Cyd Ward

Cyd Ward

 Eustis, Florida, USA

A lyrically rich, singer/songwriter sound with a voice that's an intriguing mix of Nanci Griffith, Mary Black, and Emmylou - with a touch of Joan Baez at the edges. Winner or finalist in Kerrville New Folk, South Florida Folk, Mountain Stage, Unisong, & Great American song contests.


Delivered in a unique voice that is at once sensuous and innocent, you might say Cyd's songs dip their toes in the muddy waters of relationships and swim naked upstream to tackle raw emotions (that is, if you talk like Tom Robbins.) In true singer/songwriter fashion, she can go from a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the gender gap (Hey, Tarzan) to chronicling the trickle down effects of violence in our society (Killing Time) or even compare falling in love to a common phobia (Fear Of Heights).

Cyd has either won or been a finalist in national songwriting contests, including Kerrville New Folk, South Florida Folk Festival, Suwannee Springfest, Songwriters Showcase of America, Unisong International and the Great American song competitions.

Her songs have received national airplay on the "Midnight Special" program out of Chicago and "Folkscene", and she was awarded WTKS's "Pick of the Week" for "Fear of Heights". She has also appeared live as a featured artist on WMFE's "Arts Connection", WFIT's "FM Odyssey", WMNF's "Sunday Folk Show", and WPRK's "Acoustic Highway", and has had frequent airplay on many other local stations.

Cyd has performed throughout Florida, at coffeehouses, house concerts, and other venues. Some highlights are:
Skipper's Smokehouse – Tampa, FL
Chocolate Moose – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's "Arts & Letters Series" – Daytona Beach, FL
Stetson University – DeLand, FL
Leu Gardens Concert Series – Orlando, FL
Sarasota Art Center – Sarasota, FL
The Broken Spoke – Nashville, TN
Douglas Corner – Nashville, TN
South Florida Folk Festival
Gamble Rogers Festival
Suwannee Springfest
Wings & Strings

She has opened for:
Cosy Sheridan
Jack Williams
David Mallett
Greg Trooper
Cliff Eberhardt
Marc-Alan Barnett

and shared the stage with:
Bob Rafkin
Harvey Reid and many others.

Cyd lives for harmony and performs frequently with her musical peers. You can also hear her backup vocals and recorder on several area musicians' recordings. Her calendar is light at the moment since she’s holed up capturing songs from the ether for her new CD. Look for favorite songs like “Diamonds on the Subway”, “Dr. Seuss and Einstein” and “The Hardest Goodbye” to make it on this one.


Fear Of Heights

Written By: Cyd Ward

I don't like heights no matter what the view
But I forgot all that when I first saw you
Something about you made me wanna fly
So I followed your trail 'til it took to the sky
And then I lost my mind

I saw you take off and I just grabbed hold
I wasn't looking for thrills, babe, I'm just not that bold
I wasn't thinking about how I would get back down
Until I got so damn far off the ground
Hey, anybody got a rope

Well, I would not be up here if the feelings weren't strong
But I'm not the type to walk a tightrope for long
And even if I thought that you had put up a net
When I started to fall, I'm afraid I'd forget
And die on the way down

Now shakin' in my boots ain't my natural state
But that old fear of heights just showed up late
As long as we were climbing, I was feeling just fine
But one look down and now I'm stranded on cloud nine

I'm ready to go home now, for what it's worth
But no ladder's gonna reach all the way down to earth
I haven't got me a parachute and I'm sure I can't fly
I doubt I've sprouted wings so I'm not about to try
Hey, anybody got a rope
Aw, come on now, somebody has to have a rope
I say, has anybody out there got a really long rope

Between The Lines

Written By: Cyd Ward

I stuffed my heart in an envelope
And mailed it first class
But as soon as it left my fingers
I wanted to take it back

I wrote all the words but never came close
To what was on my mind
And you’ll never understand
Unless you read between the lines

That “I’m sorry” means “you hurt me”
Though I’m sure you never knew
“Give her my best” means I wish I were her
It’s the best this pen will do
And “goodbye” means “I love you”

I watched you pull away from me
Towing all my dreams
But you didn’t see my heart fall out
And break apart at the seams

I gathered it up, piece by piece
And sent them off to you
A puzzle to unravel
Without the slightest clue


A mauve envelope
My only


Killing Time

Written By: Cyd Ward

You turn on the TV and watch the news
People still fighting over whose land is whose
Well, you might have seen war and you know it gets tough
But "all you can be" just isn't enough
For watching so many people, running around
Looking for cover while the sky is falling down

You pick up the paper and on the front page
Is a man with a knife, a face filled with rage
He swallowed his pride until he was full
Of an anger that had nowhere else to go, oh
Ashes to ashes, hand in hand
We'll all fall down and end in nowhere land


You turn the radio up and try not to hear
It's not just out there, it's getting too near
The neighbors are home, they're getting way too loud
Then suddenly it's quiet, I guess two was a crowd
Right and wrong are only two points of view
So when Jack fell down, Jill came tumbling down, too

Now, Johnny's got nothing better to do
Than to watch what you watch and do what you do

You pick up the phone and hear the teacher say
Johnny got an "F" in combat today
You wanna be strong, oh, you're everyone's rock
But the mind wasn't made to handle the shock
Of the sight of a gun in a hand so small
Mama, you're babies are falling, cradle and all


Next Time

Written By: Cyd Ward

Time is measured in dust on the furniture
And lines that have carved out your face
It's measured in things we didn't get done
And memories we just can't erase

Time is measure in grass that needs mowing
And children that grow up too fast
It's measured in pain that never ends
And pleasures that never last

It slips through our fingers like sand in an hourglass
It fades away like the sun going down
And it always seems like there'll be a next time
But next time never comes around

Time is measured in bills getting paid
And feeling the rain and the cold
It's measured by things that will never change
And watching the new turn to old


What's It Like In Maine

Written By: Cyd Ward

Seattle has the bluest skies, it's true
But they don't help me when I'm missing you
And the winter rain is making me so blue

So I'm moving on to find some drier land
California sun and smooth warm sand
And I'll try to make it mine if I can

But what's it like in Maine
It's a place I've never been to
Did you notice the name
On the letters that I sent you
Are you sad I never came
Well, you know I never meant to
Are you still the same
And what's it like in Maine

Minnesota might be where I'll go
I miss the smell of newly fallen snow
But I didn't know the winters pass so slow

And I thought I saw you walking my way
On a sidewalk here in Maryland today
But it can't be you, you're miles and years away


I bought a place in Florida today
Now mom and dad are not too far away
If it feels like home, it might be where I'll stay


Hey Tarzan

Written By: Cyd Ward

Hey, Tarzan
Did you ever stop to look behind
To see who's caught up in your trailing vines
Whipped around and flying blind
Hey, Tarzan, have you

Hey, Zorro
Did you ever think I might not need
Another hero with his noble deeds
Are you so afraid to let me lead
Hey, Zorro, are you

Hey, Robin
Were you too busy keeping score
To realize that less is more
Were you so sure that I was poor
Hey, Robin, were you

Always rushing in so eager to fight
Take a look around, there's no victim in sight

Hey, Conan
Is your heart made out of flesh or steel
Have you ever really tried to feel
Have you figured out if you're for real
Hey, Conan, have you

Hey, Robin were you
Hey, Zorro are you
Hey, Tarzan have you

All Dressed Up

Written By: Cyd Ward

She's all dressed up, eagerly waiting
In a pretty, new dress and pink button shoes
For the boy next door to finally notice
And hoping to be the one he'll choose

Now she's all dressed up in white lace and satin
With something borrowed and something that's new
Her dad stands nearby to give her away
Now he's feeling old and a little bit blue

From ribbons and ruffles a few years ago
To long gowns she'll soon put away
Tomorrow she'll be back in the same old clothes
But she's all dressed up today

She's all dressed up in a black hat and stockings
For the boy that she married has already gone
She stands so still with her daughter beside her
Holding her hand and wondering what's wrong


Now she's all dressed up in white lace and satin
But no one is there to give her away
Her mother has gone to the boy she loved so
But she has found her own love today



Written By: Cyd Ward

My mama told stories of heroes
And that's all I ever dreamed of
White horses and princes and dancing 'til midnight
And finding my own true love

But it seems as we start to grow older
Those dreams lose their bright, shiny glow
As if they've been picked up and held once too often
So you don't take them out anymore

And the knights in shining armor
All seem to have lost their way
And I've waited this long just to realize
No one's coming to save the day

I spent too much time building castles
With sand that would wash back to sea
I should have been forging tomorrows
Not waiting for them to find me

I could stay here and stare in the mirror
Just waiting around for a kiss
But I'd find myself standing alone here at midnight
Wondering what I had missed


Can We Make A Family

Written By: Cyd Ward

I've tried before to settle down and be somebody's wife
I tried to give the best of me but I just gave up my life
I know you've been down that road, too, you've got troubles of your own
But I understand you're tired of living all alone

Can we make a family, I know I'd like to try
Can we put our lives together before they pass us by
I'll let go of my questions if you'll let down your guard
It might not be so easy, but then it might not be so hard

Yes, I know you've seen trouble and growing up is tough
The little boy who needed love is a man who's had enough
I've made my own journey and forgiving's hard to do
But holding on to what went wrong leaves no room for anything new


You tripped up and lost your way and I've had my share of blues
But here we both are standing still and I think we've paid our dues
Even though a lot of things went wrong along the way
I've been hanging on this long for a chance to hear you say


The Minstrel

Written By: Cyd Ward

I saw a picture of a wandering minstrel
When I was just a child of ten
Somehow I knew I just had to have it
Though I didn't know how or when

As I walked down the stairs that next Christmas morning
I saw a familiar shape under the tree
As I slowly unwrapped it, I was silently hoping
That my minstrel had come home to me

Could it be, could it be, could this be my minstrel
Will he stay and sing me a song
As we share in a moment, a dance and some laughter
Before he moves along

Over the years I watched for my minstrel
And listened to catch his words on the wind
Time and again I followed his shadow
Just to find it was not really him

Then on the day that I finally stopped looking
He came wandering through and captured my soul
I met him that summer, though I'd known him forever
For he'd stolen my heart long ago


Now, years have gone by since I saw my minstrel
And I lost the picture a long time ago
But I'll never stop hoping that one day he'll find me
And I won't have to sing all alone


As we share in a moment, a dance and some laughter
Before we move along

Dr. Seuss and Einstein

Written By: Cyd Ward

Little boy reciting a poem that he wrote
About a bright red fish and a big blue goat
Should have used his right hand instead of his left
So he trudges on home with a bright red F
And everyone else that he shows it to
Just has to remind him that goats aren't blue

Don't be too sure, don't go too far
The righteous will tell you just how wrong you are
And don't stand out, don't shine too bright
Or someone will show up and turn out the light

Little boy exploring the world in his mind
For a brand new piece of his grand design
Always asking questions like, how can time flow
But the only reply is it's time to go
And that children are meant to be seen, not heard
So he sits in the back and never says a word

Don't act too smart, don't know too much
You're asking for trouble if you don't let up
And don't stand out, don't shine too bright
Or someone will show up and turn out the light

Now, Einstein had a gift, a relatively different point of view
And Dr. Seuss made sure that he'd get the final word
On something he believed in, even when he heard...

Don't try too hard, don't go too fast
Someone has to be the one to come in last
And don't stand out, don't shine too bright
Or someone will show up and turn out the light
No, don't stand out, don't shine too bright
Or someone will show up and turn out the light

The Hardest Goodbye

Written By: Cyd Ward

I picked out a card that I could send to her on Mother's Day
Leaving was so hard and there's so much that I forgot to say
Someday I will but now I'm still afraid to even try
Sometimes just hello can be the hardest goodbye

He was something special, there was something magic in his voice
I imagined I was hearing love and not just second choice
He waved last time I saw him but he wouldn't meet my eye
Sometimes just hello can be the hardest goodbye

But maybe there's a reason
People pass right through our lives
And maybe something beautiful survives

Months I've been expecting him to finally show up at my door
Months on end expecting, now I understand what it was for
She'll never be as close to me as while she's still inside
Sometimes just hello can be the hardest goodbye

I can't wait to hold her but I'll still break down and cry
Sometimes just hello can be the hardest goodbye


Written By: Cyd Ward

He had eyes of steel with a hint of play
They're the kind that make me restless
Eyes that stare right through my walls
Tear me down and leave me breathless

I fell into that well of blue and never came up for air

It's not a perfect fit
Not a color I would choose
But I've never been so glad to find I had the blues

It was freezing cold, forgot my coat
He had on his faded denim
Underneath, just one thin shirt
And I knew I shouldn't let him

It was way too loose, had too much use, but I really didn't care

It's not a perfect fit
Not a color I would choose
But I've never been so glad to find I had the blues

We gave it one more try and I still can't believe
How fast it all goes by and how much we've...

Been waiting for this day to come
We got paint on every surface
Tiny clothes peek out of bags
In every shade of pink we'd heard of

And it's too late now, try the lost and found, he needs something blue to wear

It's not a perfect fit
Not a color I would choose
But I've never been so glad I had to find the blues

He's got eyes of steel with a hint of play
And I've never been so glad
To find I had the blues

No Wonder (Princess)

Written By: Cyd Ward

I guess I could have kept a little more princess
Left some more of the hero behind
Don't know what happened to the girl who love kisses
I didn't think she'd mind
I really didn't think I'd mind

I guess you might have been a little more Elvis
Let it go when they said you're no good
Don't know why you'd waste a voice made of velvet
I didn't think you would
I really never could imagine you would

No wonder it all
Seemed ready to crumble
We built on a fault
A house made of humble
No wonder it all tumbled down

I guess we should have been a little more hard hat
Spent some time on a little repair
Don't know when we traded tools for combat
I didn't think we dare
I really didn't think that we would go there

No wonder it all
Seemed ready to crumble
We built on a fault
A house made of humble
No wonder it all tumbled down

I guess we should have been a little more hard hat
I guess you might have been a little more Elvis
I guess I could have kept a little more Elvis


Between The Lines
All tracks on this CD have had airplay at one time
or another, several on NPR, and most have either won or been finalists in top song contests like Kerrville.

Set List

1-2 hours of original music. I also can mix in covers of contemporary folk artists like Gillian Welch.