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One Thief

Written By: Cynthia McCracken

One Thief

On a hill, windswept and stony
Three men hanging, gaunt and pale
Two hearts hardened, mocking the other
Soldiers gamble for a dirty robe
Who’s this man nailed to the cruel cross?
Crown of thorns but there’s no anger in His eyes
Then one thief hears a hoarse whisper
“Father, forgive them”

Man of Sorrows
Remember me, Lord
Divine mercy
Our guilt not His

On that hill, a Lamb to the slaughter
See Him silent, angels weep
As the sand slips through the hourglass
One thief stands up for the Son of God
“Don’t you fear God now you’re dying?
He’s not on that cross for his sins but for ours!”
That repentant thief says,
“Remember me, Lord
In Your kingdom”

One thief sees the truth then forgiveness
Blood stained Saviour dies for us
How can others, blinded by anger,
Fail to see the mighty love of God?
Right beside this peaceful martyr
One sees faith and hope but one sees just himself
One forgiven, one stays hardened
Father, forgive us

Not by our deeds
But freely given
One thief a symbol of God’s grace
Believing in God’s Son
Nothing more, nothing less