cydonia from mexico city


After many different projects in the metal scene, having recognition among metal followers; Cydonia is originated in Mexico City in 2006 as an original band with a more professional sound. At first, Cydonia was formed by Mack Galeano (guitar), Sergio Lezama (vocals) and Axel Marin (guitar). Behind an exhaustive hunting, Cydonia finally was completed with Ulises Lara (drums) and Roberto Alarcon (ba
ss). Since the beginning, Cydonia emboyed in its sound influences from the closest to the first chords listened by each member, building with these elements their own style. Mixing power metal, metal core, death metal, trash and some other sounds; Cydonia has a plus with sequences and electro sounds in some songs.


The Sequences of the New Chaos (2011)