Cynthia Lissette

Cynthia Lissette



There are certain advantages of growing up in todays musical culture! More and more styles of music are being fused, creating an incredible opportunity to make music that can truly appeal to the masses. Being able to take advantage of that opportunity separates the long term artists from the flash in the pan pop stars. Todays musical landscape is primarily hip-hop dominated, but there are fringes and nooks of opportunity, that when taken advantage of properly, artists such as Cynthia Lissette will make their mark on the scene using the sounds of R&B with the swagger of Hip-hop and the flavor of the Latin culture to achieve mainstream success! Cynthia Lissette is here!!! Now that Cynthia is here, she intends to make her presence felt for many years to come. CL, as she is affectionately know by her inner circle, opens her heart and soul, giving the world a fresh outlook from the eyes of a 19 year old from Brooklyn intent on making it to the top. Blending R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop to make a niche of her own! Cynthia's tales of love lost, love found and everything in between breathes life and a new perspective into the female Pop/R&B genre. CL represents, some of the most formidable demographics on the planet!! Cynthia is a 19 year old, Puerto Rican female, with an R&B soul, that cannot be taken an as anything other than genuine!! Cynthia is not only poised to make a huge mark on the music scene, she is also entertaining offers from the modeling industry as well as film and television. Cynthia has currently been honing her craft at shows across the Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia and New York, earning her street credibility opening up shows for high power artists like Fantasia, Amerie, T.I., Ludacris, Ray J & D-Block! While not yet signed to a major label, Cynthia is receiving comfortable radio airplay in the DC/Baltimore market. Cynthia is constantly evolving, improving and learning while awaiting her shot at the majors.


Take Me
Don't Wanna Go
Hold It, Don't Drop It

Set List

4 - 6 songs 30 minute set