People's Choice Award winner at 17th annual Billie Holiday Vocal competition. Grand prize winner in's "Be a singing Scent-sation" Contest.'s Best of Baltimore (Best up and coming Soul Sista.) "Dominican Idol" talent competition 98Rock morning show.


Cynthia Cyndiva Harcum, a Baltimore native, has been singing nearly all of her life. She has performed at many talent showcases, fashion shows, weddings, birthday parties, etc. in and around Baltimore.

This singer/songwriter is an undiscovered phenomenon, "People's Choice Award winner" in the Mayor's 18th annual Billie Holliday Vocal Competition, Baltimore, Maryland. She was voted "Best Up and Coming Soul Sista", by City Paper. She earned the title of "Dominican Idol" on 98Rock's Morning Show; winning an all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. She has appeared on local news stations, including WJZ-TV's "People Are Talking", On Time with Kai Jackson, The News Channel 2 News at Noon and The Fox45 Morning Show. She has been a featured artist in Music Monthly Magazine.

America chose her as a Grand Prize winner in the "Be a Singing Scent-sation" Contest, a national competition for mothers of America who dream of being a rock-star. Winners were selected by an online vote to become a five member-singing group called the Snuggle Scentsations. The Prize consisted of a trip to California, several performances at Westwood Ones Backstage at The Grammys, radio and television interviews with local and national press, and tickets to the 2006 Grammy Awards. Cyndiva was chosen to be a featured artist on the podcast. She continues to sing on both the choir and praise team at The Living Word Christian Center Church, of Owings Mills, Maryland. This is a particularly joyous part of her life, because she shares this experience with her daughter. Her philosophy on her musical style is that she simply sings from her soul, because her heart is too fragile for such a weighty task.

Ultimately, Cyndiva's desire is to develop a loyal fan base. She says that selling multi-platinum would, of course be an honor. However, that is not her motivation. She hopes to inspire and entertain the world with her amazing voice and tremendous songwriting talent. She aspires to a career reminiscent of people she looks up to like Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, and Rachelle Ferrell. She longs for the kind of success that would allow her to sell out arenas and clubs without even having a song on the charts.

"I want to connect with my audience on a much deeper level. I want longevity", says the young diva with zest. "Basically I want my music to mean as much to my listeners as it does to me"



Written By: Cynthia Harcum, Lorenzo Hill

You got me woozy Babe
So hooked on you see Babe
oh oh so woozy Babe
the things you do to me

Never had a love like yours before
gave me just a little bit, now I gotta get some more
of your sweet love growing on my vine
(No love nowhere) none like yours and mine

(repeat Hook)

Verse 2-
Baby I'll do whatever you want me to
Boy I can't deny, I'm so strung out on you.
Don't know what you did to me my friend
I'm begging you do that one more 'gain

(repeat Hook)

Eyes Like Mine

Written By: Cynthia

When she cries, she cries with eyes like mine
Don’t want to see her cry
My precious little girl
Her smile is my whole world

Verse 1:
That’s why I’ve got to protect her
And do my best to direct her
With adoring eyes I’ll watch her grow
With loving arms I will hold her
Use listening ears to console her
Though there’s still so much I don’t know
But what I know is this

Hook 2:
When she smiles her smile looks just like mine
So real, so genuine
She brightens up my day
And takes my blues away

Verse 2:
Each day I tell her that I love her
And I’m just so proud of her
Your mommy loves you more each day
Every time I look at you
I wonder what did I do
For God to send an angel my way

When my angel cry she cries with eyes Just like mine

Lord ha'mercy

Written By: Cyndiva, Laif

If I told you that I love you
Would it come as a surprise?
What if I said that I spent all night dreamin
about your bedroom eyes?
You probably won't believe me,
Boy your lips drive me insane.
Don't know what I can do to get you out of my brain.

Cause boy you got that GOOD GOD
You got that Lord Have Mercy On Me
I said you got that GOOD GOD
I want you to share it with me

I'm 'bout to go off
Cause God really showed off I'm 'bout to go off
Cause God really showed off

You won't believe I wonder
How warm your skin really is
I shouldn't say that I bought this lip gloss hoping you'd give me one kiss
Tell me sexy Baby do you feel like I do?
Cause I've got all this good love and I just got to give it to you

(repeat hook)
(repeat chant)