’ on my floor
But then again I think that I would do it too
Especially considering that she has to wait for a lazy girl like me to get off her fat ass,
And take her outside so that she can go out on the nearest strip of grass

Beatrice, one day I’ll buy you a valley
where you can run free
Day after day after day after day after day,
Mmmm Mmmm

Every time I turn down my street coming home
she peaks out the window to see if it’s me
And when it is she runs to the door, awaiting my return

Beatrice, you have no words to say, Oh
but you make my day
Day after day after day after day after day,
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

World Keeps Spinnin'

Written By: Cybele Redman

I keep realizing more and more,
how it seems the rich get rich and the poor stay poor
Well I guess I wouldn’t notice much
if I was on the right side
But I’ve never been and right now
I’m just barely getting by

But, I know that life is a road,
sometimes it’s up sometimes it’s down
Keep your chinny-chin-chin up
and your feet steady on the ground
Only thing you’re gonna find is that
the world keeps spinnin’,
the world keeps spinnin’ ‘round, eh

One step up, two steps back, that’s the dance for me
Not a choice, more like a curse that won’t set me free
Just when I think I’m steppin’ it up, here comes gravity
Pullin’ me right back down, down to my knees


Yeah you gotta know that you are in control
of your destiny
Don’t let the wind just blow you
around the world forever,
focus is the key



Written By: Cybele Redman

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dojaphene
Oh and by the way can you pass that Visine?
Think my eyes are a little bloodshot and glazed

Hi, how are you today and can I buy a dime?
Feel real good all in due time,
just once I get this thing blazed

I wanna be high tonight, oh
Do you wanna get high today, yeah yeah
Maybe we’ll forget our problems and waste away

Gee you really aren’t the person that I thought you were
Now that I’m wasted I can see your layers
That’s ok, just pass me that food.

I think I feel a little hungry, I got the munchies
I’ll let my diet slide for today
It doesn’t matter - if I stay in this mood

‘Cause I’m so high tonight, oh
Are you feelin’ high too - ooo
Maybe we’ll forget our problems and eat some food

Why does everything seem to be an extreme
It's either really funny or really deep
Maybe I just need some more weed

Who here wants to freak with me in the other room?
Don't worry about what our friends will assume
I just gotta fullfill this need

‘Cause I'm so high tonight, oh
Do you wanna get high today, yeah yeah
Maybe we'll forget our problems and get some play

Let me introduce myself my name is Dojaphene
And I smoke so much herb I have no memory
All I do now is smoke up and sleep

I wanna be high tonight, oh
Do you wanna get high with me - eee
Maybe we'll forget our problems and fall asleep


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