Cypher Cell

Cypher Cell


Rock meets Electronica. Features sonically innovative guitarwork, real time computer programming and spontaneous waveform morphing. A highly original and energetic live act, "Cypher Cell puts the crowd on lockdown" -- Creative Loafing



***North American Finalist -- Columbia Records' Emergenza Music Festival -- EARTHLINK LIVE Sat June 25th 9:00pm)

***Airplay (Atlanta): WNNX (99x); WBZY (105.3 The Buzz), WRAS (88.5), WREK (91.1)

***Citywide Finalist -- 99X/Miller Lite Taste the Rock Friday May 20th 2005

*** most downloaded audio -- (April 2005)

***"[Cypher Cell's] music can't be explained in a simple paragraph, check out the website, then see the show. You'll be blown away."

Cypher Cell's music is exactly as the name implies: a genre-bending riddle wrapped in an enigma. The electronica programming wizardry of PUREFUNK features industrial, breakbeat, progressive house and hard house grooves that weave an incendiary and defiant flame around live instruments. The influences of Prodigy, BT and the Chemical Brothers can clearly be heard along with PUREFUNK's memorable melodic synth lines and signature mixing of house and breakbeat -- in the same song.

Guitarists KEITH GILBERTSON and JIMMY CYPHER bring a depth of guitarwork to the electronic music scene that has rarely if ever been heard before. Modern rock riffs are in abundance and the melodic and ambient influences span a wide vocabulary of guitar styles. The influences of Tom Morello (Audioslave), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), The Edge (U2), Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana and even Paco de Lucia are in abundance. Bassist JONATHAN PEPPERS and acoustic/electronic drummer RON VYC round out the powerful and organic rhythm section that -- when taken as a whole -- drives the musical energy to a completely different level.

The result is a groove-oriented sound like no other that achieves what many strive for but few achieve: a style that defies virtually all attempts at categorization and compels those willing to listen carefully to redefine notions of harmonic and melodic complexity and acceptable song length. The highly anticipated debut album from CYPHER CELL features stellar guest vocal talent of local, national and international calibre. Live shows feature continuous remixes in club settings and venues normally reserved for DJs and are known for "putting the crowds on lockdown" [Creative Loafing]. Club kids, rockers and fans of numerous other genres should not leave disappointed.


Sol de Maya

Written By: Jimmy Cypher

Sol de Maya

Salt Air on the windows of life
Late evening as the sun starts to rise
Blue skies on the bay of regret
Plenty to remember that I’d like to forget

Ocean smile so seductive so fine
Lost love in the white sands of time
Take the day ‘fo the sun starts to set
Plenty to remember that I’m gonna forget

Sol de maya – sun is all I can see
Sol de maya – burning like a memory
Burnin’ down on this partying town
Afterglow smile turns your head back around

Sea shells and the shimmering lights
9-5 is so far outta sight
Take the day once the sun starts to set
Raise a toast to the one that you cannot forget

Sol de maya – sun is all I can see
Sol de maya – burning like a memory
Burnin’ down on this partying town
Full tilt summer spins your head back around

Sol de maya – sun is all I can see
Sol de maya – burning like a memory
Burnin’ down on this partying town
Full tilt summer turns your head back around

Yea –eh-eh
Sole de maya


Cypher Cell -- "Cypher Cell" (2005)

"Love and Darkness" (2004)
Alternative Worldz Soundtrack

"Love and Darkness" Single (2004)
Jimmy Cypher (featuring Purefunk)

"Zero Gravity"
Kid Antrim Music Dance Compilation (2004)

Set List

Sol de Maya
Zero Gravity
Afro House
Love and Darkness
Steel Flamenco
Plastic World
Santa Monica

45-60 minute set