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Singles: "Draw The Line (featuring Kristi Jo)," "A Matter Of Time," "Suffer Through," "A Piece Of Everyone"

Albums: "Interpretation Of Ego"

Radio: "Paper Boats" and "Caravan Of The Mystics" are playing on KFAT



The genesis of Cydona Rise came after songwriters Andreas Stavropoulos (vocals, guitar, and piano) and Kyle Nail (drums, percussion, keys) felt enough time had elapsed from their split from previous alternative band Six Hour Ride. Cydona Rise is a mix of Alternative music fused with natural born storytelling skills that integrate Jazz, Blues, and Pop culture into a unique form of Rock.

The two songwriting partners had been in two groups since 2002, and their chemistry is undeniably something enjoyable to experience. “We knew we were going to continue on together,” says Andreas. “Now we have made it a point to rebuild everything firmly from the ground up.” It is safe to say that these musicians are taking Cydona Rise very seriously and are establishing it as the band that the two will retire with. “In today’s industry, Kyle and I are proving to be in a situation like the tortoise and the hare, and in all the best ways we are gladly the tortoise,” Andreas proclaims.

After a year of hard work between 2006 and 2007, a debut album (‘Paint’), and a tour cut short due to creative differences, Six Hour Ride, the rock outfit that occupied Andreas and Kyle, disbanded. The two took a couple well-deserved months off, and at the end of the summer break in 2007, began the detailed work on their dream band, Cydona Rise.

Two priorities consumed the songwriters’ agendas at the start. The first was to write plenty of innovative new material for a debut record, and the latter was to conceptualize a meaningful and significant artist name.

Cydona Rise came to be an eclectic mix of a few important concepts that the artist shared. The major idea was to mix the unknown with the familiar. “I have a fascination with space, the unknown and certain spiritualities with the universe,” Kyle states, “Cydonia is a region on Mars where people believe life may have existed. Andreas also has a very spiritual connection with Sedona, Arizona. We discussed the connections between Cydonia and Sedona, including its red rock formations and their shared amazing atmospheres and combined the two words to form Cydona.” The word Rise was simply a testimony to what these two have gone through together. “Kyle and I have been through so much over the years, from family issues to significant others, and even bands!” Andreas states, “We have always risen from the bad things we’ve gone through, made them positive, and moved on.”

Over September and October of 2007, Andreas and Kyle wrote 25 songs for the new project. All of the tunes have the artistic quality and depth to cut a first record. Kyle makes it a point to say, “In Cydona Rise we work on and enjoy working on everyone’s ideas, not just our own. Music is what you make it and you have to make it yours.” It is true; there is no ego here, which plagued the past bands Andreas and Kyle have been in. Both writers agreed that the debut needed to be emotional and without ego, leaving an imprint for all music lovers; all creativity was welcomed.

To accomplish this goal, the two entered a pre-production regimen that included daily work on the songs, their titles, lyrics, art, and meaningful concepts. Demos of the songs were made with the band’s Producer a few weeks before recording and scheduling for the new record began in November. “Right now, it feels like we’re two best friends who just learned how to play our first song together. That’s how exciting all this is… and on the other side, the music is really tight because we’ve been together for years!” says Andreas. Judging from the atmosphere, Cydona Rise has the best of both worlds.

Pre-production for the debut album ended in November, and on December 2, 2007, Cydona Rise entered the studio to begin recording (visit Studio Blog). “There was no rush. Who you work with is important, there are a lot of people who worked with us in the past that came back for this record because we trust them,” proclaims Andreas, “there was no reason to be blitzkrieg about it because that would have just caused mistakes to happen… We tried to go all out on this record, as much as we could, financially, artistically, that’s how Kyle and I are going to function from now on, we will put it out on the line every time!”

It is obvious now, as Cydona Rise’s music comes into sharp focus, that everything in this outfit is deeply felt, and many people will be able to relate to the subject matter that the songs represent. Cydona Rise is a band full of danger and vulnerability, open minds and true rock experience. Each song delivers a different idea to the listener in the most beautiful way, reaching to all genres of music and being held together by the twos’ songwriting, Andreas’ unique voice and Kyle’s innovative drumming style. The idea behind this band remains a powerfully simple one… to be driven by music, meaning and melody alone.

Cydona Rise proudly takes influence from some of the most groundbreaking acts in music history, including but no