Cyclephante is an Italian band formed at the end of 2003. The four guys have known each other since childhood and started playing just for fun, realising soon the incredible vibrations they could create together. Their music is characterized by catchy acoustic guitar riffs, a powerful rhythmic section and the use of odd signatures. The unique and unusual character of their melodies is given through different musical atmospheres (rock, funk, metal, classic, folk) the guys can condense in a single tune: it is border music, it is a sound of cities and valleys, of water and earth.
After winning several contests, playing all over Italy and Europe, releasing a self-produced album (Peach in Love-2006) Cyclephante have started playing again and are working on their second album, which is going to be released at the beginning of 2012.


Peach in Love - 2006
Gain - (?)