dark atmospheres and melodies, with some insertions of samplings adding an aggressive voice. Giving as a result a fusion of musical elements between the light of techno and the aggressive sound of electro and industrial.


Electro-industrial artist CyberGeist is the brain child of one Paul Kleinsorge, an artist with a drive to match the pulse of his music. He pours his endless supply of energy into his music, crafting songs that inspire dance floor destruction. A hard spine of crushing beats wrapped in the flesh of gritty, dark melodies and delirious textures form the punishing shadow of this dancehall-razing music. Tightly woven and with perfectly balanced production, CyberGeist unleashes near-flawless manifestations of electronic aggression.

Paul describes his music bluntly, to say the least. “It may make you want to dance or beat the fuck out of someone,” he declares. It's not difficult to see why he puts it that way. Driven and frequently heavy, the unstoppable grooves of CyberGeist's industrial creations could muscle the most stubborn, I-can't-dance individual out onto the floor. And the dense attitude of CyberGeist's music is truly something to drive up testosterone levels.

The dark edge of CyberGeist's music can be explained when you understand that this project is Paul's mode of catharsis. “Growing up, music helped me forget whatever was bothering me.” Paul found comfort and self-expression in music and now wishes to pass the gift on. “I hope my music will do the same for others,” he says. Whatever the case, when his beats are moving and so is the crowd, a grim symbiosis has been achieved in which all transcend into dark enlightenment. Be it a deeply personal moment or a far-reaching worldwide event, Paul finds inspiration in all aspects of life. Every corner and shadow holds a gem of muse fuel to help write the next song. “Life inspires everything from what has happened in my life to what is going on in the world.” One can hear post-modern angst and cathartic resolution pulse through every song of CyberGeist


2006 (self titled cd) 2007 Angel

Set List

Mostly Original. Some dance. mostly heavy angry beats that are Energetically and emotionally charged. sets last 30 to 45 min long

Bin ich nitch wi du
Machine Fucked
Virus trying to forget you