Cydney Molloy Foster

Cydney Molloy Foster


Country with a Southern Rock attitude.


Cydney Molloy Foster was born and raised in South Alabama, and is just as southern as that implies. Her music reflects many of her life experiences (and the experiences of the many friends and family she has been around). A songwriter first and foremost, her first full album has had 2 cuts already climbing some independent charts, and in less than a few weeks after the tracks were made available, had been offered radio airplay. Her southern charm radiates in most of her music, whether she is belting ballads like "I Can't", singing about "Going Home", or pickin' and grinnin' ditties like "Shotgun Wedding". Singing about love, life, losing, and everything else along the way, Cydney Molloy was featured on the radio series "Country Legends in the Making" in 2006 and at the start of 2007, released "I Can't" and "Going Home" to over 1400 radio stations worldwide through Triplestrand Productions. A completely independent artist, Cydney Molloy has performed at the GumTree Festival, The Nashville Songwriter's Festival, and the Acoustic Coffeehouse to name a few and has gained quite the following. She has also been featured on the television series "Nashville OnStage" and "Smart Country." Her debut CD release, GOING HOME, received great reviews, and she has been featured in such publications as Scene Magazine, The Thomasville Times, and The Progressive Era, Oxford Town, and The Amory Advertiser, and has recently been the #1 unsigned country artist at (#6 all genres).


1. Hang the Moon (#7 on Country-General Charts without release)
2. Going Home (radio release, #1 on Country-General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio series)
3. All I Want
4. 29 Seconds
5. I Can't (radio release, #1 on Overall Country Charts and Country-General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio series)
6. This Flame
7. Let it Rain
8. He's Yours(radio release, #1 on Overall Country Charts and Country General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio show)
9. I Gave Away My Life
10. Kiss Me Goodbye

Set List

Typical set list runs between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, and consists mostly original work. Also can do some cover songs, dependant upon licensing requirements.