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Cynicus - Cyncere(LP) 2006


01. Intro 04:00
02. Sometimes 04:24
03. Everywhere We Go 03:39
04. Paradise 04:23
05. Rise & Fall 04:08
06. Skit 00:25
07. Come Home 04:23
08. Crunklah 04:59
09. Menealo 02:42
10. Hey Love 03:34
11. Crush 04:48
12. Crazy 04:40
13. Stayin' Alive 04:42
14. Everyday 03:18
15. Skit 01:01
16. 7 Laws Of Hustlin' 02:48
17. Gangsta 03:57
18. Cyncere 02:53



Coming from a desolate city west of Cleveland, OH. where a steel company is the primary source of income. Pours hot steel from Lorain, OH. and hardens in to the name Cynicus! In a city primarily know for it's Latin descent; this CEO of Funklah Records emerges smelling like that "piff!" Standing at 5'6" with a Latin complexion, and a heart of steel, he builds a brand of music that posses stories of life's true reality. Explaining the rise and fall of life's obstacles and choices in life, he expresses a poetic story of a young girl named Jessica wanting her daddy to care. Taking on the understanding of victims in society, he feels the pain of many who just may have to deal with the writing on the wall. Off his debut album Cyncere. "Everywhere We Go" he explains how your hood is no different than his from poppin bottles, to pitchin pigeons, to clockin models. Through a lifestyle filled of blueberry smoke his musical high will have you getting crunk to "Crunklah," & trying to speak Spanish to the sexy female mommies. Cynicus leaves a funk lah) on the females mind with, "Sometimes" a story about seeing that certain lady that you would love to spend the rest of your life with. Therefore when it takes 3.5 to fill the wrap with G-13, and that's the least you smoke then you know your with Funklah, lah, lah.