Decypher and Krucial

Decypher and Krucial

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Decypher Born Timothy Lacy in Frankfurt Germany met Krucial Born Michael Stone from California in College at Texas State Technical school where Timothy studied Computer Science and Michael studied Digital Media Design. After meeting both realized they were set aside and called to increase the Kingdom through music, developing there uniques style while touring Texas' churches and the spoken word poetry circuit. Screenplay writes, Graphic Design and IT fuel there music with beautifully illustrated lyrics that do much more than paint pictures but grabs the listeners by the ears and steers them by the heart on a musical journey to give a first hand experience at what is taking place!


The Basic Instructions
The OMG Mixtape

Set List

Set List for Opening for other Consist of 3-5 songs depending on time allocated no breaks or pauses between tracks. A full Set consist of 15 tracks in sets of 4,4,3,3,1