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Cypha International Ministries

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Cypha International is a colab of Holy Hip Hop Ministers who represent Christ all the time. With bangin beats and lifestyle lyrics the whole crew is blazin joints for Jesus.


Cypha International is the parent organization & Ministry for our various components of music, spoken word & teaching. We are committed to reaching people captured by & involved in the hip hop culture by exposing them to the truth & reality of God.

Cypha's core crew consists of The Quest {Kaliber & 1st Lady founding Ministers), D-Cone, E-Train, Lady J, and Question. We hit the streets as missionaries to our generation and bring them to right standing with God and then we sit down with these same Kats to teach them about living the God kind of Life, ZOE!

Individually and collectively Cypha has shared the stage with the Crossmovement, Da Truth, Camp 8, Fred Hammond, Joann Rosario, Rock Nation, Lexi, Marvin Sapp and host of others. Cypha International has also been graced with opportunities to share pulpits, arenas, and panels with the likes of Bishop Keith Butler, Dr. Myles Munroe, Ron Luce, and Russel Simmons just to name a few.

Cypha International References

Minister Lewis Guest IV
Orlando, FL

Minister Marcellis Smith
P.O. Box 24895
Detroit, MI 48224

Walter Ward III
Blue Flame Lifstyles



Written By: E-TRAIN - CYPHA


Krunc is the subject at hand, don’t be scared to take a stand.

for the man who took thirty nine and was crucified.

They beat em and hung em high, we the reason that he died.

So in return I’m getting krunc as the way I live my life

K is for the kingdom, R is representing UNC Uniting Nations of Christians

When I speak im getting krunc, when I spit im getting krunc.

When I sleep I getting krunc, I’m waking and getting krunc (Bring It!)

As I flow through the ghost like sailors floatin’ on boats

Using vocal abilities, Stepping over the enemy Pumping outta my spirit is holy gifts and utilities

And when it comes together its music I call REALity

(Hold On)….If you could see where God’s taking me and see where he’s going even see how he’s flowing

Then you would know about the movement and the music the new krunc music That get krunc musik, not that get drunk stupid.

Music that builds esteem not make you fall like leaves This is more than music I call it a lifestyle

Im bout to raise a standard for other people to follow.

Look here yo that’s how we gotta represent.

Like gangstaz claiming they sets, that’s how we gotta represent.
Come with me, I’ll show you how to represent As im kingdom representing uniting nations of Christians. (Bring It)

K to R to the UNC The kings of crunk aint got nothing on the king
Full circle rhymes like lord of the rings Not talking two towers but return of the rings Return of the king who’s the God of all things

When im getting krunc even deamons gotta flee My God is coming back like a thief in the night.

And Deamons scared of I like Clark to Kryptonite I make them deamons feel out of place like they coming in third Causing Satan disaster but im free as a bird. (LIKE A BIRD)

Whatever I speak’s whatever ya heard Giving verbal lectures like ya splitting ya verbs I’m getting krunc doing my dance letting my light shine

And I aint talking bout no ice the color of mike n ike’s.
I’ll show you hot to do it like David did. As im kingdom representing uniting nations of Christians


Mixtape Vol. 1 -The Table of Contents - January 29, 2006

Set List

The set changes, depending on the venue & request from the organization hosting the event. Usually Cypha will mix the set with 5-8 songs for a 35 - 60 minute set. Note that Cypha needs at least a 30 minute set to effectively present the music ministry that powerfully complements the Word of God.