Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Cygnets will get in your head and refuse to leave.


“Dark, infectious synth-driven new wave gems that could have come
straight out of early-80s London.” - Edmonton Sun

"Cygnets have created a post-punk masterpiece, and best of all,
you will never pay a cent for it." - Intercamp Magazine

Their energetic live shows have established Cygnets as a staple in their native Canada, where they’ve shared the stage with acts such as You Say Party! We Say Die!, Apoptygama Berzerk and Shout Out Out Out Out. With significant national radio play and attention from print media under their belts, these 3 boys from Edmonton are ready to take their brand of new wave/electro/post-punk to the masses.

The band is the culmination of many years of hard work, as songwriter and musician Logan Turner worked privately writing and recording hundreds of songs before deciding to explore a group dynamic. This collaboration was finally realized in close friends Chris Bruce and Dan Snow. Bringing textured, inspiring guitar work and bright, catchy synthesizer hooks, they compliment and enhance Turner’s ambitious songwriting style and singular, melodic vocals.

Favorable comparisons have included The Smiths, Joy Division and Depeche Mode, but the band undoubtedly has a uniqueness of its own, contrasting danceable, uplifting beats with darkly personal lyrics.

“We want to take the horrors of life and make them beautiful. Paint them into something that both exposes them and gives them new meaning. The goal is to have people screaming out horrifying and deeply personal words at the top of their lungs while dancing to our music, happier than they've ever been. For a brief moment it might seem like despair, lurid sexuality, and death all have a purpose."

Their 2010 debut album ‘Bleak Anthems’, described as a “post-punk masterpiece”, was released as a free download and CD to much acclaim. The follow up LP ‘Dark Days’, released on March 6th is also available at absolutely no cost, and was preceded by the killer synth-punk anthem ‘Teenager.

Cygnets are band that has people talking… and wants others in on the secret.


Hey Alexandra!

Written By: Logan Turner

And on... Why did you take us on?
I slept every night you’re gone,
Just hoping the days moved on.
This bed I’ve been placed upon
Is cold as the night is long.
I’ve nothing to focus on.
I’ll spend every night alone
Resenting the dawn and...

That bitch took it all and I called her name.
I said, Hey Alexandra! Hey Alexandra!
I can’t sweat it out and I can’t think straight.
I said, Hey Alexandra! Hey Alexandra!
I pictured her landing so far away
And it struck my heart
And it felt like nothing changed.

Gone. Why would you take us on?
And failing to write this song
Would put all the focus on
The fact that there’s nothing wrong.
But all the nights seem so long.
How soon can I just move on?
I’m sick being withdrawn
Even though the pain’s gone.

The First Time She Came

Written By: Logan Turner

I saw her in line playing girl-kiss-girl,
And later inside I coyly talked to her.
Drunk enough she came right up and said, I really want to fuck. (D’you mean me?)
And it’s been seven minutes and I feel like I could self-destruct destruct destruct…

And she’s starting to sigh, and she’s moving her legs.
With my face in her thighs I can’t tell if it's fake.
And It’s like she’ll collapse if I keep at it this way,
But she says not to stop. I feel her start to shake.
And her mind has gone off, just her body remains.
This is happening now, she is without restraint.
And she lets it all out, and her voice is insane.
With her eyes open wide, it’s like the first time she came.

I just play along with her, she's cute as fuck.
I look at her body and It feels like love. (You mean lust!)
Drunk enough, I want to make her come until the break of dawn. Is that wrong?
But dawn’s in seven hours and I can feel her waves are flowing on and on...

Sycophant Girls

Written By: Logan Turner

Please know I love you better when waking.
God knows I want to. Don't say it's over.
Vital mercy. God, I can see enigmatic swans are burning.
Please know I love you. Desire is waking.
Don't think it over, just know you feel this
Vague desire coming out, impaling us. It's all that you take away.

Please know I love you now that it's over.
I'm still lost inside you. You came without warning.
Your frail words, your blood, your breathing.
It's like dramatic swans of yearning.
Please know I love you; desire you waking.
Don't say it's over, God knows I want you.
Daylight reveals all your wounds and
God I want to feel them.

You sycophant girls!

Please know I love you. This first stage is over.
I know I can feel you although you were faking
The words of flattery and compliments you feigned
To serve your purpose.
Please know I love you now that you're waking.
I feel lost beside you, the dark queen of nowhere.
You light your matches, fire burning
Makes you look demonic.

You sycophant girls!

Bleak Decades

Written By: Logan Turner

She wrote an epitaph on her wall.
It doesn’t matter at all.
Now with the headlights turning off,
She’s caught her vacant thoughts.
She’s on the west side turning right,
She’s going out with the tide.
She left her comatose years behind behind behind.

And it’s the sunlight in her pale eyes telling her
There’s 18 dead years to go.
It’s just the dark tide and it chokes her violence,
But there’s just bleak decades to go.

She wore a black dress in the cold;
She doesn’t feel it at all.
She’s stuck in 1994,
She doesn’t feel anymore.
She took the wrong path to her right.
She left a model behind,
But as it lead her deep she sighed inside her mind.

And it’s the sunlight in her pale eyes telling her
There’s 18 dead years to go.
It’s just the dark tide and it chokes her violence,
But there’s just bleak decades to go.

And if I showed her violence
Then it would surely be the end.

And it’s the sunlight in her pale eyes telling her
There’s 18 dead years to go.
It’s just the dark tide and it chokes her violence,
But there’s just bleak decades to go.


Written By: Logan Turner

I just can't feel it when the thoughts are flowing out and back,
Inverting you, inverting you.
I'm dreaming in the likeness of a photograph.
You're cutting off. What can I do?
And I'm reeling with the horror of the madness.
I feel it in my heart, it's like the deadweight of the heartless.
I'm burning in the fall of all the days we spent in solace.
Abandon you, abandon you.

We're telepaths, running in fear.
We're telepaths. Our end is near.
We cannot even feel the time, we're heathens of a model lie,
Returning in the fading light; calling up the the plague in you.
We're telepaths, burning in you.

I didn't see it in the stream of consciousness that passed.
Iconic youth, iconic youth.
Every second feels like ages but it never lasts.
I feel the cracks; the past in you.
Into the forest, into Abaddon in stasis.
Falling into Corinth, the returning of the ages.
I cannot see, I cannot feel, my body can't awaken, but I...
I call to you, I call to you.


-"Dark Days", self-release album, 2012
-"Bleak Anthems", self-released album, 2010
-"EP", self-released EP, 2009

Set List

10 songs, all originals, varying from set to set. Usually about 40-45 min.