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Willingboro, New Jersey, United States | MAJOR

Willingboro, New Jersey, United States | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop Reggae


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""From the first day he (Cymarshall Law) stepped into the studio (WKCR 89.9 FM) with Pumpkinhead and Jean Grae, he impressed the hell out of me. He may have some of the funniest puchlines I've heard in a long time.""

"From the first day he (Cymarshall Law) stepped into the studio (WKCR 89.9 FM) with Pumpkinhead and Jean Grae, he impressed the hell out of me. He may have some of the funniest puchlines I've heard in a long time." - Sucio Smash (Squeeze Radio WKCR)

""Cymarshall Law has his own flow and originality that hip-hop lacks, plus lyrics.""

"Cymarshall Law has his own flow and originality that hip-hop lacks, plus lyrics." - Wordsworth

""Cymarshall represents the best hip-hop has to offer.""

"Cymarshall represents the best hip-hop has to offer. His energy and passion is refreshing in today's climate." - Talib Kweli

""This is real hip-hop right here.""

"This is real hip-hop right here." - KRS-One

"Unsigned Hype"

Unsigned Hype - The Source

"Interview With(Cymarshall and Skit Slam) Everliven - By Rush"

Interview With Everlivin - By Rush
Posted on Monday, April 05 @ 16:04:04 CDT
Department: Interviews
AfricasGateway's Eastern Cape Branch Manager Rush spoke to Everlivin, a group from New Jersey, to find out more about this crew. They currently have an album out now titled "Freedom", with the "Cymarsh" project, Skit Slam solo album and the second Everlivin album dropping soon. Read the whole interview and find out more.

How long have you been living in sound and where can we find the Everliven sound residing these days?

Skit Slam : 1. We reside in New Jersey but we come to U.K a lot we were born there. Everliven Sound the group was born in Brunswick, New Jersey though...

CyMarshall Law : We have been living in Sound since before birth and will still be after life, Forever Living in Sound.

Tell me when Everliven came into effect and what is it that got them attracted to the hip hop game?

Skit Slam : Everliven has always been in effect since early 90's, breakin got me attracted first then Mcing.

CyMarshall Law : Hip Hop gave us a way to express our creativity and release our energy in a positive way. Music has been in our family for many generations its in our blood and is only right we pick up the mic. Plus I would hear songs on the radio and just think to myself... I can do that.....I'm going to do that, plus I love music and needed to be a a part of all this.

You said if the record label doesn't wanna sign you, you will push your own shit. I got your Ep that you sent me. Any other releases before that and what's the future for Everliven?

Skit Slam : We have an album called Freedom that we finished last year, our next project is the Cymarsh album which im currently making beats for now we also love to do mix tapes becuz that keeps our name in the streets we have a couple out now then, Skit Slam solo album then Everliven second album to follow.
CyMarshall Law : Our goal is to just make Good Music, I'm currently working on my solo album its in the beginning stages ,but the joints I have recorded sound real special, We got crazy amounts of mixtape joints we stay writing verses and also Me and Pumpkinhead are 6 tracks deep on a cd we are coming out with calling ourselves Powerman and Ironfist. So yea we are shopping our Freedom album but like we said we will push our own music, we've been getting very positive feedback and are aiming at getting to a point where we can help ourselves and put music out properly on our Freedom Entertainment label.

You been down with the Subverse label, what's the affiliation still like and can people still pick up your releases on that label?

Skit Slam : There's not many of the original Subverse heads left, I learned a lot from Scienz of Life and Bigg Juss on that label about the music biz, I lived with them in ATL and OP is the new head of Subverse, the Everliven single you can still pick up I believe from the Subversemusic website and whatever mom and pop stores still got em.

You guys been featuring a lot with Scienz Of Life and helped them out with the nine ether remix that was straight up banger, any chance they might do the same for you on the new project that's dropping on my gurls birthday 2 April?

Skit Slam : We will always be close with S.O.L, ID4 Windz just produced a banger for Cymarsh album besides i.d taught me the ASR X Pro in 2 days .

CyMarshall Law : I'm gonna try and send Sci a data cd for Pro Tools cause he stays in Cali now and see if we could do a joint with him and his new partner Stacy Epps (Sol Uprising) for the Powerman and Ironfist Project.

Tell me who is collaborating with underground icon Pumpkinhead and what's the name of that collective?

CyMarshall Law : Everliven Sound , Pumpkinhead, Broadway and Magiver Knowledge = The Blakhouse then we have Pumpkinhead & Cymarshall Law which equals Powerman and Ironfist.

Production now who handles that and what's it that you looking for in a beat before you lace it with ya vocals?

CyMarshall Law : Me and Skit both produce for Everliven although Skit has handled most of the beatmaking thus far, and In a beat I think we'd both agree were looking for a mean bassline but basically just a beat that still has your head nodding long after the song is over, break your neck shit.

"Put ya mind to it" you gotta lotta goals but focus on the main one, you gotta use your brain son! Your lyrics is it a depiction of reality or simply fiction cos these days it seems mcee's are more fictional, and what's the weirdest place you found inspiration in for one of your best tracks you wrote?
CyMarshall Law : Our lyrics deal with us pouring our emotion out onto the page, people feel us because when you hear us rhyme we don't sound like were trying to be anyone but ourselves that along with blatant lyrical skill. I don't know about the weirdest place but people find it pretty creative and funny we jacked Morgan Freemans line from the movie Lean On Me "You gotta use your brain son!" ( When has screaming on the hefty black kid for using drugs) and flipped it into a chorus for the song Put Ya Mind To It on our Freedom album.

What's the hip hop scene like in England, as far as I can recall it seems Roots Manuva is headlining the set over there can Everliven hit up the English set and still get heads to shout E-V-E-R-L-I-V-E-N?

CyMarshall Law : The English Hip Hop scene is getting better all the time it just needs more exposure there are some really talented people over there, the ones that aren't trying to be American but are proud to rep the U.K. at least. And believe me when I tell you England is feelin Everliven Sound right now, every show we've done has been a complete success.

Ten years from now when you guys still haven't scoped a deal and ya still hungry for the mic what is it that heads must remember when they read about Everliven in some busted magazine?

CyMarshall Law : I can't see us not having a nice deal in 10 years, although I'm sure we still will be hungry. The one thing we would like heads to remember is that " If you keep knocking at these doors one will fall like the Berlin Wall ".

AfricasGateway is here to bring you closer to the African surface hoping you will spread the message of unity through hip hop doesn't matter what place you rock, hit the heads up with one final shout before the playoffs starts?

Everliven Sound : Big Ups to Our Simmons Family, All The Underground and Overground Surving Artists, Our Fans & Friends, Our website where you can purchase some of the finest music email me for newer material or if you need Everliven services and of Course the Most High -thank you. Peace, Respect and Positve Energy - EVERLIVEN SOUND SET!!!!
By Rush


"Hip-hop, jazz musicians perform at Red Lion Café"

By Yuliya Shokh
Published: 3/22/2004

The Red Lion Café opened its doors to a jazz and hip-hop show sponsored by 88.7 WRSU-FM, the University radio station, on March 11.

The Steve Hudson Quintet, a local jazz band, served as the opening act. Its members have been together for about a year and write their own music. Mason Gross senior Steve Hudson, the organizer of the band, said jazz includes the elements of all music in it. "Jazz is freedom. You can find yourself in it. If you change from week to week, then the music can change," he said.

The night continued with performances by various hip-hop bands including Everliven Sound, The Thought Breakers, Unstoppable Unity and Chaundon.

Everliven Sound, led by Cymarshall Law, has been in the business for about 10 years. Law's brother, Skit Slam, started the group in England, where the siblings were born. In 1990, they moved to America to seek better opportunities and settled in South Brunswick. Skit Slam is now in England promoting the group's new album. "We are surviving artists and we could use all the help we can get," Law said.

Law's performance consisted of a cappella pieces, which he recites when he thinks the crowd cannot hear the lyrics over the music. He developed his skills by listening to the radio and through his love of hip-hop, which inspired his creativity and emotion.

The headlining act of the night was Chaundon with the Justus League. He has been involved in the business for 14 years and had joined the league in 1999. Chaundon is a graduate of North Carolina Central University. Today, he is a solo artist who has released one album, "White Label," and one mixed tape, "Slow Leaks."

While he is a local artist, Chaundon has performed in Connecticut and North Carolina and has recently been invited to perform in New York City. "We're going down in history. We're changing the game. It's over," Chaundon said.

The event was organized by Peter Martinez, a Rutgers College graduate and program director at WRSU, and Keenan Ormsby, a Cook College senior and urban music director at WRSU. They were also the disc jockeys for the duration of the show - Martinez as DJ Inspex and Ormsby as DJ KO.

The planning for the show began two months ago. Since then, numerous calls have been made to see who would come. "We believe they need the support of local airways because commercial radio won't play them until the public demands it," Martinez said.

Moreover, Ormsby has been interested in hip-hop and urban music and has started a hip-hop morning show at the Rutgers radio station. His show accepts five to 25 callers a night, depending on the style of music, and includes giveaways and special programs in which callers get to vote for their favorite music.

"We don't have too many resources at the station, but we managed to put this together," Ormsby said. "It's a good way to get the community involved," especially since this was an all-ages free performance, both Ormsby and Martinez said.
- The Daily Targum

"Cy Marshall Law and Pumpkinhead are Powerman and Iron Fist"

Pumpkinhead's been on hiatus for a minute as he's been recording and doing live shows, and Cy Marshall Law has been doing his thing with Everliven Sound, which includes his brother Skit Slam. Marshall Law and PH combined to drop a mixtape/album over some new beats and some originals. Law opens up Mr. Meth's "What's Happenin'" beat nicely and then Pumpkinhead comes in for the kill. "Virgo Anthem" is another head-nodder over Outkast's "Aquemini" beat. There's 16 joints on here, and it's a dope underground cd. If you're looking for lyrics and creativity, definitely check this mixtape out -

"Sol Uprising/Scienz of Life, Marshall Law & The Formulis @ "Fatcaps & Shell Toes""

I got a call on Sunday afternoon from one of my boys. This call was not unusual because this particular friend often calls me on Sundays to find out if I feel like heading up to "Fatcaps and Shell Toes," a weekly Hip-Hop event at Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, NJ. As I was contemplating the decision, he informed me that the group Scienz of Life would be performing and I immediately knew I would be attending.

I arrived, paid my $5 cover charge and headed toward the bar to get a little "sauce." I greeted my boy, and took in the atmosphere which included, hip hop heads (male and female), "true school" hip hop sounds and the cipher of B-Boys, which is one of the unique and especially enjoyable attractions at "Fatcaps and Shell Toes." The combination of sensory stimuli had me eagerly anticipating the show.

First up was Marshall Law of the group Everliven Sound ( The New Jersey MC, who normally performs with his partner and brother Skit Slam (who I was familiar with from some of S.O.L.’s material) blessed the crowd with a solo set and definitely entertained those in attendance. Over a mixture of original and familiar tracks, Marshall Law displayed the charisma, animation, lyrical skill and command of the crowd of a veteran MC. He was a definite added bonus to the show and the evening as a whole.

Take a listen to the conceptual rhymes on “One” by Marshall Law

The Formulis ( then took the spotlight. Made up of 3 MCs, Fenalm, Venomous and Phonetic, the Paterson, New Jersey collective performed a set of original songs and displayed their brand of consciousness combined with battle rhymes and clever punchlines.

One of the notable aspects of their show was the production on their compositions. As evidenced by the liner notes on their EP, the very hot tracks are self-produced and had the heads of the crowd nodding in unison throughout. One of the highlights of their set was when each MC spit an acapella rhyme and all 3 showed their considerable lyrical ability. The 3 MCs interacted well with each other and the crowd as they drew us in with their catchy hooks and ‘call and response’ choruses. The Formulis were another enjoyable unexpected bonus to the show.

Listen to “Sweet Dreams” by The Formulis
The final performers for the night were Sol Uprising/Scienz of Life. Both monikers include brothers MC Lil Sci and MC/Producer ID4. However, Sol Uprising, which appears to have sprung out of S.O.L., has the addition of vocalist/MC Stacey Epps with ID4 in his familiar production role.

The set mainly showcased the new music of Sol Uprising, which is some of the most refreshing music I have heard in some time. Both Stacey and Sci took complete command of the crowd from the gate, and with a bed of smoothed-out, jazzy ID4 tracks, they rocked the entire capacity crowd. The mixture of Stacy’s smooth vocal stylings and Lil Sci’s signature raspy flows gave the group a very unique sound that seamlessly blends together into one unified sound. Sol’s set was energetic and soothing at the same time as they ripped through tracks like “Solar Love” and “We Ourself & Us,” as well as many others.

Near the end of the performance were then treated to a 4 minute ‘off-the-head’ freestyle session by Scienz as Sci brought ID4 from the background to the forefront and they traded impromptu rhymes back and forth as they have done countless times before in their musical journey up to that night. It was a great performance, and Sol Uprising and Scienz of Life seem to be headed for very big things in the VERY near future. Stay Tuned


Everliven Sound - "Everlution EP" - 2001
Cymarshall Law - "Law and Order" - 2004
Cymarshall Law - "Hip Hop In The Flesh" - 2005
Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - "Hip Hop In The Soul" - 2007
Everliven Sound - "Freedom" - 2008
Cymarshall Law - "Creators Kid EP" - 2010
Everliven Sound - "Freedom II" - 2010
Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - "Freedom Express Line" - 2010



The best music always comes from the heart; it is honest and almost real enough for you to touch. Enter Cymarshall Law. Born on August 29th, the same day as jazz great Charlie Parker and King of Pop Michael Jackson, Law has always taken this as a sign that he too could achieve greatness in life. When he was 9 his Jamaican parents moved his family from his birthplace in United Kingdom to the U.S. in order to give their children greater opportunities. Across the Atlantic is where Cymarshall would first meet and fall deeply in love with hip-hop.

Cymarshall has performed across the United States and Europe, making a name for himself as one of the best up-and-upcoming lyricist in the game, as well a charismatic, energetic performer who never leaves a crowd unsatisfied. In 2003 Cymarshall won an Emcee Battle at Tower Records in Philadelphia judged by platinum selling recording artists The Black Eyed Peas and has shared stages with KRS-ONE, Smif-N-Wesson, Bootcamp Click, Sean Price, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Wordsworth, The Last Emperor, Jean Grae, and Immortal Technique, among others.

In 2006, Cymarshall was one of the featured performers at Canada's 2006 DMC DJ Battle Championship. Cy was also selected to the Vans Warped Tour and crowned an EOW (End of the Weak) MC Challenge Champion in 2007. That same year Cymarshall got picked up by Rawkus Records to become one of the Rawkus 50 which the label described as "the next most important artists in Hip-Hop." Since then, Cymarshall has been a featured performer at Scribble Jam, Americas biggest hip-hop festival. In 2010, Cymarshall released what he describes as his best work to date, "Freedom Express Line," released on XOXO Records. The album is distributed by Sony Red / MRI, and was picked up for a vinyl release by Austin, TX-based label Beats Broke.

Cymarshall has also received the hip-hop stamp of approval from the legendary Blastmaster himself, KRS-One, when he appeared on "Control," the first single from his debut LP, "Hip-Hop In The Soul" (produced by Mr. Joeker). The album was well received throughout the urban community, receiving rave reviews from OkayPlayer and Kevin Nottingham, and was featured at 2DopeBoyz, ArtOfRhyme, SchemeMag, ThatsHipHop, Vimby, and HipHopOffical.

Cymarshall Law represents what many believe is missing from Hip-Hop today, original story-telling and a style uniquely his own. Cymarshall Law was born to be a star.