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"Cynthia Hamar Local singer, songwriter"

What got you started?

With writing I remember when I was about 15 after I got my first guitar listening to the radio ( don’t remember what the song was…) and was so moved I was crying and I prayed that I’d one day be able to create something as beautiful as that…even more so, so I started writing! The cd project started with my last b-day some friends came together and gave me $ and said, “your going to do this now!” that got me moving and the connections started coming as I started to step out. I made my own demo at home and started looking for a studio to work with.

What keeps you going?

Simply loving music and the ability to express myself with it. It is just something I need to do, it helps life become beautiful and make sense for me. Moreover, knowing I was made to do this, kind of magical…hmmm

Where were you born?

Drayton valley, Alberta

Who was and is your biggest influence?
Probably Ani diFranco, her story is amazing to me. She just does it all. More recently within the last couple of years, Feist inspires me immensely.

When did you start performing?

At about the age of 7 in my church I grew up in. I started singing to tracks for “specials”. Also in school for different things.

Any previous bands?

Nothing solid. I have played with many different people, some more regularly than others, but nothing official.

What difficulties did you overcome to finish your cd?

This is a big one! I’ll break it down to 5 different areas#1 being FINANCES! #2 time #3 mindspace #4 work/ passion balance and #5 faith

The finances were overcome miraculously really! Family and friends who believed in me enough to put $ towards it as well as our own pinching of pennies as a family. Also amazing connections with a super supportive producer who kept encouraging me and pushing things forward.
The time factor was overcome when all our three kids were in school at the same time this year! Grades 1,2 and 3! So I had the days to work on stuff as well as my husband who did EVERYTHING at home while I was away for big stretches of time.
Mindspace- prioritizing and working when I could and letting it go when I could not.
Work/passion balance- learning to work hard despite the ebb and flow of creativity/passion and hanging in there when I did not “feel” it. Figuring out how to inspire myself in down times.
The biggest is definitely the faith aspect! Throughout the years knowing who I am and what my goals and gifts are whether the people around me recognize it or not. Faith is really the substance of things not seen. You have to know it before you see it. That’s what’s really driven me. Just knowing.
- Northren Grove Mag


cynthia hamar 2004
by the Fire 2006

Fairytale 2007

Riddle me this
Meant to be
where am I



“Sometimes you don’t know where your going, but you get there anyway, don’t know what your feeling but you make it through the days. Living on a prayer, skipping out on lunch, hungry for something greater, bent upon a hunch, sometimes you’re aching but your happy and there’s nothing you would change, just making every effort, dreaming just the same. I’m alright with who I am, but it’s who I could be like that intrigues me, draws me close, leads me still. I feel a bubbling up inside that I’d forgotten I could feel, I’m seeing something coming like it’s just around the bend and I’m leaning out the window, just to get a glance
- Cynthia

Cynthia has been going in this direction for a long time, almost like the kid in the back seat asking, “Are we there yet Daddy” with the inevitable reply “not yet dear, not yet”
This past winter’06 some friends came together and gave her the push she needed, each giving out of there own pockets to catalyst a recording project. God ordained connections followed along with many others who have caught the vision not only of Cynthia Hamar and a music career, it’s become much more than that. To every person who has dared to dream midst the demands of the day to day, to every person who has decided to be sure of what they hope for and certain of what they cannot see, Cynthia’s journey has become an inspiration and testament to persevere, to work to build to plant. Effort towards your desired destination is never in vain, unless you stop exerting it.

This little girl from Canada is a unique and authentic artist who is constantly exploring fresh musical avenues. Cynthia’s style can most likely be referenced to the weather outside, which yet familiar can change day to day, moment by moment. Although she is labeled with an eclectic folk/roots genre, her style is unpredictable, with the classic feel of Fairytale to the country groove of Meant to Be the listener can be left on the edge wondering what possibly could be next. Great artists such as Ani DiFranco, Feist, Bright Eyes and David Gray have influenced her poetic lyrics and inspiring melodies.

More and more people are hearing the songs Cynthia is constantly writing and singing and finding they can identify with her deeply personal thoughts about faith, life, love and ambitions. After every one of her intimate concerts, she leaves behind a fresh batch of fans moved by her music and inspired by the heart behind it.

This is only the beginning…