Cynical is a blues based rock band. We've all paid our dues over the years in bands that played wide varieties of music genres from rock, new country, rockabilly, classic oldies, to blues. We've combined this to become a versatile group that plays a wide variety of covers and some originals.


The band CYNICAL just materialized more so than it was actually an aspiration or goal... During the summer and fall of 2006 two friends/guitar players, began jamming again occasionally. Neither one had played in a band in a couple years or so. Just shaking out the cobwebs seemed to satisfy the itch, but something was missing. It wasn't the same as having a full band.

Around late November ’06, Brian and Randy came around and the chemistry was undeniable. “This has got potential” was stated during the first evening they all jammed together. "We could read each other so well and it also became more fluid because we all had a diverse musical appreciation. Harmonies just seemed to work. We knew it would be just a short matter of time before we would be performing music that we all appreciate and respect. Hopefully it will be in front of people who enjoy and appreciate it as much as we do."

Set List

We play either 3 "one hour plus" sets or 4 "45min. to 1 hour sets".
Set list is a mix of the following:

Always Believed In You Arc Angels
Poison Whiskey Lynyrd Skynyrd
3 a.m. Matchbox 20
Stray Cat Strut The Stray Cats
Francine ZZ Top
I Shot The Sheriff Eric Clapton
Champagne Jam Atlanta Rhythm Section
Fire Jimi Hendrix
Melissa The Allman Brothers
Water Line Dire Straits
You Got That Right Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ramblin' Man T The Allman Brothers
Call Me The Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd
So Cynical Storyville
Empty Arms Stevie Ray Vaughn
I Know A Little Lynyrd Skynyrd
Paradise Café Arc Angels
Homesick Atlanta Rhythm Section
Jessica The Allman Brothers
Scaramouche The Hoax