Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons
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Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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""Funnier than a Barbershop Dick Joke""

Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons sound like they’re named – loud, silly, and funnier than a barbershop dick joke. The Madison, Wis., quartet’s latest, Screamin’ Target Heartrate, lampoons etiquette totalitarians and child-craving secretaries with aplomb. Throw in the Darling New Neighbors’ sharp-witted folk-punk-disco bouillabaisse and Hot as Shits’ bassless punk barbs, and you’ve got a good reason to call in dead Wednesday. - Austin Chronicle

""Weird But In A Good Way""

Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons are, how do you say, kind of weird. But they’re kind of weird in a good way. My reaction was “Hey, these guys are weird, but talented and creative,” not “Wow, there’s something medically wrong with this band.” It’s a fine line. Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons fill a blender with punk rock ethos, poor fashion, and a dash or two of keyboard, then hit the switch with celebratory vigor. The result, just as they’ve intended, is a hell of a good time.??The band recently released its second full-length record, Target Heart Rate, on Midwestern indie label Crustacean Records. ??As keyboardist Shane O’Neill pointed out in a recent interview with the Weekly Volcano, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons have a lot of gimmicks, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a gimmick band … or does it???“I don’t really think of us as a gimmick band but I’m totally into gimmicks. Maybe you could call us a gimmicks band. Some of my favorite gimmicks we use include, but are not limited to: hand claps, counting, props, costumes, makeup, chanting, androgyny, and gang vocals. None of these are central to us at all times, I guess. But in any case, I’m sure not offended by the term gimmick band. As long as you think it’s a good gimmick,” O’Neill explains.??“(We’re) like a train wreck with beer and a happy ending.”??Pon Pon ponder that one for a moment.??“For myself, I haven’t really gotten any better at the keyboards, but I’m constantly thinking about new outfits to wear. I like themes, and I like them even better when they don’t pan out well, which is a big plus for our band. One time I was dressed as a dead skirt. I don’t think anyone understood it, but I thought it was pretty funny.??“Clothes are fun and I want our band to be fun, so I guess wardrobe plays a pretty big role.” ??Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons will play Le Voyeur this Friday. It’s not everyday a band of this creative caliber rolls through town, but at Le Voyeur, at least as of late, it does seem like every other day. ??Good bands from all over the country on a regular basis.??It’s a beautiful concept. -

""Kooky Fashion Sense""

If you want to know what other bands think of Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and The Pons, just check the group’s MySpace page: “Your lead singer fucked up your entire set by dressing like such an idiot.” This review, from a band called President Fluid, is posted on Cyn Cyn’s site, along with pictures of the Madison foursome sporting everything from pink dresses (only one of them is female) to nautical-themed costumes (their pudgy drummer dons a vest and sailor’s hat). We’re hoping the group isn’t taking President Fluid’s words to heart, as the members’ kooky fashion sense is a perfect companion to their quirky pop punk ditties, which address important topics like setting the kitchen table, falling in love with a lesbian and slumber parties. Sounds pretty juvenile, but most of the members of Cyn Cyn are pushing 30. With lyrics like “You froze my panties / I froze your bra / Your brother went in for a Klondike bar / But I don’t think he saw,” you’ll either cringe or laugh, but with Cyn Cyn, chances are you’ll be tapping your toes all the while. - Houston Press

""Serious? No. But Seriously Good""

Serious? No, but seriously good, 4real. Frontman HYPERLINK ""Shane O'Neill screams of slumber parties and cutting a bitch's throat because she stole his lip gloss—and lots of other stuff, like casual Friday and a dude who's 20 percent gay. "OMG" shows up in the lyrics. Maybe all this sounds dumb, but it's his delivery that makes it kinda genius. Plus, the band kicks mondo ass—tight, simple punk rock that's unafraid to be goofy. It's rare that something so artsy and yet so rowdy and funny comes across this desk. - The Albuquerque Alibi

""This Album Blew Me Away""

Whoa. This album blew me away. Looking at the band’s name and the cover art I thought it might be some overly ironic hipster garbage. But no! This is actually a collection of hilarious, clever, pop punk songs (and lots of them! Twenty tracks!) performed with an almost alarming amount of energy and skill. My favorite track on the whole thing is the pro-dance, anti-standing-around anthem “Rock Your Body,” which includes the line “Get on the floor/ turn off the emo-core.” If my aerobics teacher had taste, this is what she would play during class. –Jennifer Whiteford (Crustacean) - Razorcake

""Don't just carry the torch, they glue glitter on it""

Although this album is less than 3 months new (from the time this review was written), Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons' Screamin' Target Heart Rate encapsulates everything that good, retro, post-pop punk had to offer. By reinventing the sound, SCCATP don't just carry the torch, they glue glitter on it and use it to light their cigarettes.

With twenty bonable tracks, this album is mainly comprised of humoristic, sexy songs written from a uniquely ironic, yet all-too-serious musical approach.

The track that best exemplifies this style of song writing is "Slumber Party," which, like many of vocalist/keyboard player Shane's songs, is written from a 'tween females perspective. And it's his synth sound that often makes the tracks too.

But does not imply, however, that the rest of the band isn't kick ass. Cyn Cyn's guitar definitely plays its part, as well as Steve's drums and Christian's bass.

Oh, and then there's Cyn Cyn's screaming.

Part of what makes a female vocalist attractive (to the ear) is her ability to scream while simultaneously conveying utter insanity. She must have an abandon from self-consciousness, yet must maintain a grip on the underlying message.

Overall, what seems like a paradoxical approach to musical delivery is what makes Screaming Cyn Cyn and the Pons' Screamin' Target Heart Rate such a well-layered album. Where things get serious lyrically, there'll be some wry bit of musicianship, and vice versa. Still, what's most amazing about this album is that it is no way annoying. Usually a band that involves a degree of hardcore delivery can be somewhat abrasive over time, yet SCCATP manages to smooth it all out. What would seem like something that could easily be annoying-listening to a mad woman scream 'set the table, set the table right' about a hundred times-manages to deliver a valuable lesson about proper dinner party behavior.

Overall, there's a lot one could learn from Screamin' Target Heart Rate. You just might learn something about yourself that you don't like. For some listeners, a realization might take place on the track "Blackout Boyfriend," in which a drunkard couple must come to terms with the shallowness of its relationship. Many songs deal with the theme of disappointment, yet never disappoint the listener.

Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons are a Madison-based band on Crustacean Records. Screamin' Target Heart Rate is their sophomore release.
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Cat Waco 7" record-released by RacoonBear Records
Damn, Girl CD-Released by Crustacean Records
Screamin' Target Heart Rate- Released by Crustacean Records
Babysit- Self Released CD



Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and The Pons sing funny,
catchy songs over a relentless rhythm section,
powerful guitar lines, and simple keytar riffs. It’s
art-rock without pretension, twee-core without
sentimentality, punk rock without pants. Screamin’
Cyn Cyn and The Pons’ live show is littered
with homemade props, hand-sewn costumes,
and a confrontational mania that invariably
elicits dancing, laughter, or at least slack-jawed
Formed in 2003, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and The Pons
have played extensively in the midwest and have
embarked on four US tours. They are currently
recording their third full-length album, I Said
Good Morning, the follow-up to their 2007 album
Screamin’ Target Heart Rate released on Madison’s
Crustacean Records. Their sound is dance rock in
the vein of the B-52’s mixed with DIY-hardcore
sensibilities. With song topics ranging from
sexually charged slumber parties to passive/
aggressive cowboys to the biological clocks of
Margarita-addled secretaries, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn
and The Pons’ lyrics run the gamut from snotty and
sarcastic to plaintive and desperate.