Chicago, Illinois, USA

Independent rock from start to finish. Nobody telling us what to do except ourselves. All about the songs. Years of experience.


Cyclesomething began its life in chicago in 1998, drawing from a wide variety of influences. with a unique sound best described as versatile and fresh modern rock, the band has earned its strong reputation and stands out in a city known for great music. With countless shows of experience, cyclesomething has emerged as a band with skilled and well-rounded musicianship fueled by hook-driven songwriting.

Cyclesomething has played the vast majority of chicago venues in addition to street festivals, benefits, mobfest, summerfest, the international pop overthrow festival, and many tour dates beyond. Cyclesomething's music can be heard in several episodes of mtv's "the real world," multiple independent films, promotional dvd's, and compilations.

"Tracks such as 'stop making sense' are a showcase for the band's gift of sparkling melodies that flicker around the edges of dense, crunchy guitar chords," writes critic ellen stenard.

With the release of an upcoming album in early 2012, the band's success can only multiply.

Cyclesomething is not just a band, but a growing phenomenon.


Gentleman's Jacket 2006
Hailey's Brushes 2002
Currently in the studio working on an early 2012 album release
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Set List

Original music. Set length varies from short and tight to deeper into our history for as long as 2 hours. A mix of acoustic and electric or exclusively either.