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The best kept secret in music


"Foster to be on radio series"

Two songs written and recorded by Cydney Molloy Foster will be featured on the radio series "Country Legends in the Making" hosted by Dixie Vornbrock. The show is carried in syndication by over 400 AM and FM radio stations worldwide, and is featured on the European CMA radio station three times a week. The show showcases up and coming independent artists and is produced by Triplestrand Productions out of Minnesota.

The two songs, "Going Home" and "I Can't", are both featured on Foster's album, "Going Home", to be released November 17th. The CD features ten songs written by Foster. The album was recorded in Nashville, TN, at Cumberland Recording. "Going Home" will be available to purchase at CDFreedom through after November 17th and will also be made available at some area businesses. MP3 downloads will be available shortly thereafter. Some songs from the album can be heard at

"Country Legends in the Making" can be heard at Playlists for the series are also available at the site. The edition featuring Foster should be available by Thursday evening.

- The Thomasville Times, The Progressive Era

"Making Music: Cydney Molloy Foster releases first album, 'Going Home'"

by Alice Ortiz, Staff Writer

Cydney Molloy Foster grew up in a musical family so it's not surprising she writes music and recently recorded her first CD "Going Home."

Foster grew up in Pine Hill, Ala., but spent a lot of time in Amory with her grandparents, Robert and Ruth Molloy. Her grandfather used to play in a Dixieland Band. Her mother, Tutti Molloy, was also involved in music.

Foster was in the band during high school and went to Ole Miss on a band scholarship, where she majored in psychology and minored in history.

She picked up the guitar later on and started writing music in February 2001.

Foster was very close to her cousin, Tom, who played guitar.

"I thought he was the most fascinating person," Foster said.

The would play the piano together when they got together. He died unexpectedly when Foster was in college.

"The first song on the CD 'Hang the Moon' was in honor of Tom," Foster said.

Foster said she had written several songs and done several small recordings in college for family and friends.

"They were pretty pathetic," she said.

She played here and there when she was in college and kept writing.

Her mom convinced her to get in the SongFest at the 2006 GumTree Festival in Tupelo.

Foster had not picked up a guitar in about a year because she had a bad pregnancy when she was expecting her baby son, Gabe, who is now 11 months old.

She performed at the Gum Tree Festival and also at Vanelli's that night.

"I had not performed since I left college," Foster said. "Not long after that I tried to make a recording at home. It turned out okay, but not great."

Foster and her husband, Brian, who teaches social studies at Tupelo Middle School, attended the Country Music Association Festival in June 2006.

"I got to talk to some music people and they told me that I couldn't really sell songs without full demos," Foster said. "I decided I'd do it."

Foster went to a studio in Nashville in October and made the CD "Going Home".

"The odd part is my original intent was not playing on radio, but to just play music," Foster said. "Mainly I wanted something I could sell when I played gigs. I would go to a gig and people asked if I had a CD."

Foster got a site on so could hear her music.

She plays a lot of gigs in Johnson City, Tenn. at the Acoustic Coffeehouse. One of the guys there had and she tried it out. She put five of her songs on the site under the country general category.

"Next thing I knew, 'Hang the Moon' was No. 7," Foster said. "The website is where people can go online and select the music they want to listen to and apparently, people liked it."

The website is

Foster received an email from Dixie Vornbrock stating that she loved the song "I Can't" and wanted to play it on her show.

Vornbrock is a DJ and owns her own production company "Country Legends in the Making". She is based in Minnesota. The show is carried on more than 400 AM and FM stations. The show is also featured on European CMA radio.

Foster waited until she finished her CD recording and then submitted it. Next thing she knew there were a bunch of requests for the songs from DJs and radio stations.

Vornbrock offered Foster two spaces on her bi-monthly compilation CDs, which goes out to 1400 stations worldwide.

"I had no intention to get radio play," Foster said. "It just happened that way. Response has been good."

Foster's best friend from college is her manager. They are trying a grassroots campaign.

"I don't have a band, but would love to have one," Foster said. "This all happened so quickly I was caught off guard."

Foster said it was a problem getting gigs without a band. Her goals for the future are to get a band and tour.

Foster works part-time as a music director of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Tupelo.

Her music is available on her website at and It can be heard on "Country Legends in the Making" at - The Amory Advertiser

"Pine Hill native reaches number one on website"

Pine Hill native Cydney Molloy Foster has been voted the number one unsigned country artist on

Soundclick, the fastest growing mp3 site on the web, features both signed and unsigned artists. Foster has also been ranked #12 overall and her single "I Can't" made it to #1 on the country charts in less than 24 hours.

"I'm really fortunate to have some great fans. They're the ones putting me where I am right now, and it's very humbling to have your work appreciated by so many wonderful people," Foster said. "It's just very exciting."

Foster has performed at various venues in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and has been recently invited to perform on the Nashville cable show Nashville OnStage.

Two singles "I Can't" and "Going Home" have recently been released on over 1400 AM and FM stations through a compilation CD produced by Triplestrand Productions.

For more information, visit Foster online at www.cydneymolloyfoster. com.

- The Thomasville Times

"Amory singer-songwriter to release debut album"

by Sheena Barnett

AMORY - She's not in the majority with this: Cydney Molloy Foster, a country singer-songwriter from Amory, said Barry Manilow is her biggest influence.
Yes, THAT Manilow - the one behind hits like "Mandy." She says she knows Manilow may be a strange influence for a country singer, but she has her reasons.
"The man can write and he can arrange better than anyone," Foster said. "He's an amazing musician."
And Foster should know. She grew up in a musical family, and wroter her first song in 2001 following a relative's death.
"And it has snowballed from there," she said.
Song ideas come to her at all times, usually either in the shower or while in class at the University of Mississippi.
"I'm not ashamed to say I wrote many of the songs in class at Ole Miss," she said.
But recently she took the time to head up to Cumberland Studios in Nashville to record her debut , "Going Home." The biggest challenge was finding time to record while taking care of her baby son, Gabe.
"It was fun working with him," she laughed. The album's been made, and Foster sent her music out to Web sites like Several of her tunes went to No. 1 on charts. From there, her music was picked up by a radio show called "Country Legends in the Making," hosted by Dixie Vornbrock. The show is carried by more than 400 AM and FM stations and can be heard at The show is also featured on the European CMA station. That gets her fans from the world over: "Spain, England, Holland, Australia," Foster said. "If they like me in Holland, I'm cool with that."
And until her career takes off, Foster's happy to listen to her favorite artists: Cher, Barbara Mandrell, George Strait, Eva Cassidy, 5th Dimension-"and yes, Barry Manilow," she said.
- Scene Magazine/Daily Journal

"Local country singer releases great debut"

by Sheena Barnett

Scene's Sheena Barnett gives "Going Home" three and a half out of five pieces of ear candy.

Don't tick off Cydney Molloy Foster-she'll probably write a song about you.
Of course, if she falls in love with you, she'll write a song for you, too. The Amory native covers all emotions on her debut country disc, "Going Home."
Perhaps the best song on the album is the first, "Hang the Moon." Foster wrote it for a deceased loved one, and the lyrics are beautiful: "I'd have sworn you hung the moon/I can't believe you left so soon...If it's something God let's angels do/Now you really can hang the moon."
But several of Foster's songs are biting.
Maybe the meanest of the songs is the reggae-laced "29 Seconds."
Lines like "You've only got 29 seconds to get with it/Cause you're not even worth half a minute" and "It's obvious to me that you need professional help," make that song a good break-up song. Another good splitsville song is "I Can't," which is less stinging: "I don't know what else to say/I hate that it worked out this way/You forgive and forget/but what you don't understand is/I can't."
"He's Yours" is another good tune to which a lot of women can relate.
"He ain't worth the skin that the good Lord put him in/And I don't know what on earth you'd want him for/But honey, if you want him, he's yours," she sings.
But Foster doesn't make just man-hating music.
"This Flame" is a beautiful song about her wedding day. Meanwhile, "All I Want" has a bluesy, doo-wop feel to it with sweet lyrics: "They say you know when love is true/And the first time I saw you, I just knew."
Is it a perfect album? No-it's a little shaky in some points, and a few too many cliches are used. But it's a good record to throw on when you're putting your feet up at the end of the day. Foster's lyrics are straightforward and unapologetic, and the music is simply pretty.
If you're into singer-songwriters, give Foster's album a try. There's something for everybody on there.
Go to to order the album. - Scene Magazine/Daily Journal

"Foster accepts placement on CD"

Cydney Molloy Foster has accepted placement on a compilation CD released by Triplestrand Productions.
“I’m really excited about the potential this has for my career,” says Foster. “Things have really been hitting on all cylinders lately, which is just great. It’s one step closer to achieving a lifelong dream.”
Two of Foster’s songs, “I Can’t” and “Going Home” will be hitting the airwaves on nearly 1400 am/fm stations worldwide on January 1st.
Dixie Vornbrock, owner of Triplestrand, initially heard Foster’s music when it was submitted for the syndicated show “Country Legends in the Making” which is produced and hosted weekly by Vornbrock. Dixie knew “this girl needed to get heard and offered her a spot on a compilation for the beginning of the year.”
“Triplestrand Productions is pleased to add Cydney to their family of artists and has high hopes for the amount of airplay she will receive from these two songs,” says Vornbrock.
Cydney will be featured on the compilation with other artists, including Len Snow Jr. (grandson of the country legend Hank Snow), who also has two songs appearing on the CD. “Len has his own music group in Nashville, and what better way for Cydney to get her music into the hands of one of the Music Row groups than to have it delivered on the copy of the CD that all artists get,” said Dixie.
- The Thomasville Times, Oxford Town


1. Hang the Moon (#7 on Country-General Charts without release)
2. Going Home (radio release, #1 on Country-General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio series)
3. All I Want
4. 29 Seconds
5. I Can't (radio release, #1 on Overall Country Charts and Country-General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio series)
6. This Flame
7. Let it Rain
8. He's Yours(radio release, #1 on Overall Country Charts and Country General Charts, featured on "Country Legends in the Making" radio show)
9. I Gave Away My Life
10. Kiss Me Goodbye


Feeling a bit camera shy


Cydney Molloy Foster was born and raised in South Alabama, and is just as southern as that implies. Her music reflects many of her life experiences (and the experiences of the many friends and family she has been around). A songwriter first and foremost, her first full album has had 2 cuts already climbing some independent charts, and in less than a few weeks after the tracks were made available, had been offered radio airplay. Her southern charm radiates in most of her music, whether she is belting ballads like "I Can't", singing about "Going Home", or pickin' and grinnin' ditties like "Shotgun Wedding". Singing about love, life, losing, and everything else along the way, Cydney Molloy was featured on the radio series "Country Legends in the Making" in 2006 and at the start of 2007, released "I Can't" and "Going Home" to over 1400 radio stations worldwide through Triplestrand Productions. A completely independent artist, Cydney Molloy has performed at the GumTree Festival, The Nashville Songwriter's Festival, and the Acoustic Coffeehouse to name a few and has gained quite the following. She has also been featured on the television series "Nashville OnStage" and "Smart Country." Her debut CD release, GOING HOME, received great reviews, and she has been featured in such publications as Scene Magazine, The Thomasville Times, and The Progressive Era, Oxford Town, and The Amory Advertiser, and has recently been the #1 unsigned country artist at (#6 all genres).